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RC plane with signal jammer

Your title/position RC plane with Signal jammer
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Nowadays so many terrorist attacks are going on if terrorist come to our country and they are hidden in a miscellaneous place like buildings or any hidden or difficult place so surely they will have communications devices so we can stop their communication via signal jammer but we can't go directly by taking jammer in our hands which may cause an attack by terrorist to a person who is handling signal jammer, so my device will help to stop their communication via RC PLANE WITH SIGNAL JAMMER means we have to land our RC Airplane in surrounding place of them and then just have to start a Signal jammer which is kept in Rc plane In result It will jam the signal for their surrounding area, as a result, we can stop their communication of network. It will be honor for me if my Project got selected in Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship that will help for to become a Entrepreneur and help to face upcoming opportunities. Thank you.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

As it is made for safety purpose so It can be useful for defense work for any country, can be used for any missions.

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Sustainability and future plans

future plans are we can use it for not only jamming the signal we can use it for dropping the smoke bombs with the help of my device, but we can also use it for dropping the exposure for a location. It can be useful for any purpose. It will be very useful for Police as well as for defefnce system. Thank you.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Hello, sir/mam my name is Aadarsh. I am a student of Aeronautical engineering department at Annasaheb Dange college of engineering and Technology, Ashta, Sangli, Maharashtra (Pincode-416301) from INDIA. My age is 20 my dream is to provide or use Unmanned systems everywhere for any operations, for making my dreams true I think Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is best chance to show my skills and knowledge about unmanned Aerial system and become a successful entrepreneur in the future. thank you.

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