The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

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Youth Lens Hub

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Year the ngo or company was founded Founded 2014 and officially registered 2017
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Youth Lens Hub aim at equipping over 25,000 rural youth by 2021 with entrepreneurship skills, knowledge and loans necessary to capitalize on economic opportunities and increase their incomes, with the ripple effects benefiting more than 97,000 family members. It offers entrepreneurship skills and Loans for business development. A sample case of a group loan would involve 10-35 youth acting as guarantees to one another. The group receives training from a Loan Officer/mentor, covering all areas on loan use, financial management, saving, and business plan. The concept is also creating value chains linkages to products and services emanating from rural youth micro businesses and has recently launched a Market Analysis SMS (MAS), an online innovation which determines markets, demands, profitability, risk, and price fluctuation of different products at the local market level and conveys information to our clients directly through their mobile. By November 2019 Youth Lens Hub in partnership will be piloting the use of offline handheld tablets to capture household information from clients, allowing fast and accurate data collection. The tablets also capture a clients digital geo location. Thus, we will be capacitated to accurately map where clients live and work with respect to business.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Equipping over 25,000 rural youth by 2021 with entrepreneurship skills, knowledge and loans with the ripple effects benefiting more than 97,000 family members and provide over 2000 new employment opportunities to rural women and youth; Providing rural youth with the tools and resources to start sustainable businesses keeps them from hunting and exploiting natural resources especially forest resources and wild life resources. We are achieving the dual benefits of tackling poverty and protecting animals and forests; Rural Youth increase their incomes and capital, expand their businesses. Households of our clients so far appear to have better health practices and nutrition than other households; Children of women borrower to this project will also reap the benefits, as there is an increased likelihood of full-time school enrollment and lower drop-out rates. Incomes generated from micro-enterprises that we supported were invested in childrens education; The business will organize educational and sports completion that will ignite the desire to learn, compete and live healthy; The business is paying taxes and hence boosting government revenue IMPLEMENTING SDG 8 By increasing labor productivity, reducing the unemployment rate, especially for young people

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Sustainability and future plans

Marketing of our products is done through the followings; Participate in Local exhibition; Organizing small scale youth sports competition; Uses of social media especially face book, twitter, and instagram; Creating a customer-centric culture that strengthens the ties between the hub and the customers; Media-printing. We uphold to SDG 8, meeting our needs while promoting sustained, inclusive, sustainable economic growth, productive employment, and decent work for all; We links our clients to market by using Market Analysis SMS, a fact which increase their productivity; Since its commencement our business has 0percent loan defaulting rate We provided loans to more than 150 micro-entrepreneurs during an initial 6 month pilot period, having equipped over 250 youth with entrepreneurship skills, raised the capital from 800 to 6000USD, employed 13 youth. This milestone gives as an assurance of expanding our business into a commercial bank Expand the business operation into three branches, raise capital to 10000USD, creates a network of 10000 rural youth equipped with entrepreneurship skills, fund over 10000 micro-entrepreneurs, employ 34 youths, incubate 50 business idea, partner with Banks in Uganda to pilot handheld tablets. These are feasible before December 2021.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am an emerging entrepreneur, community reformer, business developer, global change marker and the Founder of the Youth Lens Hub, the first techno-rural based platform for entrepreneurs and startups. Located in Alebtong, Uganda the hub equips youth and women in rural areas with business skills, financial management skills and guaranteeing them with affordable loan in support of their micro enterprises. I have over five years experiences in microfinance, business consulting services by offering one-on-one coaching, mentorship programs, online courses. Since rural youth and women are particularly affected by unemployment, with rates reaching up to 70%, Youth Lens Hub creates a youth-focused program to harnesses this potential by adapting to the needs and desires of striving rural youth and women entrepreneurs. I am building a rural entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda by encouraging youth and women to follow their passion and bridge the gap between fear and reality. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and have carried out more than 5 major studies in entrepreneurship, small enterprise, have published 3 research papers on these subjects. Currently serves on the boards of organizations involved in development work including Gum Microfinance (Chairman), Alebtong Rural Youth Association (Vice-Chairman).

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