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The project is entirely related to IT technologies, particularly GIS. In addition, the project partly covers the earths science, engineering and construction sciences. All of this have same problem, the materials for the analysis and conclusions, the data are not well-arranged. They need to be recruited and properly classified, resulting in a basis for further activity and analysis, as well as artificial intelligence. ELMA is designed to solve complex problems. Here they can find information as deliveries, taxi drivers and students, analysts and scholars, ordinary citizens, tourists and businesses and others. Our proposed solution has already demonstrated its effectiveness. The following technology was used by our team for the creation of a water resource base in Armenia. With this model possible to reduce the time spent on the baseline data of the projects being developed in that area by 20%, and to increase the efficiency of the compiled program by 8-10%. Maps have been used in scientific research and educational activities, particularly in architectural and tourist specialties. In the historical and architectural doctoral thesis, databases and maps have been linked, which have been found by highly acclaimed scientists.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

ELMA has set itself several goals - to make simple, accessible, fast, accurate, and categorized information in every field. But it is one of our main goals makes the Republic of Armenia a unique country, providing over-accuracy spatial data which in its turn will enable to implement high-tech, innovative and unique programs in different areas, such as full automation of the transport system, self-driving cars, automate tourism, etc. ELMA gives this opportunity. The problem has a global spread because many try to create artificial intelligence, but few are solving the problem, according to accurate database.

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Sustainability and future plans

Our work has been divided into 3 phases. In the first phase, the base layers will be accessible, such as borders, settlements, lakes, rivers, etc. In the second phase, the layers have increased, such as transport and road networks, communication infrastructure, architectural monuments, companies, etc. In the third phase, professional layers and tools will be added, such as the development of private maps, special archeology and prediction, search engine prediction, and more. At the moment we are at the first phase. Now, we aim to make our base layers available to customers. So we search finance for developing geo-technology.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Shahen Shahinyan. I am the author of ELMA idea, and founder of the startup. I am 25. I am geodesist and GIS (Geoinformation systems) specialist. In 2018 I received a PhD degree in engineering. At the end of last year ELMA was recognized the best idea of the year in science about Earth in Republic of Armenia.

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