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Inclusive entrepreneurship for people with disabilities in DR Congo

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According to the joint report of the World Bank and the World Health Organization, 15 per cent of the worlds population are estimated to live with a disability. Available data indicate that persons with disabilities are at higher risk of poverty than their counterparts without disabilities in both developed and developing countries. Measures to promote decent work and employment, reduce poverty and enhance income security for persons with disabilities are among the strategies for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Unfortunately, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where over 14 million persons are estimated to have a disability (representing 15 percent of the Congolese population), no such measures have been taken to prevent them from sliding into poverty given the numerous crises affecting the region. In the light of the relevant economic, social and environmental factors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kadiwaku Family Foundation works towards helping to address accessibility in all spheres of life and empowers persons with disabilities through the application of the entrepreneurial approach in order to enhance their quality of life and living standards. Kadiwaku Family Foundation implements a project called Inclusive Entrepreneurship for people with disabilities that enables over 2500 persons with disabilities and other young from underserved background to participate in the market either as an employee or an entrepreneur(business-owner). entrepreneurship training and to receive financial support in order to develop a sense of autonomy, since entrepreneurship can help persons with disabilities participate in the job market and be socially and economically active, as far as possible, depending on their situation.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Duly registered, KFF which runs 7 training centers throughout the country, has supported 650 persons with disabilities and is providing them with networking opportunities and business support. The main beneficiaries are the disabled young within the 26 targeted provinces. However, the central and eastern regions are being used as the pilot to make this a national-wide project. Also, the government, private sector and other citizenry benefit because a new class of professionals develops from the disabled and later render their services for the benefit of the country. 2018 HIGHLIGHTS: - We organized a conference for disabled entrepreneurs in Kinshasa, DR Congo - 7 training centers were created throughout the country - 7 disabled-entrepreneurs clubs were created - 25 young disabled individuals improved their reading and writing skills - 125 people were trained on the rights of persons with disabilities - 22 employers were educated on how to use an employee with a disability - 650 young disabled individuals improved their entrepreneurial capabilities - 36 community meetings were held - 22 leaders from Disabled Peoples Organizations received technical support.

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Sustainability and future plans

- Membership fees: All participating members from the communities are requested to pay a subscription fee that maintains their engagement with KFF and also caters for unascertained costs where their subscriptions will be used to better any other of the provinces or community; - Commission on sales: We connect the disabled-entrepreneurs with buyers/corporations, and we take a commission of 15% on every product or service ordered through our online platform; - Diversifying donors: Continuously engaging and signing long term funding opportunities that provide a substantial period for implementation, activity and focus on making an impact than searching for funds that derail the existing projects if not planned which triggered the team to write this grant document; - Institutional Sustainability: It is driven to ensure that KFF is functional and all institutions are working. With the deterioration of institutions in the long term, KFF is to continuously recruit the staff from the participant, beneficiaries and also external passionate people who understand what it stands for in order to maintain the culture and values that make it a relevant charitable entity for the disabled; - Volunteer engagement; Volunteers will cut the salary cost of KFF and this enables the project to continue despite the funds being spent on the main activities and not expenses. - KKF has created Disabled-Entrepreneurs committees that will help to identify the potential donors, organizations and individuals with whom the project might collaborate to fulfill our mission.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is John Kadiwaku Ntonta. I am coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am the founder of Kadiwaku Family Foundation, a non-governmental organization. Currently, I am working as President of the Board of Directors and CEO. For the past ten years, I have worked in the field of philanthropy, serving as a consultant to many local organizations and foundations. In June 2018, I won an award from Echoing Green to implement a program which aims at improving the entrepreneurial capabilities of 650 people with disabilities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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