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canoé, cooking salt

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Terial Corporation is a young company producing high quality food salt. Our vision is to be the number one African producer of consumer goods and to be a global reference in corporate social responsibility and contribution to Sustainable Development. Our goals were to improve the health and well-being of all, to combat climate change and its impacts, to empower women, to provide decent work for all, to fight against poverty and unemployment. sustainable industrialization in Africa for better economic growth. Canoé is a dietary salt extracted from the salt marshes of Benin by brave African women. It is a natural dietary salt that contains no food additives, no preservatives and rich in essential minerals with incredible benefits to the human body such as iodine, manganese, calcium, iron and many more. It is packaged in modern packaging,recyclable, resealable, reusable and complies with the requirements of the WHO (World Health Organization) and the specificities of International Council for the Fight against Diseases due to a deficiency in iodine and produced with respect for the environment using authentic and traditional methods, in compliance with hygiene and sanitary rules. I had the idea of creating my company following several observations. Firstly, the poor quality of the salts available on the market and the poor exploitation of the salt marshes which creates the slump in the salt-producing women and increases the poverty rate. Finally, the high unemployment rate of young people and because of slacking women destroy the ecosystem and use of mangrove mangrove branches for production which destroys biodiversity.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

For the contribution to sustainable development we had several impacts. First, our product improves nutrition and ensures good health for consumers by preventing many diseases. We eradicate poverty in the salt villages by increasing purchasing power, strengthening human capital for the education of children, especially girls, and access to health care for more than 1,000 families. Then, we reduce unemployment by creating more than 30 direct and indirect jobs in the best conditions but also for more than 500 women beneficiaries in the salt marshes by producing in the best conditions for their health. Finally, the protection of the environment through the use of modern recyclable packaging instead of disposable plastic bags, the protection of mangroves by not destroying the branches of mangroves for salt production by allowing the protection of wildlife and flora, reducing the production of carbon dioxide harmful to human health but also to the ecosystem in accordance with the recommendations of COP 21. Our actions also allows the development of ecotourism through mangroves and authentic production and traditional salt.

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Sustainability and future plans

Our product is intended for households in the city of Cotonou and its surroundings estimated at more than six million. But also to the professionals of the restoration of the city of Cotonou and its surroundings estimated at more than one thousand two hundred. We sell directly to catering professionals (restaurants, hotels, maquis, ladies) and distributors (pharmacies, supermarkets, grocery stores, shops) to the profits of households. The funds used so far are equity and income from my sales. My next step in five years will be the installation of a modern salt production unit that will employ the brave women producers with a capacity of at least 100 tons per month and go to conquer other African market and the world. Also develop other high-end consumer product games.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Cédrick TOCHOEDO, born on Saturday 31 January 1998 in Adjarra in the Republic of Benin. I am the only son of a poor family of father seamstress and mother reseller. I grew up in Cotonou with my uncle (tutor) where I had the chance to do my academic studies. As an enthusiast of the economy, I start the University of Abomey-Calavi in economics after obtaining my bachelor's degree in 2016. Faced with some difficulties of the student world, my childhood dream of being entrepreneurial and rich, my flexibility and my sense of initiative, my sense of problem-solving and risk-taking, I dropped out of university in the middle of the academic year to start my business in 2017 with a capital $ 90 in order to contribute to the development of my continent. Since 2017, I devote myself entirely to developing the activities of my company to achieve my dreams. Being a visionary, Afro-optimistic, obstinate, I had since my childhood the desire to be independent and rich. I was used by my sense of teamwork to do neighborhood jobs to meet my needs. Following my university entrance diploma, I also worked with my uncle in his activities from where I also had income to start my business by fulfilling my childhood dreams. After the creation of my company in 2017 by obtaining legal documents, I finally started my activities in February 2018 with a lot of financial and technical difficulties. The innovative character and the realism of my product, I am selected by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Benin to follow training that my perfect. In the same year, I won the prize for the best young companies in Benin.

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