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Becoming Exceptional

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The objective of embarking on becoming exceptional. 1. To promote equality among all, most especially in the lives of female youths, by creating a level playing platform to develop their inner and outer selves using life sustainable skills as a tool in becoming a beckon of positive influence to their immediate community. 2. To create a mind set among male you greater that they can begin to see the female gender as counterpart not contenders, for greater community partnership. Activities 1. Selection/Registration using story sharing of prospective participants and base line collection. 2. 5 days training on, personal development, Gender and Vulnerability,public speaking, the effective use of social media, networking, inner peace, business and financial management, games, tasks that will improve equality, activities that will build self-esteem, social media campaigns, and documentary. 3. A 1 Year empowerment training on ICT or Fashion from the choice picked by participants (100) this empowerment training will take place in different location simultaneously at the four different local government areas of kaduna state Nigeria, immediately after the five days personal development training this skills will help them gain access to financial freedom an also become positive influencers. 4. Monthly general meeting among participant to share successes, challenges and evaluate their progress so for through adminstration of questioners and discussions. 5. End line collection 6. Total Participatory evaluation for the course of the one year of the project. Innovation Approach: We intend to use fashion and ICT as a trending tool that is more appealing to the youths as a Approach to reduce poverty , and the use of story sharing to promote equality during the training. Our skill acquisition facilitators will be part of the training this will help them understand the aims, objectives and project concept of becoming exceptional.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Becoming exceptional as project is going to make great impact on sustainable development goals because in most part African are still struggling to meet up with the rest of the world due to some very old traditional harmful practices against women, poor policies implementation, lack opportunities to women and marginalization of minor communities. This project will not just bridge the gap of inequality, this project is going to cut across some of the various sustainable development goals, with focus on goal 2, which is reduce poverty among participating youths, reduce inequalities to the barest minimal among communities through continues eduction and increase partnership among male and female counterparts to become great influence for community development.

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Sustainability and future plans

Becoming exceptional is a project based on human capacity development and will provide a great platform for female gender to access equal opportunities in every sector of life starting from the grassroot (community level) we also intend to make this project through our tireless efforts to become an avenue where parents of Africa heritage in rural communities will begin to see female child as partners in community development and increase girl child enrollment in schools for greater community growth. My second sustainablity plans is create a platform where direct beneficiaries from this project will be attached to various secondary schools in there communities to share stories of the experiences and also use the skills they have gained from the training to attract and influence the mind set of other male and female youths positively, direct beneficiaries will organize a monthly small group discussions for parents of schools in rural communities. Apprenticeship will be encouraged for students to gain first hand experience from direct beneficiaries using the same learning processes. This direct beneficiaries are to mentor a least two persons in a period of one year so that the impact becomes a continues process.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Treasure Emmanuel Albert is a certified community development worker, an entrepreneur and a peace builder founder of knucklez global enterprise an organization known for concept developing, skill acquisition, and creating of promotional items. He was born on 13th September 1990, very passionate about community development and project management. He has over 7 year of experience in community development and project management. he has implemented multiple award winning peace and conflict transformation projects in kaduna state and other northern states with generations for peace Nigeria as logistics and communication officer. He is a pioneer/volunteer of generations for peace, a Jordanian based organization, worked with interfaith forum of Christian and Muslim women's association of Nigeria in collaboration with UNWOMEN and NACA on gender base violence against women in conflict areas in kaduna state. Partner of strategy and innovation for development initiative and life challenge intervention outreach, kaduna state coordinator youth initiative for positive change. He is an expert in skill acquisition facilitating, a mentor, youth and gender based violence advocate against women and a member of yali network, he is also an ambassador of drug free campaign and a Yfarm project ambassador for vulnerable youths in rural communities across kaduna state.

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May 26, 2019 07:38

This project was an innovative that will promote equality in northern Nigeria and also empower youths with the ability to become great change makers in their communities.

May 18, 2019 21:33

I thank the providers of this platform for give youths the opportunity to network, connect and see their ideas been published, this will future motivate youth working to impact on their community positivly to continue to strive hardly for change.