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Green Living

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Green Living is a Community Development Project focused on eradicating the menace of plastic pollution and promoting environmental sustainability in Zara Village, Mariri, Kumbotso LGA, Kano State, Nigeria. This was made possible through partnership of relevant stakeholders, by means of galvanizing support from individuals, community leaders, environmental organizations, government institutions and friends of the earth to make solid waste management a priority, using the methodology of sensitization exercise to educate members on living eco-responsibly, provision of civic amenity site to help curb the menace of refuse dumping, mobilization of inhabitants to engage in a peaceful rally round the community to further sensitize other members of the community through the distribution of environmental books and flyers, and training of youthful residents on how to sustain the community project (adopting local and needs approach). Also, with the introduction of a unique trash-2-cash model (first of its kind in the community), powered by a digital mobile SMS platform that has enabled residents of low and medium income earners exchange their waste for direct cash through. Green living impacted the literates, semi-literate and the illiterates living in the community (by means of communicating in their local dialect). The project recorded unity in diversity (coming together of locals and outsiders) to achieve sustainable development.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Its on record to be the very first eco-friendly awareness project ever held in Zara community by a youth corper since inception. The project was a total and complete success, as a mickle number of people (women inclusive) were impacted greatly during the sensitization and rally exercises respectively. They include but not limited to the following; Students, Residents, Youth Corpers, Boys Brigade, Girls Guide, Community Leaders, Market Women, Business operators, representatives from Ministry of Health, Refuse Management and Sanitation Board, NYSC, Kumbotso LGA, Civil Defense, Fire Service, Radio Kano, NGGA Kano, Kano State Electricity Distribution Company etc. The initiative inspired and enlivened both the students and members of Zara community to end environmental pollution, while Inhabitants have transition to living eco-responsibly. The knowledge shared during the sensitization exercise impacted the inhabitants (women inclusive) greatly, as report indicates the reduction in household waste generated on a daily basis by the inhabitants. Record of change in the living patterns of the students and residents, who have resulted to maintaining a clean and healthy surroundings by practicing the 3R action; reduce, reuse and recycle to accelerate waste resourcing, having in-depth knowledge of the various kinds of plastics and their SPI codes and also making intelligent choices before purchasing certain products (products with minimal packaging). Inhabitants have also abated from the act of refuse dumping as well as the habitual culture of incineration.

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Sustainability and future plans

Leveraging technology and available resources to create the much needed public awareness via online (use of social media) and in-house (facilitating) on environmental sustainability patterns, while adopting social proof and concreteness principles to help influence behavior. Engaging in community development projects through partnership of relevant stakeholders (using local and needs approach) to achieve the agreed targets. Inaugurating eco-clubs in schools, colleges and higher institutions to help accelerate social impact. Financing sources includes sponsorship from kind spirited individuals and friends of the earth, National Government/bilateral organizations, multilateral organizations, INGOs and other intentional donors etc. Plans for sustainability includes, establishment of eco-clubs in schools and colleges to help imbibe the culture of living eco-responsibly and catching them young, training youthful residents on how to sustain the community project, and lobbying with government and other international bodies to buy and key into the initiative to ensure continuity and growth.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Francis Onyiauke Oguaju by name, 29yrs old from Nigeria, a B.Sc. holder in Business Administration and Management with over 3 years experience in administrative and marketing sector and 2 years in non-profit sector. I have been privileged to volunteer as Program Supervising Officer/Evaluation Officer/Facilitator for various nonprofit organizations in different capacities namely; African focus for Youth Development, Center for Advocacy in Gender and Social Inclusion, Faithpearl Impact Global Foundation and Dija foundation respectively. I have also co-hosted different environmental awareness programs. Currently, I function as Regional coordinator (North), African Centre for Environmental Protection. Im also a social entrepreneur engaged in waste resourcing activities such as recycling waste plastic into new products. A leader and a multi-tasking youth who also very passionate about the SDGs with blazing interest in environment, simply because both man, plants and animals virtually get all their needs from the environment as well as depend on the environment for their survival and sustenance. My goal is to champion a green world by utilizing innovative ideas, skills and available resources to enable me reach out to the most unfortunate and vulnerable people living in the society, and also to contribute my own quota to the development of the socio-economic status of all mankind which the balance of humanity strongly depends on. Currently, my project Green Living has earned me a nomination spot for the award of the best youth corper 17B in Kano at the same time, it is contesting for the United Nations SDGs Action Awards 2019 (You can visit my page at:

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May 17, 2019 18:05

Briliant initiative, thinking the level of poor awarness created, this should be the best idea i've seen so far that is tackling the manace of environmental pollution. Kudos and goodluck!!!