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Wonder Mama!

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Presently, increasing numbers of single mothers is no longer a personal issue but have become a national concern that requires intervention and assistance from relevant government agencies to assist these women in their role as heads of their household. This is because they are lack of support from family, having many young dependents, not receiving financial aid or equipment, and limited social networks all contribute to the insufficient resources of single mothers. In order to, initiate steps to curb this issue, Wonder Mama! the project was conducted in collaboration with Penang Women Development Corporation. This project involved 16 chosen single mothers who live in Penang, Malaysia to attend the training to augment their income through sustainable means to support their families, especially children. The objectives of the project were: a) To enable single mothers to cultivate their self-confidence and participate in society as responsible individuals. b) To empower single mothers by educating them to kick-start their own online business through various workshops. Phase 1 of the project was to educate and motivate 16 single mothers to actively participate in kick-starting their business by providing them training and workshops on bakery skills. The classes were offered on 15th September 2018 13th October 2018 from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon at KDU Penang University College. The classes were conducted every Saturday. Below are the topics which covered : Date Module 15th Sept 2018 Business Startup Workshop 22nd Sept 2018 Bread Making Workshop 29th Sept 2018 Cake Making Workshop 6th Oct 2018 Pastry Making Workshop 13th Oct 2018 Photography & Digital Marketing Workshop

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The Wonder Mama project was an adaption idea from 6 well known Malaysian Female Entrepreneurs Programmes in Malaysia. There are as below: a) Women of Will b) Women Entrepreneur Financing Programme c) Temanita Financing Scheme, Tekun Nasional d) National Entrepreneurship Institute e) Global Accelerator Programme, MAGIC f) Cradle Investment Programme, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd. All the above programmes have done huge positive outcome in many women's lives, by helping them to equip with the necessary skills to run their businesses and moreover they also ensure that the women have the support needed to develop a sustainable business, as well as help them lead balanced and wholesome lives. By adopting the values of the above programmes, Wonder Mama! project rise to support the single mothers who are living in Penang with survival strategies involving generating income by acquiring skills and training in order to become an entrepreneur or participate in small scale businesses in their living geographical area. As this project was a collaboration between Penang Women Development Corporation and Penang Single Mothers Association, the single mothers also provided with assistance, social networking, advice, contacts, information about the availability of skills training and encouragement to get ahead in their lives to face the society. In this project, it is best to engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue and thereby enhance the effectiveness of the communication efforts. By doing this, the stakeholders would be happily engaged and the collaboration continues to the next stage. As this project was Phase 1, we will take measures to ensure that sustainable activities will be continued on Phase 2 in the future. This step will develop a strong communication strategy so that our project results can be shared. In Phase 2, 16 single mothers will be provided with the bakery equipment and platform to run their businesses. The profit will be shared by 70 percent for the single mothers and 30 percent for

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Sustainability and future plans

Wonder Mama! the project was created for a social goal. The goal is to train single mothers to be self-employed and enhance their standard of living in Penang. Thus, the project adapts the socio-entrepreneurship model which focuses on the social aspect. The model mainly encourages collective initiation of value creation; therefore, it is not only making an economic growth but also to make a growth cluster in society especially for women (single mothers) at the same time. For Phase 2 of the project, crowdfunding will be used as the main financial resources as it is an effective and efficient alternative method to support and implement social innovation projects. This is because it may raise awareness of the project in the community and get the funds necessary to achieve the goals without return. Meanwhile, if the crowdfunding has an investment character, several people may contribute different amounts to the project, received by the enterprise as a single loan, thus it provides greater effect/outcome to the project. For future growth, Phase 2 of the project includes: STEP 1: Provide services to rent bakery equipment for lower prices for single mothers to produce their pastries and cakes. STEP 2: Provide a business platform/opportunities in a few potential places in Penang, Malaysia to sell their cookies and pastries. STEP 3: Provide services on setting up an online business platform especially in social media with attractive packing of the cookies and pastries. STEP 4: The profit will be shared by 70 percent for the single mothers and 30 percent for the social entrepreneur.

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Name : Andrew Wilfred Age : 33 years 4 months Position: Senior Lecturer in KDU Penang University College, Malaysia Education Background as below: Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Public Relations - Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Masters in Business Administration (Tourism and Hospitality Management) - Universiti Utara Malaysia - (UUM) Doctrate in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) - in progress Awards: Best Lecturer Award 2016 Certified Trainer by PSBM an agency under Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

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