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Afribuk Society

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Afribuk Society offers free books to underfunded community schools and also engage in starting of schools too.Afribuks goal is:1.To promote reading and writing skills among children and teenagers.2. To help children and young people, in particular those from rural communities and urban slums, to discover the strength of their own voices and the power they have to positively change their lives3. To create a platform for disadvantaged children and young people worldwide that allows them to uncover their strengths and realize their full potential to live independent successful lives.4. To give these young people an opportunity to strengthen their self-confidence and put this to positive use in the community.In the process of mentoring them we make sure that the children and young people realize that they do not have to be victims of their social backgrounds or their environments. A critical part of our program is that we do not just drop books and stock mini-libraries off at schools, rather, along with volunteer readers, we personally visit every classroom to which we contribute. This is central to our efforts to inspire learnersto read and to create excitement about learning. We have designed a highly interactive session which engages learners in reading and comprehension. We use brightly colored posters and props, we read to the learners and conduct a reading session with them. Afribuk places emphasis on arts and playtime bas this helps in engaging the children in the community and helps in improving memory

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Afribuk has partnered with other organizations to build a school in the community of Kajiado. The accessibility of the school has led to attendance and enrollment of girls in the society which is highly patriarchal. By March, 25 families had been enrolled in our program and out of the 25 families 22 children are girls.We are connecting teachers to proper and current teaching direction that offer smooth inclusive and empathetic approach to learning. We are working hard for this children most especially the girls to transit to the next level of education without falling prey to the hands of early marriage and FGM. This will ensure continuity of the society and also since the women are the back bone of the society and future it'll eradicate vices such as unemployment, illiteracy , poverty and child mortality.

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Sustainability and future plans

Afribuk relies heavily on donations and hand-outs, our future plans are to have ambassadors from the batch of kids who successfully transit to University or tertiary institutions. This will be an indicator of our progress. We would love by 2022 to move into other regions that are marginalized and make this a country wide activity with many projects. Reduction of illiteracy rates in those regions by almost 20% will ensure almost 2 million people are able to access and use Thier voices to propell the change they forsee.

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My name is Jimmie Chengo, I am a 22 year Kenyan citizen , an alumni of Aiducation International. Born of a strong and hardworking woman I have seen the difficulty women endure this has shaped my view in education and the plight of girl child. I am a vocal and change minded individual whose ability spun from good communication to community building, I have read that voices change the world and so this made me advocate for children to access their voices through literacy and stories. I am an avid reader and part-time blogger of stories.

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May 18, 2019 01:53

Such a massive project for Africa, with love for the youths. Keep on striving Africa can't wait any longer to make it look beautiful. A breakthrough can be achieved to make it a continent like no other. Keep the good work.


May 17, 2019 16:08

Young man this is a brilliant idea. It's refreshing to see young people taking the initiative to better the society. Just remember, this is your chance, one that you've created, let your self-desciplne make it a huge success. #Godspeed


May 17, 2019 10:34

Great initiative Jimmy. Its so amazing to see young people coming up with such life changing and impacting projects. May God be your strength and to all other young people who aim at making this world a better place.