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Drug abuse awareness program in Nigerian Schools.

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The school to school drug awareness program will educate youths and teenagers about the dangers and effects of drug use and abuse. The awareness reconcile both self development and drug education using visual presentations, we work with some repentant addicts who share there experiences and stories. After the awareness, students who show interest in joining the school drug free club are talked to about the vision and mission of the club before being registered. Two club leaders are selected among the students and a supervisor which should be a staff and are schedule for leadership training. After the confirmation of the members, ID tags are provided for them, and any student with spacial need like addiction or depression is attended to by our volunteer professionals. though the M.O.U we submitted to some reputable rehabilitation centers are not yet signed, we try our best to see that we help them through counselling and routing meeting before we get the signing done. The school clubs will be registered and their activities posted on our website, our website which is purely information base also encourage Club members who are good in poetry, painting, drawing, article, and photography when their works can depicts the dangers and effects of drug abuse by publishing them. We are really working hard on working with some rehabilitation centers to give us 50% discount for some teen patient who want to be helped but cannot afford the bill, where the patient pays 50% of the discount and i pay 50% from donations we received from volunteers. i am hoping on establishing my own standard youth rehabilitation center because the fees charged in all the rehabilitation centers in Nigeria is unaffordable high. this program is stretched to community and religious Organizations, but most of our attention ise

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

About 15.5 million students enroll into senior secondary school in Nigeria each year. this teenagers are on a daily basis faced with the decision to drink, smoke, or do drugs be it from the media, their peers, the environment and in most cases their cultures. the quality of their decision is 100% dependant on the kind and quality of information they have. a research we conducted on 972 full blown addict in 2016, shows that 85% addict started using drugs before age of 19 and 80% said they never knew it will get them to where they are. if early exposure and ignorance form the basis of addiction, the best way to curb it is through early awareness. My state to state school to school program has reached out to 93 Schools reaching 38 schools in Abuja, 42 in Nassarawa and 13 in plateau state. we where able to create drug free clubs which are headed by two students and directed by a staff. We have a comprehensive club manual which serve as a guide for the club, members are thought the media effect on teens choice concerning drugs, how to overcome peer pressure, and also how to create awareness. We have 3438 active Club members and some of which are already spreading the awareness to other Schools and religious Organizations. During our first ever national drug awareness convention, we hard in attendance over 250 participants from different schools, we heard talks from the road safety, police, NDLEA, and some NGOs we are working with. We are presently working on signing an M.O.U. with few rehabilitation centers where we can have 50% discount on their fee in which volunteer pay 25%, the patient pays 25% this is for those teen addicts that shows they need

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Sustainability and future plans

My future plan aside from covering every Schools in Nigeria and creating in them a drug free club each, aligning it with the N.Y.S.C, NAFDAC and NDLEA program, is to make the the federal government see the need to make drug education a compulsory part of the school curriculum at all Schools level. I also have the plans to establish a standard and an affordable rehabilitation centers in all the geopolitical regions in the country where teenagers who need help but cannot afford it will be treated. I also have the plans of creating a recreational centers for youths and teenagers to enroll in at an affordable price so as to get them engaged during holidays and to give their lives a meaning. All this we tend to achieve using both my personal fund and funds from individuals and Organizations who share the same passion. we are having in our plan to get the government fully involve with the awareness program at both Federal, State, and local government. As it is now the plateau state government has agreed to sponsor the awareness program in 12 local government of the state so we are trying to see how either some individuals or Organizations or even the local government councils, will sponsor the awareness in the rest of the state. And that is how we intend to do for the rest of the states. Intend to get all the necessary government institution to be part of this.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Raphael Atang Yusuf is a 27 year old graduate of linguistics English from the University of maiduguri, during my school year, i enrolled in a volunteered community service to help traumatized student victims of the boko haram insurgency, before my graduation in 2014, I was the secretary general of the national association of plateau state students, and the PRO of national association of Afizere students. During holidays, I work with Biyasina ventures a tissue paper producing company as a temporary staff as a marketing strategist. After graduating, i enrolled for an internship program in Konga online shopping now KOS deliveries in Yola Adamawa state. Which i latter became the principal officer in the kebbi branch office, from October 2014 to November 2016. I left and started my Foundation on drug awareness. I was raised in an environment where drug use is a norm. Growing up with an addictive father and watching my best friends waste their lives with drugs motivated me. My best friend was admitted into the hospital, after series of test and scans nothing was found wrong with him. the last scan shows that one of his kidneys has shrink into a stone like form and the other is also shrinking. He died at exactly one week four days he died. the tragedy of the story is not in his death but in the last conversation we had. He said ''if only I can turn back time to where it all started, I would have said no to my elder brother when he was introducing him to marijuana''. my best friend and allot of addicts out there ignorantly started using drugs before the age of nineteen. If only they where informed before time, most of them would have made a different choice. it hurts to losea

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Janet ityokosu

May 21, 2019 21:58

Enter your comment Weldone,interesting idea! I join d million voices together with u to say No To DRUG ABUSE! I pray dis idea u have nurtured into actualization ,help a long way in d lives of youths!

Baker Akeem

May 21, 2019 13:58

It\'s a nice move in a right direction. I join the million youths to say NO TO DRUG ABUSE.
Meanwhile, I'm ready to support the movement to sensitized youths about drug addict and abuse.


May 21, 2019 13:45

This topic is coming at the psychological moment, where our youth are rendered useless by the menace of drug addiction, i pray the mission for free drug society will be achieved.

Suzan Samuel

May 21, 2019 09:44

You are good... I pray that your dream and passion for a free drug society.its a nice initiative that will improve our society and our country at large.. Wishing you all the best in this journey

May 20, 2019 21:55

Your idea is good and it looks it would have a great impact on society.
I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well

and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!"

Thank you


May 20, 2019 20:01

Its absolutely the way forward & i will like to be part of it.
Drug or substance abuse is a contemporary issue & has devastating effects sadly a lot of youths abuse substances.

May 20, 2019 01:08

This is a very good one from you!drug and substance abuse is on the high side now to the point young folks are over dosing on drugs and with your awareness, people would be able to come to the epiphany of drug abuse and how dangerous it is to the society at large.

May 17, 2019 20:33

Nice job, Raphael! Can you see, read, comment and vote in my project too?
I would love to have your contribution