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The purpose of AgriBot,Agriculture Robot is to help the farmers in hot countries like UAE for agricultural purposes. It is designed to minimize the labor of farmers in addition to increasing the speed and accuracy of the work. It performs the elementary functions involved in farming i.e. ploughing the field, sowing of seeds and covering the seeds with soil. The robot is autonomous and provides the facility for optional switching of the ploughing system when required.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Agriculture can provide nutritious food for all and generate decent incomes for farmers while protecting the environment. It is high time that we as global citizens need to rethink how we grow, share and consume our food. Climate change and farmers migrating to cities in search of better opportunities are the major causes for poor food security causing millions of children to suffer from malnutrition. If we need to nourish 815 million people who are hungry today, then there needs to be a profound change in our agriculture system. Farmers and agricultural systems should be supported to increase the productivity and sustainable food production systems are necessary to help alleviate the perils of hunger. I am currently working towards Sustainable Development Goal 2 Zero Hunger End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. I had invented a robot called Agribot, an agricultural robot used for ploughing the soil, sowing the seeds and covering the seeds with soil. Achievements: Agribot was presented at Innovator 2019 and Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture. It was highly appreciated by Minster of Education, UAE and Minister of Climate Change and Environment and Minister of State for Food Security.

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Sustainability and future plans

I am coordinating with different ministry and government entities to try and build the prototype in a bigger scale. I am looking out for financing for further developing the prototype.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Sainath Manikandan, 11 years old, studying in grade 7 in GEMS United Indian School. I assume various roles as an innovator, active environmentalist, outstanding student, passionate social campaigner, Abacus graduate, Brown belt in Karate, Junior Emergency Response Lead Member, Keyboard player and a budding artist. I spread awareness about the need to protect, conserve and preserve the earths resources and reduce, reuse and recycle wastes and Say No to plastics. I am a Drop It Youth Ambassador and an active member of Emirates Environmental Group, UAE. I have persuaded many students to rethink plastics as they are not our bodys best friend as it affects both marine species and our health.

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June 16, 2019 00:38


Please i need your daily votes

My idea, "FASHION AND DESIGNING", was nominated for the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition in the Best Ideas 2019 category. Please read my idea at consider supporting my idea with comments and votes!


Let's keep supporting one another

June 15, 2019 11:09

TODAY IS ANOTHER DAY to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 15, 2019 05:52

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Jay's hair

June 14, 2019 17:54

Hi Friend,
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Thank you, together we are stronger!

June 14, 2019 12:01

Hi dear,
its another beautiful day of voting, I believe sustained efforts and your creativity will pay off, on and off this platform. keep doing what you do and all the best

June 13, 2019 23:30

I am here again to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 13, 2019 23:30

I am here again to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 13, 2019 20:45


Well done and i wish you all the best in this competition and implementation of your idea. Let continue supporting each other through votes and comments. You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a vote and comment

June 11, 2019 07:54

I passed through your project and i voted for, you deserve much better congratulation for the amazing idea
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Lets supporting each other
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Ray, wish all the best

June 8, 2019 14:56


Vote 31 is my lucky number. Let's keep supporting each other. Your idea is an amazing one and I wish you the best of luck. Please comment on my idea as well


June 5, 2019 23:12


Great project, well done and i wish you all the best.You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a comment and vote

June 3, 2019 22:19

It's a beautiful day to vote, since it's a a new week, plus i will vote for your idea, kindly vote mine on your next activation. if you vote mine, kidly drrop a comment and ill make sure to vote you too. Thank you.

June 3, 2019 10:32

Hi, founder of Agribot.

You have a super idea. Your initiative is amazing. I voted for it (28).
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Together, we can conquer the world through our initiative!

May 29, 2019 08:41

hi sainath, i'm very happy to see u. i went through ur idea and it seems to have potential to help humanity.i'm wishing u luck and also voting for u. i would like if u also watch my ideas at
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May 29, 2019 07:40


Happy International Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Your project idea is amazing :)

We're so excited to have been nominated under the youth best ideas competition category. Kindly show your support by reading commenting and voting for us at

Thank you,
Natasha Sichula

May 20, 2019 18:28

Simply very kool and useful project.Agriculture is the key in all over the world so doing agriculture by using bots is a great thing as it helps the farmers and reduce the work on them and saves more time .Good idea im looking forward to see your project in one of the best.

Please go through my project also

give me your valuable suggestions and if you like my project then vote for it.Thank you

May 19, 2019 10:55

Making a framers life comfortable is a good thought and a great initiative. U could also collaborate with schools and universities to get expert advice to make ur project a success.

Your idea is good and it looks it would have a great impact on society. I would appreciate it if you could vote and comment on my idea as well

May 17, 2019 15:45

I love this project.simplifying agriculture and bringing bot into agriculture is great.i look forward to see this project executed.
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