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Affordable tiny houses for deprived people

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Objectives: To provide a clean, affordable house to all individuals To decrease the house maintenance cost To develop clean and healthy living atmosphere Background: Housing is the basic necessity of all living individuals. Even the animals, insects, birds build their houses. Even poor people dream about a separate, neat and clean and easy low maintenance cost house. In thickly populated cities building or purchasing of a house remains a dream. When I look at my country, I feel that a large population is living in very small houses which are deprived of basic facilities of life. Some pictures of such houses are shared. These people belong to labor class. They work hard and are able to maintain these small houses by their daily earning. Innovative Approach: So I designed a house which is full of basic necessities and have a very low maintenance cost. The power supply will be free if solar penal is installed once. Clean water can be obtained at very low rate in separate over head tank. There is a sewerage tank fitted which can be emptied in any nearby sewerage hole. Support: House provision is a top agenda of present Government of Pakistan which can be seen by shelter homes provided to the people so I hope that our Government will support us in land, water and sewerage issues. For building and furnishing costs we will need initial money which can be financed by NGOs charity channels. The maintenance will be done by house owners which will be very low.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Achievements: The following will be the achievements after successful completion of my project: 1. My tiny house model contains small clean washroom which will decrease pollution of sewerage water drained from present hut dwellers just outside. 2. This model contains a clean small kitchenette which will increase sanitation and safe food preparation. 3. It will decrease electric theft as the house model contains solar panel preparing own electric supply 4. Pesticide free vegetables will be available as my house contains small kitchen garden 5. A healthy atmosphere will create healthy minds and bodies Measures to evaluate success: The difference before and after the project can be measured by monitoring different parameters like Pollution Index of the city, physical health parameters of the residents, mental health of the residents, outbreak of different epidemic diseases etc.

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Sustainability and future plans

PLAN OF THE PROJECT: This house will be completely made of wood with movable structure containing base wheels. The size will be 12 X 12 sq ft containing a small bathroom of 3 X4 sq ft, a kitchenette of 3 X 4 sq ft, a washing area of 3 X 4 sq ft and a living room of 9 X 12 sq ft. At the base will be sewerage pipes (from kitchen, washing area and washroom) connected to removable sewerage tank. Water connections will be provided from overhead tank to above three areas. Electric supply will be provided from solar panel battery to the kitchen (1 light bulb, 2 electric sockets), washroom (1 light bulb, 1 electric socket), washing area (1 light bulb, 1 electric socket) and living room (2 light bulb, 2 electric sockets). Furnishing: Carpet, Folding beds, Pillows, Table, Chairs, Cupboard, Stove, Gas cylinder, Kitchen sink, Exhaust fans, Commode/Flush, Bath Tray, wash basin, soap holder, mirror, towel hanger, shower, taps, Pedestal Fan, Fridge, washing machine, Doors and windows Roof Top Plan: The roof top will be plain up to 3 X 12 sq ft i.e. washroom and kitchen tops which will contain a small water tank, battery of solar panel and 6 pots planted with common house hold plants like tomato, coriander, mint, chilly etc. A wooden ladder from the base will lead to this area. The 9 X 12 sq ft size will be tapered fitted with solar panel to provide free electric current. Other required items will be wooden planks, Wheel and Sockets, Water pipes, Electric wire, Paint, Glue, Nails, Screws, Iron Angels & Plates, Vinyl sheet Total Cost of a furnished tiny house will be Pak Rs. 500000/- only

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am sixteen years old Pakistani girl with big dreams. I am studying in eleventh grade in Sir Syed Girls College Karachi of Humanities Group with elective subjects psychology, geography and Advance English. My future plan is to become a journalist for improving and supporting the life of common man. My dream is to provide world such thing which will help in decreasing the gap between standard of living of different people. In my view all people should be provided equal opportunities for better living. There should be no discrimination on the basis of age, sex, class, nationality or religion. My early education was in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I felt that there were discriminations on different basis. When I moved to Pakistan, I was in ninth Grade. I passed my Secondary school Exam (Science Biology Group) with flying colors. I was a god debater at my school level. Then I felt that I should continue my education with Humanities Group if I want to do something for common man. This project is my first project which I have designed to improve better living. And in my opinion, a better living will create a better thinking.

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May 19, 2019 11:14

You have a good initiative in mind of providing shelter to the needy. Your house plans will also improve the standard of living. Collaborate with the Universities students who are ready to volunteer you in this good initivative and design your ideas and check for feasibility and scope to reduce cost.

All the best
Your idea is good and it looks it would have a great impact on society. I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well

Nudrat Fatima

May 15, 2019 19:22

This is a project which can increase the living standards of poor people but for initiation of the project a lot of money will be required. Hope that Government and NGOs will support the Project designer so that dreams of a little girl comes true. I would like to see the finished project. Any how its a very good idea!


May 15, 2019 19:04

I like this project looking forward for this project to be proceeded. This project will help many people as many people are going through hardships all we can do is to help them by our projects like this and this the way we can help them wish you luck for the project