The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Best Projects 2019 features all the nominated entries submitted ‘Submit your Project’ category. All the entries consist of innovative projects run by existing enterprises in the form of businesses, NGOs or informal programs.

Better Experience

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One year ago - in 24 hours - OTAs changed the Tours & Activities dynamics with Booking and TripAdvisor buying reservation systems Fareharbor and Bokun in order to create a dominant position in the Tours & Activities industry as they did for Hotels. Right now 20% to 30% commissions fee go to big tech companies not operating locally. With Better Experience we enable independent operators to keep the commission fees locally by being part of a Decentralised OTA. A Decentralised OTA is similar to any existing OTAs like Booking, Expedia, Klook or GetYourGuide. It offers a marketplace where travelers can discover and book activities online, with the main difference that the distribution responsibility is shared between all independent operators. Suppose I am an independent operator offering a contemporary dance class. Once my clients book an activity on my website, they get access to the activities marketplace where complementary local activities like a yoga class or a walk in nature can be suggested. Every time a client books a suggested activity from the activities marketplace the operator receives a commission fee.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Different actors are potentially impacted by the project. OPERATORS * Focus on their activities - Move time-expensive tasks to local experts (improve quality) * Increment independency - Own distribution, data, technology and brand * Support local economy - Keep the booking commission fees locally * Create culture between operators - Events, festivals and aggregation moments * Onboard offline operators - Independent operators promote to offline operators * Support collaboration between operators - Cross-sell complementary activities and new cooperation moments MUNICIPALITIES / EU * Support local economy - Commissions stay local * Support sustainable tourism - Through environmental, economic, and socio-cultural actions TOURISTS * Access local activities - Local community connects to more local activities * Support local economy - Commissions stay local and increment services * Easier discovery and booking - Consistent Tours & Activities collection distributed in a decentralised network

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Sustainability and future plans

BUSINESS MODEL For every booking there is a 30% commission fee distributed as it follows. * Operators Chapter - 25% - Local experts * Payment processor - 3% - Process and split payments between actors * Better Experience - 2% - Operational and investors The Operators Chapter is an in-destination organisation guided by one selected person (chapter leader) in charge of managing local experts, local tech team and education actions. The Operator Chapter Fee is split as follow. * 20% - Local Experts - Access to people taking care of time-consuming tasks for operators (e.g. content, photos). * 4% - Local Tech Team - A local group of tech people taking care of the platform development. * 1% - Local Education - Create moments of culture and aggregation for operators (e.g. events, festivals). FINANCING RESOURCES This project does not suit Venture Capitalists (high return in economic value). * Equity Crowdfunding. We focus on the crowdfunding model by telling a story that can include all actors having advantages from a system like Better Experience: Operators, Hoteliers, Tourists, Angels. * Municipalities, Nation, European Union. Receive public support because of the sustainable tourism impact based on environmental, economic, and socio-cultural actions. FUTURE PLANS We want to create an MVP of the Decentralised OTA in Ibiza with focus on Wellness (pilot). The reasons for Ibiza are founders presence, controlled geographical area, luxury island focused on wellness, artistic and cultural activities.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

ANDREA REGINATO - CEO Entrepreneur, Software Developer and Open Source Advocate thinking that Company Culture Values are fundamental to create a good place to work in. I've spent the last 15 years working and collaborating with different companies, from enterprises to startups to universities. Ive experienced industries like IoT (Lelylan, Xyze), Telco (Telecom Italia), Utilities (Enel, Edison, Axpo), Fashion (Prada), Insurance (Chiarezza), Real Estate (Gromia) and research (University of Milan, Horizon 2020) and now Travel (Better Experience). Throughout my life Ive been working as freelance and as partner of startups and digital agencies focused on technology. I've spent almost 10 years in the IoT and Open Source space working at Lelylan and contributing in other projects. I am now interested in creating and manage a company that reflect my values: health, freedom, vulnerability, communication, clarity, openness and trust (to name some). Better Experience came to life from the desire to practice those values in the tech field. I love to dance. I teach in weekly jams and workshops of contact improvisation, I organise once a month workshops of 1 or 2 days between Spain and Italy and I am experimenting the creation of a community of "dancers" in Ibiza. SERENA CUSI - SUSTAINABLE TOURISM APPRENTICE - UNDER 35 I've experiences in tourism and theater-event field, and voluntary in social and environmental areas. During the years I acquired hard and soft skills in the Tours and Activities field ("experience") as well as an insight about the needs of building a sustainable world. I see myself as an open, friendly, curious and empathetic person, with strong communicative competences and good teamwork abilities, easily adaptable to new situations.

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