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APOFU: Engaging the Future!

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Year the ngo or company was founded 2016
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Education is our primary focus. APO-FU develops projects that boost human development through non traditional education. Our primary project in Malawi is the construction of schools at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Our goal is to provide integral education to people that have arrived as refugees to Malawi in order to survive due to persecution, war, violence and crisis that takes place in there originary countries, such as DRC, Rwanda and Somalia. We decided to focus on this because of the lack of educational infrastructure in the country and inside the Refugee Camp. With our school they will have it right away in their location, that place to learn, share and develop their human potential. We have now built 4 classrooms, three are for education purposes and one is to dentistry attention, but our goal for now is achieving 14 classrooms. The expected outcome of the project is that 1600 people attend the school in the 14 classrooms that we expect to build. The beneficiaries will be primarily kids and teenager refugees, but also people from neighbor communities, because they also live far away form the schools and dont have any recreation space. The education we introduce is integral, it includes Environmental Conservation because we have a social business about crops using permaculture methods, the idea is to teach also about food security and eco education, environmental economics, sustainable practices, about those topics. We would work also regarding peace and dispute settlement, because the refugees have passed through all of it due to wars and disputes, so this is fundamental. Technology: The education we want is an integral one, that prepares them for life as a whole, and also we intend to introduce technologies at the school, so that we can contribute to close the digital gap.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Through our project, we intend to provide a differential education, adapted to the refugee camp, as we know that what we want to reach human development and to improve their quality of life, so we will teach the subjects of the traditional education in order to prepare them if they have the opportunity to go to high school or even the university. Our project includes building 14 classroms, and we have already 2 completed build it and ready to use, now we are moving to the next 12 missing. More organizations decides to helps on our ideas and we have now ecological, education and social projects to develop in Malawi. We're growing more and more and with is, we been winning recognition's for our return on this communities as: Award for social entrepreneurship Yo Creo granted by Latin University of Costa Rica (2018) Award Best social projects in Latin America - Ranking 16 over the best 500 projects (2019)

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Sustainability and future plans

What APOFU proposes for solving these problems in an innovative and in a different way from those that already exist is firstly, building a integral education and health center at the surroundings of the refugee camp, that will work also for the neighbor communities of hard reach, where aids are being denied, decentralizing economic activity not just at the industrial center but to also to rural areas. Introduce education that empowers the community as a whole, empowering leaderships and showing the community that they can be the protagonists and the promotes of their own development. An integral education attached to their reality that prepare to face their problems and issues and transforming them into entrepreneurial opportunities. In coordination with the community we create the plan we want to follow in order to achieve the exit of our project. Providing traditional education in coordination with the government of the country and a non traditional to embrace other problem in order to improve living quality. Organic agriculture and take advantage on the space and the resources they have for food security and access to clean water are part of the essential work we do. We have now built 4 classrooms, three are for education purposes and one is to dentistry attention, but our goal for now is achieving 14 classrooms. The expected outcome of the project is that 1600 people attend the school in the 14 classrooms that we expect to build. The beneficiaries will be primarily kids and teenager refugees. Our financing sources are from founds of volunteers and activities the we organized, our volunteers believe in us and we want to more people know us and the people on the field the we help. On the future, we hope take this project and be able to expand.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Student of Human Development and gender, back in 2016, with 24 years old, I starts a volunteer program in the US, to prepare him self to visit and work in Mozambique and build a school. Back in 2017, I decided to create his own organization called APO-FU, creating as well a team of 8 people dedicated to work in rural communities and help them create a better life style thru education, permaculture techniques, health programs and water access. He has already win recognitions cause of his hard work on the field and helping communities in Africa and Costa Rica. Thanks to his leadership, APO-FU was currently designed as the No 16 over the most importants 500 social projects in Latin America, The organization is growing more and more every day, working in send this help to more communities. It was in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi where I got one of the biggest learnings of my experience. I got to understand better not only the role of big international bodies, but also the perception of the people they work for. I realized the needs of these refugees and got to be be part of their lives for almost three months . This made me grow as a human being, and now I want to share their stories with as many people as my voice can reach. Gender and Development at National University of Costa Rica (2015) Environmental Engineering at Technical Nacional University (2015) Participated at Institute of Cooperation and Development, Michigan (2016) Project in Food Distribution Organization for rural areas in Mozambique (2016-2017) Founded APOFU (2016) APO-FU first project Mozambique(concluded 2017) APO-FU project Malawi ( 2017) APO-FU project Costa Rica (2018) Award for social entrepreneurship Yo Creo granted by Latin University of Costa Rica (2018) Award best social project in Latin America (2019)

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May 23, 2019 17:31

Sin lugar a dudas nada más importante que la educación y nada más importante que dar a otros, es la gratificación más inmensa y más ardua que hay el servicio social y más a estás comunidades tan necesitadas.. te ante mano felicidades mi hermano Javier por tu labor y arduo trabajo al lado de estás comunidades más vulnerables, de corazón este proyecto va a ser sin duda reconocido por todos muy pronto, el trabajo duro y la constancia siempre dan frutos..

Andrea Caballo

May 20, 2019 22:43

Amo Apo - Fu porque es una puerta más hacia la ayuda humana y tratar de protegernos entre nosotros. Ser un buen humano en estos días y sentir la necesidad de hacer algo distinto, algo por alguien más allá de si mismo... Ayudar a otro como yo, sin recibir nada a cambio más que orgullo, en estos días casi no veo gente así.
En el campo de refugiados hay historias fuertes, todos tenemos nuestras lucha pero, si podemos hacer la carga un poco más liviana, por qué no?
También aquí en Costa Rica hay realidades fuertes en temas de calidad de vida y salud... Necesitamos corazones dispuestos a ayudar a los suyos.

Juan Pablo Camacho Valerio

May 20, 2019 20:37

Este proyecto da la oportunidad a niños y adultos de comunidades de bajos recursos a crear una mejor calidad de vida, dando apoyo a a derechos básicos como los son la educación, la salud y la alimentación, en conjunto con las comunidades con las cuales se trabaja.

Javier Camacho Valerio

May 19, 2019 19:17

APO-FU es un proyecto que desarrollamos en conjunto con las comunidades, trabajando con sus potenciales y problemáticas para así encontrar soluciones sostenibles y duraderas para que mejoren sus condiciones de vida. Creemos que las comunidades son las promotoras de su propio desarrollo.


May 18, 2019 22:21

Apo-fu necesita ser más apoyado que cada persona conozcan más sobre el enorme impresionante trabajo que elaboran arduamente cada día por que son una gran familia juntos somos más!


May 18, 2019 18:18

Education is key in life, ir determines progress and gives oportunities to people for re-defining their life conditions. A project that focus on that and works with vulnerable populations bringing it to them deserves all kind of support possible!


May 18, 2019 17:36

APO-FU es el tipo de organización que desearías ver por todo el mundo. Cada uno de los integrantes trabaja por la pasión de ayudar a los demás y harán hasta el último esfuerzo por lograrlo. Javier es un gran líder, tiene carisma y sabe trabar en equipo, pero lo más importante no es indiferente al dolor ajeno. Vamos APOFU!

Juliana Fornasier

May 18, 2019 10:07

APOFU develops a great and important work in the field and it's beautiful to see the passion and the motivation of the people involved. I'm happy to contribute to this project! All the best!

Luis Valerio V.

May 17, 2019 19:00

Nuestro apoyo incondicional a esta gran obra en bienestar de todos estos niños que necesitan de la ayuda de estos muchachos , que con gran cariño , amor y esmero , llevan una Esperanza para un futuro mejor.

Eder Serrano Valerio

May 17, 2019 16:40

Saludos a Javier Camacho y apoyo desde Costa Rica, estando muy orgulloso de su trabajo y dedicacion haciendo una gran obra por el crecimiento igualitario en el mundo!

Etelberto Chavarria

May 17, 2019 15:09

Nuestro apoyo desde Costa Rica, para que cada niño sienta el cariño que mueve ése gran proyecto! Adelante Javier y esperamos siga siendo esperanza para ésas personas.