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Healthserves Telehealth/EHR System

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HealthServes EHR system was developed to enhance healthcare delivery and promote access to quality healthcare through provision of Electronic Health Record support services to healthcare institutions as well as platform for individuals with healthcare need to meet a pool of healthcare professionals for virtual consultation with similar engagement setting to hospital consultation. HealthServes system has features for patient care documentation, collaborative patient care, patient support and management , health insurance management, patient appointment management, patient admission management, billing management, staff evaluation and clinical governance, and telehealth engagement among others. HealthServes system is meant to provide robust system for collaborative healthcare practice and platform for secured and confidential patient health information resource centre.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

HealthServes EHR system will promote access to quality healthcare in Africa. HealthServes EHR system will promote professionalism, productivity and proficiency among healthcare professionals which will lead to better patient care services and patient satisfaction. HealthServes EHR System will reduce medical errors which constitute major cause of death in healthcare practice. We can evaluate the impact of our services through WHO health system impact evaluation in countries where we operate both before and after introduction of our system as well as analysis of data generated in our system.

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Sustainability and future plans

Healthserves EHR is a subscription based business model as every healthcare professionals and health institutions will have to subscribe and renew their annual subscription to be able to perform their professional function on the system. For Telehealth Services where patient can engage in virtual consultation with healthcare professionals from across the globe, we charge commission on revenue that healthcare professionals made on our system at the point of withdrawal of the earning to their bank accounts. So far, we have been financing this project with our personal savings until recently that Tony Elumelu Foundation selected the project for 2019 entrepreneurship funding. However, the funding at our disposal is very insignificant compared to funding need for the project. We are still prospecting for more investors and funders at the moment for speedy progress. But once we start making reasonable income from our operation when we complete the pending development, the business revenue can support further growth of the project.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am 34 years old and i am a clinical pharmacist by training with over ten years of professional experience in healthcare sector. From my experience working in various healthcare settings, i discovered that healthcare system in most African countries can do better if they leverage on innovative health Information Technology solutions. I began the journey to address the identified problems in the healthcare delivery system by recruiting the project team made of up Healthcare professionals of diverse backgrounds and Programming Experts that are versatile in multiple programming languages. With my wide network in healthcare sector and cordial relationship with many influencers in health sectors and purposeful and dedicated team, we are well on our way to making healthcare delivery accessible to everyone in no time if we get the right financial support. So far, we have been selected by Tony Elumelu Foundation for entrepreneurship award and mentorship for 2019 starting by may 1st 2019.

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May 19, 2019 21:13

Hello Jude. It is Crochet Hub Africa again. You have good work going on there. I love the fact that you have been in existence since 2013. It is very important to keep close to our doctors so that we do not just interact during sickness. we can start by prevention and thus should interact with medical practitioners often. Good work. Are your doctors locally available or have you sought others outside Nigeria? Please hook me with one who doesn't do!