The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Projects 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.

Pillar of Hope Foundation

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Explain your project in details:

Objectives Reach out to more than 500 children by 2021 Provide safe space and scholarships for primary and secondary education. To provide learning tools to the less privileged. To assist children to discover their talents through the provision of soft skills that equip them for the future Resource Mobilisation Strategies We implore various strategies to mobilise resources but our largest source of income are the founding members who are spread across all learning institutions in Zimbabwe. These are categorised as; i. Students in colleges ii. Students in polytechnics iii. Students in other learning institutions. Society in general also forms part of our prospective donors and we classify them as; Churches iNon-Governmental Organisations We also conduct resource mobilisation strategies and one of such is the DAD Campaign which called for society to Donate A Dollar for the cause. Disbursements of funds Once we have managed to gather enough resources we distribute them along four important pillars; Education Leadership and grooming Entrepreneurship and talent discovery Sports, Arts and Culture Sponsorships However, we are not limited to these ones only. The project is not dependent on donations because we intend to run various community projects like poultry which can generate revenue for various children as they learn at the same time. We intend to create a world where everyone is a winner in one way or the other. We believe in the potential of every child and that is why we have embarked on this journey of supporting the dreams of vulnerable children through access to quality education.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

We have provided training to 104 youth in Zimbabwe. These pieces of training were structured in such a way that young people learn various skills that can earn them a living. We have paid fees for 90 children in rural areas across Zimbabwe and of these, 43 were school dropouts that we managed to send back to school.

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Sustainability and future plans

The project is not dependent on donations because we intend to run various community projects like poultry which can generate revenue for various children as they learn at the same time. These projects will be run by our provincial officers who will monitor the progress and ensure that all proceeds are fully accounted for and channelled towards the right purpose.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

l am a 3rd-year university student who is passionate about writing and climate change. I wrote many articles and books on motivation. l have received various leadership certificates from various organizations worldwide. I am a leader in 8 youth forums in Africa and l am also a global peace ambassador with the Global Peace Chain. I have received various outstanding recognition certificates for the works l have done in my country, Zimbabwe. I am an energetic young leader who has worked on various community projects as a leader and volunteer. He is passionate about issues affecting young people with a particular interest in education, leadership, sports, arts, culture and governance. Having been raised by a single parent who struggled to send me to school l came to understand that any dreams are dying because of lack of financial and emotional support. I survived through the hard times but no many can do the same and that is what motivates me to work closely with vulnerable children and to support them in the best way possible so as to make sure they reach their fullest potential.

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