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The LEO(Leadership Experience Opportunity) is a service club which aims at providing solutions to targeted problems that arise in our locality like improving the lives of the underprivileged and the deprived. As a club, our projects and activities are geared towards the field of health care, literacy and education, feeding, sanitation, orphanage, disabled, self development and others. We have undertaken countless projects like donating to clinics and orphanages, relieving hunger by feeding street children and homeless, education and awareness of substance abuse and its impact on society, sanitary projects like providing clean water to basic schools and educating them on personal grooming, providing free services and others. We raise funds to support the aged as well. The club's commitment and contribution to societal problems cannot be overlooked irrespective of any changes in our economy. As part of the self development, we take up leadership roles and career development plans to maximize our potentials and prepare us for the future.Moreover, The club exist not only as a service club but also operates as an agent of consultancy, motivation, inspiration and mentorship. We also contribute our quota to remarkable days like world food day, earth day, breast cancer day etc. Our recent activity is based on creating awareness on road safety in the month of April because of the likelihood of accident that may arise on Easter day.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The primary vision of the UN is to transform the world by 2030 with the seventeen goals as its agenda.The UN task force must take massive responsibilities to ensure complete implementation of these goals to meet their objective. In order to boost this policy, The UN would require the active citizens(youth) of every country to fully participate in the upbringing of diverse solutions to not only achieve the agenda but also for socio-economic development of their various countries.Undoubtedly, about only 40% of the youth locate problems facing either their country, continent or the world and establish measures in offsetting those problems. Other concerned youths have developed various ways of solving problems but have become dormant because they lack knowledge in initiating their plans and for that matter require teamwork. In view of this, there is the need to mobilize the youth to form societal and community clubs in their various countries bringing on board strategic ideas that would elicit a project for positive transformation. It is therefore generally believed that teamwork offers the best solution in arriving at a goal. My club provides contribution to goal 2 and 4 of the SDG. As a club, we have been able to save lives, transform situations and improve destinies. We seek to operate and function within the framework of desperate lives in our economy but not on the basis of partisanship. In this regard, we have been identified as an agent of positive change in my country. I therefore bear the vision and concern of extending my project to other developing countries starting from my continent,Africa. Two heads are better than one and for that matter teamwork drives a goal from the inital stage to the maturity stage appropriately within a short period of time.

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Sustainability and future plans

My club is generally open for membership participation from 18 and above. The entrants are taken through three weeks of intensive training after which induction follows. As a club, we stand as a team to socialize with people whenever we organize and attend functions thus introducing our club and connecting them in every area of need. Comprehensively, we have opened our membership by extending our club to other districts and regions in order for the country to benefit fully especially the rural areas. We also have the campus-based. Dues and fund raising are the major ways through which our club is financed. Intermittently, We receive in-kind contributions, grants and aid from other places as well. The mandate of my club is to provide service therefore in this regard, members who are not financially fit to either pay dues or raise funds are one way on the other seen as 'volunteers' and as a matter of fact praise them for their effort but not to either undermine them or sanction them for not contributing financially. Everything is taken care of by the well-to-do. I engage with my team in strategic decisions about the growth of my club in other countries. The plan is still on hold because certain things in my country must be dealth with before they fall out of hand. The way to our vision will surely be paved as long as the club is sustained with focus, passion and determination.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Mahlon Nii Kortey Clottey is my name. I am 20 years of age. I am an inhabitant of Osu in Accra,Ghana. I am an undergraduate student of the University of Ghana pursuing Bachelor of science in administration as my course. My passion is geared towards volunteerism, entrepreneurship and philantrophy. I bear the vision of becoming an entrepreneur as a career, this is because majority of the graduates of my country are job seekers and this has become a phenomenon because of the pressure mounted on the few existing jobs leaving massive number of them unemployed. Unemployment stands out as one of the contributory factors reducing the GDP of the economy of Ghana today. I attend conferences, summits, seminars and workshops as my social responsibilty and as a result I have obtained certificates. What drives me today as a youth to becoming an entrepreneur is the keynotes I gather from these programs about volunteerism, entrepreneurship and innovation. Because of this, I attend short course on IT aside my studies dubbed machine learning for innovative purposes. As a proud youth of my country, nothing motivates me than to offer my time and service in the upliftment of my country. I am therefore born to serve and as a matter of fact try in every endeavor to open up myself to any opportunity I come across as far as volunteerism is concerned. I am a volunteer of the Databank read aid foundation. the prime aim of the foundation is to assist children in the public school read English. I therefore bear the notion that all things being equal, every citizen of my country must be able to read and write English Language and under normal circumstance be able to raise steadly the literacy rate.

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May 20, 2019 08:18

I just voted for your idea, Clottey. You can do the same by voting and commenting on my project here

I wish you all the best with your idea and project. Keep pushing!

May 20, 2019 07:57

You are doing a great job by bringing people together for creating awareness and spreading knowledge about various social causes. Use of social media would help you a lot to have a greater reach to the community.
All the best!

Your idea is good and it looks it would have a great impact on society. I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well

May 19, 2019 16:38

This is an excellent initiative you have got there, Clottey. Transforming Africa through the creation of community clubs and creating job opportunity for the people.
Job creation and impacting the community is the responsibility of entrepreneurs in this generation aside from the government. Keep impacting your community with what you do and do not lose focus. Determination is the key, do not give up; keep pushing.
All the best with your project and good luck.

You can equally comment or vote for my project through this link

Well done!