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Know Your Fish

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Objectives:1. increasing awareness of people on what fish we have at sea, and how our consumption patterns impact fisheries and fishermen's livelihoods. 2. creating markets for abundant fish.3. supporting restaurants in adding sustainable fish to their menus and removing unsustainable options. 4. supporting fishermen in targeting sustainable fish and training them on handling venomous fish like the invasive lionfish. Activities:1. calendar with monthly recommendations for fish to eat and fish to leave at sea2. guidebook for commercial fish in Lebanon.3. recipe book.4. phone app with all info a consumer needs to make sustainable choices.5. trainings for fishermen on targeting and handling lionfish.6. tutorial videos and infographics on different fish species.7. Know Your Fish dinners where experts will explain during dinner all about certain fish as they are being served.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Measures to evaluate success:1. lionfish populations start declining as per our monitoring program 2. number of restaurants serving lionfish and other sustainable fish that we recommend 3. number of fishermen avoiding catching fish in their breeding seasons 4. number of fishermen catching our recommended fish list5. people's knowledge of fish in Lebanon increases as per pre- and post- surveys carried out in coastal cities along the Lebanese coastline6. native fisheries that are under fishing pressure reported to be proliferating

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Sustainability and future plans

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Teaching introductory and upper level courses in marine sciences. Emphasizing the role of the ocean in regulating the Earth's climate, and the importance of including it in climate negotiations. Training trainers in different disciplines of marine ecology, pollution, biodiversity and conservation. Collaborating with fishermen in different fishing ports on the Lebanese coastline to implement habitat restoration measures. As part of the Climate Action Network International, pushing for just climate policy in Lebanon and the region. As part of the Waste Management Coalition, Diaries of the Ocean studies and assesses the effects of coastal landfills on the marine environment, and possible mitigation measures. Developing a strategy for the sustainable solid waste management of the town of Barbara. Training young volunteers on monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the strategy. Training residents of Barbara in sorting and managing their domestic waste. Developed and gave marine ecology awareness and conservation classes for the community. Monitored biodiversity in marine ecosystems in Lebanon (mammals, cetaceans, fish, reptiles, crustaceans, algae). Collected and analyzed biological data about relationships between organisms and their environment. Interpreted research findings and summarized data into reports. Developed strategy for monitoring and managing marine protected areas in Lebanon. Member of the integrated coastal zone management forum. Developed ecotourism in the Marine Protected Area Palm Islands Nature Reserve in Tripoli, by assessing the carrying capacity of the MPA, developing brochures on the biodiversity in the MPA, and giving trainings to tour guides and managers of the MPA. Mapped the coastline of Lebanon using satellite images and assessed the level of erosion. Researched and helped write the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Program for Lebanon.

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May 24, 2019 17:40

Great idea! So innovative and simple! I believe your project will do amazing things!
I am a voter!
I love your project and its impact on society! vote and comment on my idea about fish farming!

May 24, 2019 17:39

Great idea! So innovative and simple! I believe your project will do amazing things!
I am a voter!
I love your project and its impact on society! vote and comment on my idea about fish farming!