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Anandghar - A Home of Happiness

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According to UNICEF there are 11 million children living on the streets of India. There are 4.5 million child labors between the age of 5 to 14 in India Census 2011.These children often live on the street and earn a livelihood to support their families, in the process become vulnerable to exploitation by others and to a variety of physical and moral dangers. They are exploited and victimized at various stages of their lives, at home or at the work place. Thilagarai and Poornachandra Prasanna, 2001. One Third of these children works as waste pickers. Waste pickers are people who remain busy in dustbins and garbage dumping grounds for waste materials like paper, rags, tin, iron, plastic, glass pieces and leftover food. The job of rag pickers is the most dangerous and it destroys any sense of selfworth. The nature of their work and environment is extremely unhygienic. Tripathy and Pradhan, 2003,Girl Child in India.Idea is To create spaces of learning and support to street children especially child waste pickers & children trapped in the vicious cycle of child labor. It is achieved through Anandghar - Community Learning Centers working with an aim to provide children a safe, secure and happy childhood. To ensure that they enroll in main stream schools and follow the path of education towards a better future, we are focusing on following fundamentals:Nurturing academic skills, To enable children to read and write fluently in Marathi local language and acquire basic numerical aptitude.Nurturing life skills, Expression, Cooperation, Observation & Leadership. School Enrolment and sustenance,To enroll and sustain children in main stream schools by leaving their profession behind.Hygiene and Physical well-being, To inculcate hygienic habits and quit substance abuse. Social Emotional Learning, A safe, secure, child-centric environment to share, connect and reflect their thoughts,emotions

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Evaluation Baseline , midline and endline data of every child Separate dossier for each child, Observations by their tutors, Test papers (Every month) to check academic progress. We strive hard to make sure that the process of evaluation remains joyful for children. Impact Indicators: School enrollment status , Sustenance in the schools, Indicators to measure scholastic growth, Monthly updated by visiting concerned school , Medical Check-ups (twice in a year) to understand changes in health status, Number of children passing out school education, Reduction in child labor, Reduction in substance abuse, Continues comprehensive evaluation to understand behavioral changes.Impact: When we started a mere 2 or 3 percent of children went to or had desire to go to school. Sustained efforts with the children and their parents have enabled making a behavioral change and instill importance of education in the community. Over last 2 years, more than 100 children have been taken out the vicious cycle of child labor and more than 250 children are enrolled (and sustained) in main stream schools. Currently 125 children are learning in 3 different community learning centers, who will potentially go to school in next year or two. 80 percent children left / stop chewing tobacco. There is a gradual reduction in malnourished. Now the model is getting replicated in 3 different cities which is supporting about 150 children.

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Sustainability and future plans

Fundraising Strategy Saksham (Stitching for Dignified Life) The Anandghar model does not generate any income, for the same reason we started 'Saksham', an initiative to provide a sustainable livelihood to women from economically disadvantaged communities (specially mothers and elder siblings of children attending Anandghar) in an safe and secure environment. The idea is to make them economically and emotionally stable and independent. By providing opportunities and guidance that heads towards a sustainable life, Saksham engages women from economically disadvantaged communities especially waste pickers in manufacturing environment friendly products to make them economically independent. The profit generated through Saksham will help us making Anandghar partially sustainable. Approaching Funding Agencies and corporates eligible for CSR We are approaching funding agencies as well as CSR initiative of corporate to garner adequate funding to cover cost of the learning centers. Individual Donors People visiting our Learning Centers to interact and share their knowledge with children. These individual donors are moderate source of receiving donation. Monthly Donors People from middle class cannot afford to give big donations at one time, so we are accepting monthly donations from the people associated with our cause. Schemes like Adopt a child for an academic year Future Plans By December 2020, 10 community learning centers will be established in Jalgaon city with 30 educators. Each center will cater to a minimum of 80 to100 children. By December 2020, 90 percent of these children will be enrolled and sustained into the schools by leaving their profession behind. By December 2020, collaborate with 10 indivudals, institutions or initiatives to replicate the model of community learning center. During 2019 and 2020 conduct a detail study of street children living in 6 major cities of the State of Maharashtra. To replicate the model of community learning center on a larger scale across Maharashtra.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 30 years old now. I belong to a middle class family with high ethics. My wife Pranali Sisodiya, one of the founder members of Vardhishnu. I completed my graduation in Commerce and was pursuing CS (Company Secretary)I was in the finals and doing my internship in Pune. As I was settling down in corporate world I started realizing the other side it. At one point I feared that I am going away from the principles and ethics which I follow/admire in my life. I got fed up and resigned from the job. I came back to Jalgaon. For next few years I traveled in rural Maharashtra. I was extremely disturbed looking at the life of people working in unorganized sectors specially children working on the streets. Inspired by the life and message of Mahatma Gandhi, to think about poorest of the poor, I want to use my knowledge and skills to give these children a safe, secure and happy childhood. Love, Compassion and Ubuntu which means I am because we are' the values I admire most in my life and follow them in my life. I like to take calculated risks to make things happen. Awards Seva Samarpan Puraskar by Hivra Ashram, Buldhana in 2015 Samaj Shikshak Puraskar by AASHA Foundation, Jalgaon in 2017 Unsung Heroes by Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujrat, India during their National Youth Conference Yugaantar 2018. Felicitation by Indian Redcross Society, Jalgaon, June 2018 Yuva Gaurav Puraskar by Rotaract Club, Jalgaon 2018 Bahinabai Sanman Puraskar by Bharari Foundation, Jalgaon 2019 Yuva Prerana Puraskar, 2019 by Deepstambh Foundation, Jalgaon 2019 Conferences National Conference on Social Innovations organised by Pune International Center in 2015 at Pune, Maharashtra, India Sandbox Samvidha organised by Deshpande Foundation in 2016 at Hubali, Karnataka, India Youth Global Forum by Youth Times International Movement in 2018 Paris, France

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Anup Patil

May 19, 2019 05:42

I think its not number of people who participate for the social work as it is all about the quality of work, devotion and dedication towards the contribution.
All the best to whole team who are giving the valuable contribution

This project is very helpful for needy children and also inspire them to move forward

Sumedha joshi

May 18, 2019 17:46

I truly believe that Advait n pranali are doing a great job. They are so dedicated, positively charged towards achieving the social goals. Their efforts should get recognition.


May 18, 2019 11:06

This project is very helpful for needy children and also inspire them to move forward.
Right from scratch, this team has started their work for these children. And always been there for further improvement.
I think its not number of people who participate for the social work as it is all about the quality of work, devotion and dedication towards the contribution.
All the best to whole team who are giving the valuable contribution.