The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Projects 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.

sot B-Square Co.

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DETAILED DESCRIPTION: An indigenous company, sot B-Square Co. was planned with the objective of enhancing the beauty of our environment with nature's free gifts of earthly materials. Our Mission To become the foremost corporate organization in Africa that provides prompt and excellent products and services with a very high professional standards and ethics. Our Goal To provide quality products and services, and add value, to meet the requirements of our clients. We ease their pains and make every interaction with them a pleasurable experience. Our products and services includes... - Livestock farming/management: poultry, fishery, piggery, and more - Gardeining/landscaping: beautifying the environment with aesthetics - General merchandise/trading: sale and supply of all agricultural produce, implements, and other agro-services Differentiating Factors We operate on the lifestyle principles below, and accept that we will be judged by our records to meeting highest standards at all times... - Integrity: we are committed to integrity and consistency in all our business dealings. - Quality: we provide quality-guaranteed products, with perfect finishing. - Trust: we believe that effective business relationships in-and-out of the company are only with high level of trust among all. Other principles are:- Teamwork; -Costing; - Communication; & - Pledge. Problem Solved This business has helped in her capacity to reduce poverty due to joblessness, as it currently harbors nothing less than twenty-five workers (casual and pamernent). Also, our fish production is currently assisting the Government's Home Grown Program as we currently supply about three local government primary schools with fishes processed. Market Size An agricultural business offering services in the feed area, our market is sizable enough and wide as agriculture itself. Plus being a general merchant in agro-services, there's room for diversification to any aspect of agriculture based on our back ground. The business worth is enormous!

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Business Impact: The impact of this business is in our bid to support the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG 2) which aims to end hunger, ensure food security and improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture, by 2030. Adopting this policy as an entrepreneur in the aspect of agribusiness motivated us to see the business as a means of food provision for all, including the workers working for us, and consumers of our products. It therefore implies that this business is blessing majorly two sets of people- the workers who are regularly paid for job done, and the consumers who enjoy our products. For job creation in relation to Nigeria, this business is currently providing a means of living to about twenty-five beneficiaries (indirectly impacting twenty-five families) who depend on our business to pay them monthly. If the needed resources avail, we intend to increase our work force to benefit the community and country at large, and permanent some skilled workers who are currently on either casual or part-time agreement. With respect to social development, as a developing business, we have not been able to do much to people's expectations, but the little that benefits both parties. Present Return on Investment isn't that alarming but encouraging. And to reduce our interest payment on loans, we at most times roll over our profits. Doing this reduces the amount of loan we go for, at our next production The metrics and Key Performing Indicators (KPIs) below remain our yardsticks in evaluating our success: - Customer Acquisition - Customer Engagement - Customer Retention - Revenue - Cost - Gross Margin Percentage - Contribution Margin - Burn Rate - runway

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Sustainability and future plans

Current Milestone: We have successfully registered our services in the minds of livestock vendors, retailers, & farmers in two states.. and have researched into other aspects of agribusiness with the intent of introducing same in due time. Majorly, we have been able to reduce but not totally eradicate hunger within our community. Next Milestone: We are working on expanding in our field of know. With hard work and luck, we intend taking this business to a global height of competition within the next 3-5 years. We are also working on increasing our work force by employing more permanent staff (experts) anytime soon. Revenue Model: Our means of income includes... - table sized fishes sales, - smoking and packaging of cat fishes for sale presently locally, but aim going international soon (being one of our next milestones), - sale of poultry products. To ensure reduction in the cost of purchasing pullets and other day old chicks, we intend starting our own hatchery any sooner. Marketing Strategy: Before now, we've been marketing our products via several social media groups we belong to. And as a business owner, I go as far as sourcing for product supply contracts with government agencies and some other private establishments, like supplying chickens, eggs, or snails to eateries. Our integrity markets us.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Born on the 24th May, Sam grew up in a polygamous home with his late parents, to develop an affection for self employment. He was introduced into money making business by his late mother back in the late 1990s when he was trained on how to weave baskets and sell farm produce to earn little income for keeps. Coming from a literate home, the principles of money management was inculcated in his upbringing, and same is still guiding him. As nature will have it, Sam found himself in a University of Agriculture in Nigeria where they were always trained more to be a job provider than a job seeker. After his quest for western education, he decided to managing as a clerical officer for a while so to gather more leadership skills.. Having tested the waters and without any satisfaction, he began his farming business in July 2016 till date. Leadership Skills & Experience: He oversee fundraising, planning and implementation; including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals and administrating fundraising records and documentation. Among the wealth of experience gathered in this course is the challenge to solely have a business strive without a sponsor. Awards/Recognition: - A certified voluntary blood donor Award from The Federal Medical Center - Past President of the youth affiliate of The LIONS Clubs International - Spotlight on Children Award by The International President of LIONS Clubs. - A 2-time recipient of the Citizenship & Leadership Training Award - Membership Growth Award from The International Association of Lions Clubs. - 2019 Best 1,000 Startup Entrepreneurs in Africa by The Tony Elumelu Foundation.

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