The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Projects 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.


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I started to work in agribusiness sector in 2018, after the entrepreneurship training with incubator program. Now we need to start processing banana into powder to solve the problem of rural farmers by getting market which will help also to creating employments . In order to meet the company needs, we are searching for other skilled youth, with different backgrounds and experiences. We need also to attract support by partenering and mobilizing rural farmers in CIBITOKE, BUBANZA and GITEGA to work in associations, get trained on how to cultivate banana in modern way so that we buy from them good products. They get more tasks to perform and then in return, they perform and gain more revenues. In the long run, we plan to start selling at regional level and later at international level. We will be providing jobs to youth and it will reduce the unemployment rate, considerably. We are also showing and inspiring other youth to work together with the few amount they can get and together with the common objective, they will be job providers and no longer seekers.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

If we buy more than 5 tons of Banana to be used to produce powder per month, it will make 60 per year: Big quantity at the beginning. We start the recruitment in upcoming months. We know who is needed, when and where. A simple and short explaination' s Sales Manager: it will be his tasks and resposibilities to help to grow sales: we need the revenues to grow per month and year.To achieve this, we' ll keep changing and updating the channel to delivering our products according to the customers' needs, work in close collaboration with the sales team and we' ll get good results. We will be buying big quantity and it will help the farmers to cultivate such enorm quantity of our raw material for they are sure we' ll buy from them.This banana is used in two main things: It can be consummed as any other food (fries, or just cook) but especially to produce prohibited alcohol that is illegaly sold and consummed. This has killed people or making them ill. With our idea, we plan to reduce constantly the quantity to be used in prohibited alcohol but also to be damaged. It will stop and impact in one way or another those who were consumming them:We need to be human bodies' protectors. It will improve the way of living of farmers, who will produce to sell at good price, but also those who are indirectly impacted by what we do. They also have families to nourrish, to educate, to wear and to help in other needs.We know people need money to survive: They use skills they have that are updated regularly, and they can now get money after we buy from them.

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Sustainability and future plans

We started to search for funds, sponsors and investors after We realized that the project is not only very profitable, but also can save millions of lives and help to reduce unemployment rate to youth. The rate of active youth who are not employed is 65% in my country. This is part of our need: To contribute to the countries' development at different levels of living. With USD 5,000 in the company, this can give back up to 6% plus the amount invested while we have substracted all expenses. After, much consideration, with $ 10,000, we can get 8 % of return on investment. This is a lot of money in a short period. As the capital will be high, the profit follows, and the return on investment is higher.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

With 24 years old, Landry is talented young man with vast skills' wealth, knowldege and techniques in entrepreneurship, leadership skills, personal management, creative and critical thinking. Landry' s a quick learner, good listener and adapt quickly. In 2018, Landry was selected among 600 applicants to participate in intensive Leadership and Entrepreneurship and Conflict Resolution training with courses and similations which inspired him to start BANANA FLOUR GROUP. Landry' s working on SDGs goals 1and3 that are respectively No Poverty and Good Health. Its mission is to provide nutritious food, support healthy but also create jobs. Landry' s a also a co- founder and Financial and Administrative Director at SPOTA COMPANY. We produce flour from sweet potatoes and this powder can replace and be complimentary to other flour that help to make breads, pancakes, etc. This is also a new project that is related to agri- business. His roles consist, but not limited, to represent the General Director in meetings, proposal and budget approval, supervise IT services, Human Ressource Managenent. He is also the intermediary between the company, investors, banks and other financial institutions. This is a registered company from 2018 and we have the products that are already sold in the market. We started to work, lawfully. We are working on SGD 1,2 and 3. We need to provide as many jobs as possible to unemployed youth, sell healthy products but also train youth in business preparation and development and impact the country". We have already suppliers from different regions of the country who provide us the raw material. The leadership roles started at early stage. In 2014, Landry was nominated as class representative and the following year, Students Dean. Landry was awarded a certificate of GOOD LEADER in August 2016 for He helped to stand for the student' s interest.

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Vianney Nduwimana

May 16, 2019 13:59

BANANA FLOUR GROUP is an innovative project that will change the life of people in general and rural farmers in particular. I do encourage the Promoter to move forward. I can even support him.