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India's First Post-Delivery Care Center for Women- Matrushishu

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Matrushishu believes in 'Healthy Mom & child, leads to a healthy & happy family, leads to a healthy & happy society'. Matrushishu strongly supports breastfeeding and fight against postpartum depression. Problems after the birth include persistent lochia, breastfeeding problems, urinary problems, after pains, perineal soreness, hemorrhoids, puerperal infection, and mental and emotional problems. Current survey data says that with the limited support system, the modern mothers are pushed to prematurely bounce back after delivering their babies, and are often left alone to face the physical and emotional challenges of this new stage of their lives. Thus leading to giving up breastfeeding at an early stage & suffering postpartum depression. Matrushishu is a Postpartum Stay care center where we give support to New Mom & Baby 24*7 at our center with our Nurses, Caretakers, Lactation assistance, Yoga consultant, Psychologist, Gynaecologist & Paediatrician. We provide them a single occupancy room, there is a provision for her husband or relatives to stay. Here our Nurses will support the mother in her body recovery needs, lactation support, baby holding & burping, etc. Caretakers provide a Massage & bath for Mother & Baby. They will also look after the baby in case the mother wants to sleep for a while, Nutritious food specially programmed for new mothers are served, Psychological support, Yoga techniques, Best networking place with other new mothers sailing through the same phase, Doctors on call so that the lady need not wait in hospitals for doctor consultancy etc ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. Here she can forget about the household operations, limited family support, limited paternity leaves, challenges to hire & manage maid cook nanny, limited information on postnatal care, etc. She just concentrates on her baby & her body recovery.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Matrushishu is proud to say that we are 'India's first Post-delivery care center'. We are poured with appreciation on our initiatives from mothers all over India. Getting a lot of enquiries from soon to be parents & new parents. Reasons being- they are independent families, parents themselves are old or unhealthy, struggle to manage the operational issues, losing hopes on breastfeeding, already into postpartum depression, etc. Matrushishu is an organization with a purpose. Purpose to support the lady who takes care of the whole family but not the same vice versa.

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Sustainability and future plans

The project is into the healthcare industry. Our target audience are new parents. This is the unexplored idea in India. Matrushishu has 100% market share since we have no competitors yet. We have our center in Bangalore and there is a tremendous opportunity to expand it across India. Myself being a mother started this venture in the pure intention to support the mothers do not have bad postnatal experience as mine. Hence currently running with a limited budget on my PF amount and looking for the funding to make a new revolution in Mother & baby health care industry. Talks are going on with companies to get associated with Matrushishu to support the women employees of their company under "supporting social responsibility".

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Myself Trishu Reddy. Age- 33 yrs. Holding the degree of 'Bachelor of Engineering' and 'Master of Business Administration'. Worked as a Business HR partner with MNC for 6yrs and quit the job after my baby who is one & a half-year-old now. Being in HR with 500 employees under me, I had seen the real struggle of new parents after the baby. Father's productivity dropped down drastically and they mess up with the work-life balance. Female employees were not in the right frame of mind after they returned to work due to the baggage of the challenge they had faced during their postnatal period. I had done a survey, which gave a clear output of need of the postnatal support for the new parents. After I had a baby, I confirmed that the struggle is real with my own experience.

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