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The use of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) in dairy cattle for the reduction of greenhouse gases from

Your title/position Technician in Agriculture, student of veterinary medicine UFSC
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Year the ngo or company was founded June 30, 2009
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Emissions of gases such as methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) have now intensified through the agricultural sector. The high concentration of these gases causes the greenhouse effect, that is, the destruction of the ozone layer in the stratosphere, generated by heating the earth's surface. In cattle, methane production comes from the digestive process of ruminants, in which the fermentation of the carbohydrates of the ingested vegetable mass is carried out by ruminal microbial beings, through an anaerobic process (without O2) to which the formation of the fatty acids occurs through the conversion of the cellulosic carbohydrates. Ruminants globally produce 80 to 103 million tonnes of methane per year, which accounts for 25% of the methane produced by mankind (HOWDEN and REYENGA, 1999). Oregano has a good antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity against microorganisms and pathogens (LOZANO, CYNTHIA, 2004, p.1). Thus, it is expected that ruminal modifier will be present due to its components, such as carvacrol and thymol, thus reducing the emission of such gases. The methods used for the measurement of CH4 in animals are closed chambers made of PVC tubes, which have been described in Lockyer (1997) and in the United States (1990). For animals raised in an extensive pasture system, Johnson and Johnson (1995) developed the technique using sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) as the internal tracer gas. This technique involves the placement of a permeation tube, which releases SF6 at a previously known rate, into the animal's rumen, and CH 4 and SF 6 samples are collected in the vicinity of the animal's mouth and nostril. The flow of CH4 released by the animal is calculated in relation to the flow of SF6 (WESTBERG et al., 1998). The objective of this project is to quantify from the use of oregano oil, the reduction rate of greenhouse gases.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Being in daily contact with scientific activities regarding livestock production and its observation regarding contributing factors for the greenhouse effect, together with the opportunity to work with highly specialized professionals within universities of great importance, provides a wide view on the aspects to be considered when we are talking about high milk production and its management in order to mitigate to the maximum environmental impacts that it enlarges. I emphasize that: the agricultural sector is, by me, considered a highly scientific field, which measures towards new forms of sustainable management + high production + animal welfare + GHG reduction ,, means to expand research and projects to obtain results of the enlargement and modernization of this sphere, which is undoubtedly of great economic importance in the world. Therefore, the incentive to research with certainty must remain a priority when it comes to the training of large professionals, both agricultural and agricultural, if in matters of complementing the knowledge acquired in educational institutions, so that these two variables will be able to be in a thin line between agriculture, agriculture and livestock, science and technology and, more valuable still, sustainability, improving the environmental, sociological and climatic aspects of the planet.

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Sustainability and future plans

The experiment consisted of the addition of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) in the diet of lactating Jersey cows. The research will be carried out with two groups of cows, containing 11 animals in each group. Two differentiated treatments will be carried out, in which, in the first moment, the bovine will already have a bundle with the equipment attached, and the daily diet will continue unchanged. After this period, the animals will go through a 12-day adaptation period, which will add oregano to the diet, at a concentration of 1% of the total daily consumption, noting if it will remain in homeostasis, verifying animal welfare. For the capture and measurement of gases in both treatments, it is necessary to use an apparatus made with PVC pipes, next to a pressure valve (canga), used since the beginning of the experimental process. This canga is subjected to a vacuum and inserted in the neck of the animal. A tube connected to the canga valve and animal halter is placed so that its end is located near the bovine nostril. Resulting from the pressure difference, the air returns from the nostril and mouth, and is sucked into the canga, this airflow is controlled by the capillary tube, thus causing the equipment to be replaced every 24 hours, calculating the volume of internal air, and (SFH) (Sulfur Hexafluoride). The results of this study are based on the results obtained in the literature. This procedure will be repeated for 10 days. It is expected that funding will not be provided through public institutions to contribute to the generation of articles, materials and scientific data for the publication and subsequent implementation of the system in the world's largest flocks to achieve the goal

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Leticia Godoi Rosa, I'm 19 years old, and currently I'm studying Veterinary Medicine at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC). From 2016 to 2018 I took the technical course in agriculture and livestock at IFC Rio do Sul. I had the opportunity to participate in the FETEC - Technical and Scientific Knowledge Fair, presenting the project here. She was a great success during the course, being considered one of the best students of the institution by teachers and teachers. I have a high degree of technical knowledge in the area of the bavinocultura and its environmental impacts regarding the greenhouse effect. In 2018, I completed a traineeship at the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC), working on two research projects that had the same guidelines for evaluating the emission of greenhouse gases by cattle. I have great dedication to the area of research aimed at improving the socio-environmental aspects of the planet allied to animal production, an area in which I have a passion for studying and acting. I have excellent background and recommendations from recognized professionals in Brazil. I have a diploma of outstanding student and better in intelctualidade in the Program of formation of Environmental Protectors, I seek to make use of individual and collective actions to improve the quality of life and the sustainability in the nations with the help of technology and the ethics with motivation, persistence and knowledge I believe that I can change the world and contribute directly to change.

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June 26, 2019 17:02

Hello! Vote #399
Dream it. Believe it. Build it.
Let's continue supporting each other with votes and comments! =)
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June 25, 2019 19:58

Hello! Vote #37

Dont stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done!

Lets continue supporting each other with votes and comments! =)

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June 25, 2019 16:36


I hope you are doing great my dear, you have such an amazing idea, you are the needed in this world that are trying to make a change in their country and most specifically the world at large never stop this amazing work and promote your idea be active on the campus so that many people learn about this brilliant idea. I wish you all the best in your future with this.

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June 24, 2019 09:22

Hello Leader,
I am here to give my full support and encouragement to this brilliant project of yours. Keep up the good work my friend. Never give up in your fight even if it seems hard.

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Thank you and best of luck to you and let's continue supporting each other.
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June 24, 2019 05:29

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My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.

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June 23, 2019 15:16

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My project is to facilitate reintegration of the vulnerable people into society, by encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation, through an Ecological Community.
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June 22, 2019 08:05

Good morning

Am back again. How are you finding time around the campus platform so far?

Lets keep supporting each other through teamwork. Have a great weekend..

MotherCare app
(Best Ideas Category)

June 21, 2019 16:25

Hello Leticia

Your project is good. However, i think you still need to improve on your traction (impact of your enterprise on sustainability development); for any ongoing project, as Entrepreneurs; traction is like our success story and shows our progress and also has a positive impact on investors to be and we your clients / customers. Providing statistical evidence will be a good edge against selection criteria. Best of luck

MotherCare app
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June 20, 2019 21:45


I'm here another day to give your great project my support. I really hope you can achieve your goals and your project to evolve.

Together we are stronger, friend!

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Thank You

June 19, 2019 15:34

Hi dear, I wanted to pass by and see the wonderful work you are up to. keep up the work. when you have time please stop by my idea and take a look. thank you.

June 18, 2019 16:29


I have read through your idea and find it interesting. I am glad you are tackling the SDG goals and providing employment to the youth in your community. i wish you all the best and invite you to review my idea as well on the link below;

Kind regards
MotherCare app
(Best ideas Category)

June 18, 2019 09:50

Oi Letícia!

Sou seu 32º voto.

Que interessante essa pesquisa com orégano. Acredito que ainda vamos encontrar todos os remédios na nossa mãe natureza!

Minha ideia é a Comunidade Ecológica PopulAção - ecovila sustentável para retirar e empoderar a população em situação de rua, através de educação cívica, financeira e empreendedora em agronegócio, gastronomia e artesanato.

Você também pode conferir no Instagram

Todas as iniciativas são importantes para um mundo melhor. Votei no seu projeto, espero contar também com o seu.

June 16, 2019 07:38

Hi, I apologize, I have not been active on campus for some days now but am back now and will vote every idea that has left a comment or message for me if you have not done so, please check it out and leave a comment quickly to get two votes today thank you

June 15, 2019 11:30

hello dear. Vote 31
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I voted for you and give you all my support
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June 14, 2019 20:24

don't forget to calculate in every step of your second
to me you a winner
and i love your PROJECT
YOUR a young champion to me

remember i start with a comment to your best PROJECT
come close to me also and see what i have ...
and don't forget to vote for me and leave your link too for me to vote back for you

it is better to try rather than fail to try
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keep it in mind


June 14, 2019 16:34

This project is one that addresses one the the 2 most problematic parts of climate change, the agriculture industry. I think that this experiment is a good way of coming to a solution to the problem. The fact of natural solution is also good because it can become a healthy alternative to an industry riddled with chemicals. The experiments will most certainly address few of the development goals. I would check as well how sustainable this oregano growth can be as well. best wishes
Jacob Little

June 14, 2019 11:39

Hi dear,
its another beautiful day of voting, I believe sustained efforts and your creativity will pay off, on and off this platform. keep doing what you do and all the best

June 14, 2019 00:24

I am here again to support on this amazing opinion lets make a change that will benefit the entire world . all the best

kindly let continue with the support


June 13, 2019 17:22


Well done and i wish you all the best in this competition and implementation of your project. Let continue supporting each other through votes and comments. You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a vote and comment

June 13, 2019 09:17

Good day to you. Am here again to support your idea. Together we can do it. Best wishes. To support me follow the link


Jay's hair

June 12, 2019 20:48

Your exploits leave no one indifferent.
So I join the world to say bravo, to congratulate you, and to inform you of the boundless admiration I have for your project .. But don't take too big a head either... Congratulations

June 12, 2019 06:42

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June 10, 2019 13:10


I have read through your idea. How do you plan to track trends in your market inorder to know your customer needs and apply those findings in your business?

With this information, i think you can always stay ahead of your competition and changing trends in the market.

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June 9, 2019 15:01

Vote 27: Lets keep supporting each other. I am inviting you to support my idea too through comments or votes

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June 9, 2019 13:34

Hi there, I have not seen your comments or votes on my idea today and i sincerely need your review please, i will appreciate it if you could take a quick look. thank you for your support.

June 6, 2019 20:19

It is very clear that we have polluted our environment all the way to the ozone layer. This has caused drastic climatic changes all over the world. To evade catastrophe linked to ozone layer depletion we need intervention. Congratulations for starting us off. Who would have thought of it your way! I can see that your organisation was launched in 2009. Have you been conducting other researches related to this? Good work. So after you get the results of your experiment, what will be the way forward for you? How will you ensure other farmers improve their dairy farming practices? My questions are just to help you ponder on your project a little bit. I wish you well.
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Crochet Hub Africa

June 5, 2019 18:37


Congratulation nice project, well done and i wish you all the best.You can read my idea too "Waste papers recycling to useful products' and support it with a comment and vote

June 4, 2019 21:49

HI, I just want to comment here and say you have an impressive project and i would wan you to succeed. Although i have exhausted my time today, i will come around tomorrow for a vote, feel free to drop a reminder on my comment section or better still vote mine.

June 3, 2019 20:47


Your project is amazing and it will impact your community and equally impact humanity. Well done!
I voted for your project and I am rooting all out for it.

Also, you can support my idea by voting and commenting on it here

Together, we can conquer the world through our initiative!

June 3, 2019 07:54

Your idea is great and I hope it has a great impact.

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Haleema zia from Pakistan

May 31, 2019 14:55

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May 28, 2019 18:22

Great! Very interesting how you plan to enable youth in solving various social and economic problems through critical thinking, keep up.
I wish you success on your project, hope you will accomplish that.
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Thank you and wish you the best of luck!

May 28, 2019 16:38

Your project idea is so amazing!
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Natasha Sichula

May 27, 2019 13:20

Congratulations on your project leader it proves how many times we steal a change in our communities
I wish you good luck and don't let go of the best is in front of you

May 26, 2019 16:17

Great idea! So innovative and simple! I believe your project will do amazing things!
I am a voter!
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May 26, 2019 16:16

Great idea! So innovative and simple! I believe your project will do amazing things!
I am a voter!
I love your project and its impact on society! vote and comment on my idea about fish farming!

May 24, 2019 18:40

Hi Rosa,

You have my vote! if not for anything but for the fact that you are just 19 years old and you are into agriculture; livestock farming to be precise. This is one area I love so much. Agriculture is one of the sectors that have been forgotten by our leaders and majority of the youths are now running after 'white scholar job' forgetting the unending importance of agriculture. Some countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, etc are really trying their best when it comes to agricultural education and their citizens are really making it big. My country (Nigeria) for instance has actually launched an agricultural empowering program where graduates who are still in the job hunt are employed, trained and send to the uneducated farmers to impact them on how to improve their agricultural produce, and this has been impactful. So Rosa, you can actually imitate or learn from their procedures. K

May 22, 2019 14:02

Weldone fellow entrepreneur,I can see your project is tackling environmental pollution.keep up with the work,we need more of this in the world.
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May 21, 2019 08:40

Good idea reducing green house may increase life span i like your idea i give my vote

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