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Many budding authors, musicians and filmmakers in Africa live on a dollar per day, just as in any third world nation, and thus cannot afford to publish, promote, protect and monetize their creative works by paying for it. Thus these breath-taking works remain undiscovered for years and the gifts of these talented Creatives are put to waste. Some of these Creatives often have their works stolen or plagiarized without any due settlement.Publiseer let independent African writers, musicians and filmmakers from low-income communities, to publish, protect, promote and monetize their creative works on 400+ partner stores in 100 countries, at no charge, with a single click. Our partner stores include Amazon, Google Play, Apple store, Barnes & Noble, Spotify, Kobo and Deezer. These Creatives can monitor their performance across all stores using our centralized dashboard.When a unit of any work (book, audiobook, song, music video, and short or feature film) is sold, Publiseer shares in the revenue, and as of Q1 2018, we recorded a profit of nearly US $11,000.Our target customers are African writers, musicians and filmmakers from low-income families or communities, or Creative with low-income paying jobs, especially those keeping jobs they have no interest in, in order to pay the bills, and as such underperform at work and at life.Before Publiseer, African writers, musicians and filmmakers have been forced to adopt western solutions like CDBaby (musicians), BookBaby (authors) and Distribber (filmmakers), and these solutions charge extortionate fees to have their creative works published. As such, these Creatives have very little money left to promote their works.Publiseer was created to offer these amazing Creatives a more quality and personal solution, at no charge. In return, we share in the revenue generated from the sales of their works.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

COMPETITIONS1. Publiseer emerged a finalist at the Harvard Business School's New Venture Competition.2. Publiseer emerged a finalist at the Startupbootcamp Lagos competition and also emerged as a finalist for Startup Turkey Demo Day.3. Publiseer emerged a finalist at the Disrupt Africa Live Pitch Competition and also emerged a finalist at the Startup Istanbul Challenge.4. Publiseer won the Startup World Cup Nigeria Regional Competition 2019 and the OD Impact Challenge 2019.5. Publiseer emerged a finalist at The Best of Nigeria Ecosystem Challenge.6. Publiseer emerged a finalist at Africa's Young Entrepreneurs program.GRANTS7. Publiseer was awarded a co-working space grant by the Lagos State Government.INCUBATORS AND ACCELERATORS8. Publiseer was accepted into Ayada Lab incubation program.9. Publiseer was accepted into IdeaGist startup incubation program.10. Publiseer was accepted into Microsoft's Accelerate Labs acceleration program.11. Publiseer was accepted into Greentree Startup Lab.12. Publiseer was accepted into the University of Cape Town's Venture Incubation Programme.13. Publiseer was accepted into Google Ally.AWARDS AND NOMINATIONS14. Publiseer was nominated for the Top 100 SMEs in Nigeria Award, organized by Union Bank of Nigeria.15. Publiseer was awarded the 'Most Needed in the Region' award by the African Entrepreneurship Award.16. Publiseer ranked #1 in Connect Nigeria's "Top 5 Websites For Writers".17. Publiseer emerged a finalist for the 4th AppsAfrica Innovation Awards for the 'Media & Entertainment' category.INDUCTIONS18. Publiseer was inducted into the International Publishing Distribution Association, being the first African publisher to join the organization.OTHERS19. Publiseer was selected to be part of the Next 100 African Startups Initiative, organized by the IFC and the Egyptian Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.20. Publiseer was invited to the 2019 Geneva Book Fair by the Swiss Foreign Affairs Ministry.

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Sustainability and future plans

When a unit of any work (book, audiobook, song, music video, and short or feature film) is sold, Publiseer shares in the revenue. Also, for musical artists and authors intending to fast-track their distribution process instead of waiting for 2 weeks Publiseer charges a sum to distribute it immediately. We also have the 'Premium Distribution' package that lets authors and artists distribute their works with us for an upfront fee, and in return, they get to keep all the revenue generated from sales.Publiseer is a self-funded company, and as of Q1 2018, we recorded a profit of nearly US $11,000. As of writing, Publiseer has published and monetized the creative works of over 500 African Creatives, including the works of A-list Nigerian musicians like CDQ, Erigga and Klever Jay. From Nigeria, we've expanded into Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt, and in the next 3 to 5 years, were working to make Publiseer the number-one go-to utility for digital publishing in Africa.

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Chidi Nwaogu is a Nigerian serial Internet entrepreneur, computer programmer, mentor, Westerwelle Fellow 2019, SensX Fellow 2017, recipient of OD Young Person of the Month Honour (for November 2018), winner of Startup World Cup Nigeria Regional Competition 2019, first place winner of OD Impact Challenge 2018/2019, and a shortlisted candidate for Yunus&Youth Global Fellowship Program for Social Entrepreneurs 2019. Nwaogu started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 16 with the creation of 9ja Boi Interactive, a video game development company. Today, Nwaogu is Co-founder and CEO of Publiseer, a digital publishing platform for African Creatives, described by Konbini, as "one of the largest digital publishers in Africa" and identified by IFC as one of the startups "that could speed up innovation in Africa." Publiseer was listed in ModernGhana's "List Of 10 African Innovations For January 2019".Nwaogu was selected by the World Youth Forum as one of the participants of The Arab and African Youth Platform 2019 in Aswan, Egypt. His startups have been featured on several online and print media publications, like Africa Business Review, TechCrunch, IT News Africa, Konbini, PC Tech Magazine, IT Web Africa, Ventures Africa, and Ventureburn, for their strides in the tech ecosystem. Since Nwaogu was 19, he has co-founded, grown and sold two Internet companies, including LAGbook, a social network that garnered over 1-million registered users within three years. As a programmer, Nwaogu has been learning to code since he was 13. Today, Nwaogu is proficient in five programming languages, with JS and PHP taking the lead.Nwaogu is a West-African Representative of FasterCapital, a startup incubator based in UAE. He began public speaking as a keynote speaker at IT Leaders West Africa Summit 2012, where he gave a 30-minute lecture on the role of social media and mobile in developing nations.

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June 15, 2019 11:16

TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 14, 2019 12:05

Hi dear,
its another beautiful day of voting, I believe sustained efforts and your creativity will pay off, on and off this platform. keep doing what you do and all the best

June 13, 2019 23:37

I am here again to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 13, 2019 21:04


Well done and i wish you all the best in this competition and implementation of your project. Let continue supporting each other through votes and comments. You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a vote and comment

June 5, 2019 23:39


Great project, well done and i wish you all the best.You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a comment and vote

June 3, 2019 08:31

Your idea is great and I hope it has a great impact.

Lets Support each other. Can you please spare some time and vote for my idea STEP (Slums' Transformation & Empowering Population) in order to support slums and alleviate poverty.

Click on this link to vote.

Thank You

Best Regards,
Haleema zia from Pakistan

June 3, 2019 03:12

I am Impressed!!! truly amazing the way how you plan to solve social and economic problems through critical thinking, keep up.

If you may, please take a look at my ideia which is in the BEST IDEAS category.

Let us make a difference in the world!

May 29, 2019 07:46


Happy International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Your project idea is amazing :)

We're so excited to have been nominated under the youth best ideas competition category. Kindly show your support by reading commenting and voting for us at

Thank you,
Natasha Sichula