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Students In Business Association

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SIBA operates using the following objectives Promote research, design, creativity and innovation in Botswana through educating youth about the importance of engaging themselves in business activities and how to operate the business world, Develop the spirit of self dependence in the youth sectors, not only to depend on the government and raising a generation that is more solution focused than problem focused, Put an effort towards driving Botswana economy to a knowledge based economy by promoting businesses and at the same time having a hand in helping the Botswana government to achieve one of its pillars of its vision, Explore and developing youth talents, innovations and creativity through competitions, trade fairs, exhibitions and expositions and engage the disabled and the physically challenged in businesses to build a zero discrimination nation. MISSION Promote research, design, creativity and innovation in Botswana through business awareness projects and partnerships. VISION To be a leading business awareness organization in Botswana and the rest of world, empowering the upcoming generation to achieve their dreams. In furtherance of the above objectives, the Society may mentor youth businesses form an idea level to a factory level, connecting youth businesses to potential investors in Botswana and all around the world, open free tutoring centers for secondary schools students as well as giving to the needy, orphans and less privileged as a way of giving back to the community. This society believe in reinforcing all the possible and well planned initiatives to produce tangible results that can transform Botswana and Africa at large. We believe that with all that we are going to do we are going to give a new shape to the business world.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Students In Business Association exists to empower the students knowledge about business, introduce the modules of entrepreneurship to students from a younger age, organizing entrepreneurship based activities for students, own businesses and use them to expose students to the business world from a younger age as well as giving back to the community. This will help prepare the upcoming generation for starting and running a successful business in the 4th Industrial revolution world without a fear of closure and being intimidated. In the world we are living in there are no jobs without relevant industries to hire the unemployed graduates and as such equipping the young people with entrepreneurial skills will help to create more industries and in return creating employment. Africa need to be set on the foundation of business in order to improve its economical status and rightful use of its natural resources to benefit the world. Students in Business Association have reached out to more than 500 students in Mmadinare Senior Secondary School. So far we have affiliations with Mmadinare Senior Secondary school, Prime Coaching (PTY) Ltd and Open Mind Business Talks Forum in order to achieve our mandate well. The success of this association is mainly based on the ability of youth to rise and industrialize the continent and the world. Our goals are long-term and our impact is global.

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Sustainability and future plans

Students in Business Association wishes to grow significantly in the next 5 years with it being able to organize international conferences, international competitions and engaging international speakers in its works. It is also aiming to reach out to all Batswana students before it can expand internationally. The organization is also looking forward to own businesses for its income generation and youth practical business training. The businesses are going to finance all the operations of the society without depending on the sponsors which can limit the overall operations of the society. We plan to open a second office in South Africa and a third one in London.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am currently a student at Botswana International University of Science and Technology pursuing Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering graduating in May 2019. I am also a Founder and Chairperson of Students in Business Association and working on high level supervisory position as all the members report to Him. Leaname is also the founder of Open Mind Business Talks Forum aimed at discussing key business principles and rules of success in business. I completed a certificate in white belt six sigma from Aveta Business Institute, have certificates in Fundamentals of running and starting a business, Fundamentals of Business Expansion and Basics of Public-Private Partnerships from Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). I am also professionally recognized by Industrial Engineering and Operations Management as an associate member and also by Botswana Institute of Engineers as a Student Member. I am also an Author who publish his researches online and his projects have reached 6000 reads in a space of a year which is a very great achievement. I am currently through Students in Business Association involved in educating young people about business and helping youth around Botswana to get lifelong businesses. He is determined in the education sector and believe that His decisions can change Botswana, Africa and the World at large.

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