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Happy Learners Project

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The HAPPY LEARNERS PROJECT uses Visual aids, Poems and Rhymes to create handwashing awareness for 2000 children 5 to 12 years in 25 schools in Kaduna State. Our teaching method uses the concept of audio-visual aids to teach them like animated pictures of their favorite cartoon characters. Like the name implies is to make learning fun for these kids considering that they learn by observation and to cut water and germ borne diseases in our communities through a preventive approach as the quote goes prevention is better and cheaper than cure. We are also using this avenue to support children's school attendance and teacher's shift towards embracing proper hygiene and health education. This project will help prevent different kinds of communicable diseases including Diarrhea, which is common in the community and largely preventable. Children are particularly at high risk of diarrhea and other diseases related to poor water, sanitation and hygiene. Proper hygiene education is a critical step in reducing illness and death in Kaduna state communities. It is estimated to run for 5 weeks impacting the lives of these children by creating awareness to reduce the rapid spread of communicable diseases in local/rural communities in Kaduna state.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The Impact of our enterprise on sustainable Development via the Happy Learners Project are as follows: CHILDREN 2000 children It will improve the childs health and educational development. It will strategically improve the child welfare because of its role in childs development. It will further expose these children to less germ and lessen the chances of illness leading to better health outcomes, more energy available, better attendance and improved academic development. SCHOOL 25 schools It will reduce the number of health-related absence or even death in the schools. It will increase childrens participation and attendance in academics which improves the school educational performance and standards. It will create awareness and action to ensure cleanliness in classrooms and the entire school. It will help present the school as a model to other local communities in the environs. TEACHERS 50 teachers Teachers will become influencers/models to the children, the school and their communities via the orientation they get from the awareness campaign on Hand washing. Increase teaching and leadership skills to help ensure the children practice handwashing during and after toilet or classes. These teachers will also transmit all they have learnt to their homes and immediate communities. PARENT AND COMMUNITY It will increase parent-child bonding and greater time sharing. Parents will learn and improve on the hand washing techniques learnt from their children. Due to child awareness and health education through this project, parents and family members become indirect beneficiaries as they learn to maintain a clean and healthy environment for living. It will also create awareness for proper and adequate constant sanitation among schools, hospitals, markets, churches, mosques, in these communities. These will also reduce the rate of child death and decongest pediatrics wards in the hospital.

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Sustainability and future plans

The sustainability of the Project is carried out concurrently for 6 month with strict supervision by the Project Administrative Management Team (PAMT). This done to check the impact of the process on the kids, the teachers and the community at large. This is made possible by the Inauguration of a Project Sustainable Team (PST) Comprising of Sustainability Supervisor (SS) who is Representative of the PAMT and Sustainability Team (ST) from each School who are Teachers. The source of finance have been crowdfund and we hope to get more sponsors and partners to enable scale up for more impact.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

UKAIGWEH ROBERTS NNAEMEKA is Human Resource Management consultant and Project Manager with over 10 years experience. He acquired knowledge, experience and skill in business strategy, planning and execution, Organizational planning, Design Implementation and process design with focus on Entrepreneurship and Social Development. He is a trained Accountant by profession, An Associate Member Institute of Strategic Management Nigeria, Executive Masters in Project Management from Pneuma Projects; an affiliate of Project Management Institute, USA, Basic Certificate in Leadership from Dominion Leadership Institute, Lagos. He is a senior facilitator at Dominion City Academy, A Leadership Training School of Dominion City Worldwide (Golden Heart Foundation). He participated at the just concluded award winning project Dialogue for peace program" in Kaduna State implemented by Generations for Peace a Jordan based peace building organisation through support of US Embassy Abuja Nigeria. He is an Awardee of Strategy and Innovation for Development Initiative (SI4DEV). He has with several organisations and implemented several projects in Kaduna state and across other northern states in Nigeria. His Core Values includes Passion for God, People, Knowledge, Excellence, and Development.

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Lt HJ Enoibor

May 21, 2019 08:30

This is a heart touching to see you care for the society we leave in. It very rare to have a Young entrepreneur with a heart of gold like yours. I pray you find favour to support this your project and lift the suffering of the masses in this capacity. Thumb up bro.

Raphael Ehiabhi

May 20, 2019 20:12

This project will go a long way to help in creating an avenue for sustainable development in the Long run for children across the nation.

The plight of many children in the area of this project is not a fine grasp of humanity. The children seem to be at a huge disadvantage, lacking the basic amenities and facilities to build a future that will be conducive for a desired life.

This project will eventually pave a way for a better life for them.

Elias Samuel Unekwu

May 20, 2019 19:37

One of the greatest thing to do in life is to impact in the life of those that will for ever be greatful for what you have invest in their lives and this project is one of such... All the best Mr. Roberts

May 20, 2019 13:58

I love this initiative, I pray it makes to top ten. Meanwhile there is great need to sustain this by imbibing the culture of personal hygiene into the life of school children.