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Fresh From The Farm Agric World

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Fresh from the farm agric world ltd believe that if farmers are being supported either with finance, manpower, fertilizer etc, they will be motivated to farm more than the usual which will result to food security. We tend to partner with hundreds of farmers across Nigeria who have farm lands but lack the resources to cultivate it, by so doing we will not just make food available for the people, we will also make sure that farmers are richly appreciated for their efforts in tackling hunger issue. Our main objectives are; To provide fresh and healthy farm products across Nigeria, To encourage agriculture among the youths, to help farmers make money more than the usual and lastly, to bridge the gap of supply between the farmers an the consumers. We intend achieving this great project by utilizing the internet, radio and news papers in creating awareness, then we visit the rural areas state by state making our intentions known to them. From there, will will have farmers register with our company for free and then go into agreement on what they will revive from us and what we want in return. Our project is not meant only for the educated, so do as long as you are a farmer that has great piece of land you will love to cultivate, we will be honored to partner with you. Our vision is to have more farmers go into commercial farming while or mission is to be the most trusted farm product supplier in Africa.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

If we are able to partner with let's say 100 farmers across Nigeria in the next 5 years, we are not just feeding the nation, we are enriching the farmers financially. Our aim is to help eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa. This project is a new project which does not have any great achievements yet but we have started buying farm products from farmers in the rural areas and bringing it to the urban market for sale. Also, we have a couple of acres of land where we farm some of the supplied products ourselves. We are a baby company with a matured dream and we believe with your help and support, we will achieve our goals.

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Sustainability and future plans

We have already started buying farm products from the farmers and selling it at the urban markets. So far we are able to penetrate the Lagos market with our products. In the next 5 years we won't just be supplying farm products to the market, we will have companies come to the farms to buy what they need in bulk. We will appreciate individuals and companies to join us raise good funds in partnering with these farmers so we can eliminate hunger in the nation.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Mathias Pwol, I am a Business Administration University graduate with about 10 years entrepreneurial experience in both the entertainment and agriculture industry. Within my years of service, I was able to act and deliver as a manager and supervisor which lead to the growth and expansion of the companies. I am 26 year old from Jos plateau state, Nigeria. I came from a family were we farm what we consume. I run an entertainment company (TRILLAMAN STUDIO NIGERIA LTD) and an agricultural company (FRESH FROM THE FARM AGRIC WORLD LTD). This agric company is growing fast and by God's grace will deliver it purpose in Africa.

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June 24, 2019 09:24

Hello Leader,
I am here to give my full support and encouragement to this brilliant project of yours. Keep up the good work my friend. Never give up in your fight even if it seems hard.

Please take a look at my idea, High Thermal Insulation Perpend (HTIP) at and consider supporting my idea with comments and votes and I continue to support your project!
Thank you and best of luck to you and let's continue supporting each other.
Let me know if you have voted for me so I can vote for you again and again.

June 24, 2019 06:04

Hello! Vote #66

Nice to see your project in Entrepreneurship Campus community! Let's continue supporting each other with votes and comments! =)

My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.

Have a great day!

June 23, 2019 14:59

Hello! Vote #65
Nice to see your project in Entrepreneurship Campus community! Let's continue supporting each other with votes and comments! =)
My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.
Have a great day!

June 22, 2019 08:06

Good morning

Am back again. How are you finding time around the campus platform so far?

Lets keep supporting each other through teamwork. Have a great weekend..

MotherCare app
(Best Ideas Category)

June 21, 2019 16:55

Hello Pwol

Your project is good. However, i think you still need to improve on your traction (impact of your enterprise on sustainability development); for any ongoing project, as Entrepreneurs; traction is like our success story and shows our progress and also has a positive impact on investors to be and we your clients / customers. Providing statistical evidence will be a good edge against selection criteria. Best of luck

MotherCare app
(Best Ideas Category)

June 20, 2019 17:41

Hello!! Vote #64

I hope your project is one of the finalists of "Best Projects 2019"

I count on your support for the Ecological Community PopulAction as one of the Best Ideas 2019!

My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.

June 19, 2019 15:35

Hi dear, I wanted to pass by and see the wonderful work you are up to. keep up the work. when you have time please stop by my idea and take a look. thank you.

June 18, 2019 16:32


I have read through your idea and find it interesting. I am glad you are tackling the SDG goals and providing employment to the youth in your community. i wish you all the best and invite you to review my idea as well on the link below;

Kind regards
MotherCare app
(Best ideas Category)

June 16, 2019 07:38

Hi, I apologize, I have not been active on campus for some days now but am back now and will vote every idea that has left a comment or message for me if you have not done so, please check it out and leave a comment quickly to get two votes today thank you

June 15, 2019 11:31

hello dear. Vote 64
I am here again to support your idea
I voted for you and give you all my support
hope you come again and support me with a vote and a comment at this link:

How did you come up with this idea/project? Share your story with us

Mother Care App
(Best ideas category)

June 14, 2019 20:32

don't forget to calculate in every step of your second
to me you a winner
and i love your PROJECT
YOUR a young champion to me

remember i start with a comment to your best PROJECT
come close to me also and see what i have ...
and don't forget to vote for me and leave your link too for me to vote back for you

it is better to try rather than fail to try
always a success start with a try
and fail in trying is a step to a success ...
keep it in mind


June 14, 2019 11:40

Hi dear,
its another beautiful day of voting, I believe sustained efforts and your creativity will pay off, on and off this platform. keep doing what you do and all the best

June 14, 2019 00:24

I am here again to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 13, 2019 17:27


Well done and i wish you all the best in this competition and implementation of your project. Let continue supporting each other through votes and comments. You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a vote and comment

June 13, 2019 09:18

Good day to you. Am here again to support your idea. Together we can do it. Best wishes. To support me follow the link


Jay's hair

June 12, 2019 20:54

Your exploits leave no one indifferent.
So I join the world to say bravo, to congratulate you, and to inform you of the boundless admiration I have for your project .. But don't take too big a head either... Congratulations

June 12, 2019 06:42

Hi dear, I am king James from the idea "edUnify under tourism", I want to solicit your support for my idea, and I guarantee you a vote back and comment if you vote and leave a comment on my idea. Thanks for your anticipated support and do have a great day. This is my link,

June 10, 2019 13:11


I have read through your idea. How do you plan to track trends in your market inorder to know your customer needs and apply those findings in your business?

With this information, i think you can always stay ahead of your competition and changing trends in the market.

Mother Care App

June 9, 2019 15:03

Vote 62: Lets keep supporting each other. I am inviting you to support my idea too through comments or votes

Mother Care App

June 9, 2019 13:34

Hi there, I have not seen your comments or votes on my idea today and i sincerely need your review please, i will appreciate it if you could take a quick look. thank you for your support.

June 8, 2019 11:45

Hello Mathias,
You have been doing such a wonderful job my dear. It's is so encouraging to farmers to have someone as resourceful as you are now. Food security is on one hand a big issue in the world. But what if we had the food but it wasn't nutritional enough? Thanks for checking the availability of both quantity without compromising the quality by having a market of fresh farm produce. Excellent! Who are your stiffest competitors? Do you have any? Good for thought

My project crochet hub was nominated too. I make new shoes out of old soles and yarn. Come here see, read vote and comment.
Crochet Hub Africa

June 5, 2019 18:42


Congratulation nice project, well done and i wish you all the best.You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a comment and vote

June 4, 2019 21:49

HI, I just want to comment here and say you have an impressive project and i would wan you to succeed. Although i have exhausted my time today, i will come around tomorrow for a vote, feel free to drop a reminder on my comment section or better still vote mine.

June 3, 2019 07:55

Your idea is great and I hope it has a great impact.

Lets Support each other. Can you please spare some time and vote for my idea STEP (Slums' Transformation & Empowering Population) in order to support slums and alleviate poverty.

Click on this link to vote.

Thank You

Best Regards,
Haleema zia from Pakistan

May 31, 2019 14:52

I am Impressed!!! truly amazing the way how you plan to solve social and economic problems through critical thinking, keep up.

If you may, please take a look at my ideia which is in the BEST IDEAS category.

Let us make a difference in the world!

May 30, 2019 17:54

Hi colleague,
For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, institutions, organizations, civil society and people like the youth. Let us partner!
Support and help are what we all need in these few days. I always get motivated after seeing people like you who're always thinking to help their community by brainstorming the innovative ideas. I'm highly impressed. I'll support people like you.
Kindly click the link below for further action.

May 28, 2019 16:39

Your project idea is so amazing!
I am so excited to share with you that my idea HERZ (Her Empowerment Race Zone) was accepted under the Best Ideas competition category. Please support me by reading, commenting and voting at
Natasha Sichula

May 27, 2019 13:24

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

May 27, 2019 13:24

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

May 27, 2019 13:24

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

May 27, 2019 13:24

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

May 27, 2019 13:23

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

Cornelius Nkup

May 23, 2019 13:21

I like your project, it's a nice initiative towards encouraging young youths on the need to fall back to agriculture and also letting them know that they can still make it. Fresh from the farm at least have help empower some couple of people. I stand with Mathias Pwolzi#freshfromthefarm#

May 23, 2019 06:40

Good initiation and thinking about your project is very good iam hoping to see your project in one of the best .Keep doing .Its good idea and i voted your idea
Please go through this link to view my project and vote for it if you like my project and give your valuable suggestions through comments .Thank you

May 23, 2019 06:31

Africa being one of the Continent with Rich and fertile soils, I think with this project, everything with farming will be improved. However, I think farmers will need some trying before they benefit from this scheme.

I like your project and I encourage you to continue
My name John Paul Wamala.

My project, "Chalk Production", was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Project 2019 category. Please read my idea at and consider supporting my project with comments and votes


May 22, 2019 10:01

There is need for food security.
Most farmers need help In area of Good seedling,mechanization and storage.Accessibilty is issue some places.
if help come to them In these area,am sure there be abundance of food.

Umaru Dateer

May 21, 2019 16:26

This is a great initiative. A helping hand would make it a wonderful project to embark on. And it would also encourage the farmers to farm more so that thier goods can be easily distributed.

Umaru Dateer

May 20, 2019 10:39

I so much believe in this project for reasons which promote the agricultural sector by reaching out to people in distant locations which do not have such product that are vital to human growth and development. Kudos to the CEO!

Nandi Dennis

May 20, 2019 10:23

A great initiative for farm product delivery to your door step. Making it a wide range of coveragebrings a means of employment to others who are ideal and willing to grow this initiative to make the delivery a success.


May 19, 2019 18:33

-A pursuit in agriculture will always remain a wise one. The positivity of this project is without doubt visible and very much impressive. However, making it quite easy for farmers to meet the demands of consumers at different locations. I hope the needed support(s) is rendered soon enough to increase the pace of it operation.


May 18, 2019 18:46

Motivational project that would help farmers to venture into producing more than they have done in past years... Knowing that assistance is assured.... Knowing that agriculture is also the country's means of getting cash....
This would really help both d farmers and consumers at large.

Akande Ayodele

May 18, 2019 10:03

Very good initiative seeing that agriculture is the next crude oil for this country,it's only wise to harness all possible benefits we can from this (agriculture) venture,going through this organization's plan one will discover their aim is a win win for all from the farmers,buyers to consumers and the country and Africa as a whole because this project aims at eradicating both poverty and hunger which continue to kill many in this part of the world


May 18, 2019 09:03

God bless the CEO Fresh from the Farm Agric World for this wonderful initiative. as we all know that the importance of fresh farm produce to our health can not be overemphasized. making it available by this awesome company will help to meet our nutritional requirement.
Also, the company do nt only meet the needs of the consumer in Nigeria or African at large but to also help to eradicate poverty amongst youth. I want to commend u by saying Keep up the good work. u deserve all my votes.

Zabadiah James

May 18, 2019 08:58

This should win because it helps Farmers market their fresh produce, consumers a chance to get fresh produce. Also gives investors the chance to put their money to good use...create jobs while making more food available across all states in the country.


May 17, 2019 15:37

The idea is a good one because not all parts of Nigeria enjoy fresh farm product. I think a very good credit should be given to the CEO for this great initiative at this point in time when the rate of unemployment is very high in the country. Keep on the good work Mr. CEO.

Amarachi Johnson

May 17, 2019 14:28

The whole idea and concept of \'fresh from the farm\' is really amazing....not much people do this... but having the well being of people in terms of agriculture is wonderful....keep up with the good work and God bless u

May 17, 2019 12:23

Very interesting plan to eradicate hunger and poverty in the nation. Really deserve a five/five star rating. To the CEO of Fresh from the farms, you are heading towards the right direction, keep up the good work and the sky will be your starting point

Longji Albert Lucy

May 17, 2019 11:59

fresh from the farm is indeed a good initiative and thanks to the CEO if all youth can reason to do things like that I guess we will all be in a better far I will say the are the best in terms of supplying Fresh Good's and I pray that God will continue to open ways.

Peta Miaphen

May 17, 2019 11:38

This initiative is great... I see you and the Agricultural sector in Nigeria reaching a greater height, keep it up and i believe soon we shall have "the most trusted farm product supplier in Africa". Thank you!


May 17, 2019 11:29

Fresh from the farm ,has and will always be my number one when its comes to fresh farm products.

There mode of business operation is very impressive and I thank the CEO for this good business initiative and as well encourage the world at large to give him the needed support because to start and sustain a business in Africa , Nigeria to be precise is not an easy job.

May 17, 2019 11:28

God bless you all for the comments and votes...
Thank you for sharing in our dreams of eradicating hunger and enriching farmers...with you by our side, its very possible
By God's grace we will win this race


May 17, 2019 11:16

Fresh from d farm is a very good initiative and have help me personally in getting agricultural resource for an affordable price..And I'm happy for such CEO with this idea..

Daniel Tabiyatiya

May 17, 2019 10:48

Fresh from the farm is a wonderful initiative, the goods are taking from the farm straight to your location while its still fresh.
The creators of this huge business venture brought succor to marketers and small scale buyers as you don\\\'t need to leave the comfort of your zone in order to get anything they want.

May 17, 2019 02:39

Agriculture is a great sector for investment in Africa..well done...keep it up and te sky is your starting point because hunger needs to be eradicated. keep feeding the nations and making farmers rich at the same time