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Reusable N95 Mask Business Plan

Published on August 1, 2020 um 11:01

Explain your idea in details:

The reusable N95 mask I design have revolutionized the traditional design of masks. It is composed of breathing valve and three-layer filtration systemwater-blocking layer made of fluorine-free hydrophobic material, nanoporous fiber membrane filtration layer and pure cotton skin-friendly moisture-absorption layer. This structure determines the stability of this mask: it can be repeatedly cleaned and used, disinfected by 84 disinfectant and other chemical reagents, and it can withstand high temperature without lowering its protective performance. I also design an additional layer: heating device of carbon nanofiber cloth, which can be heated and sterilized at a temperature of about 70 degree as long as the USB port on the mask is connected. When people do not have a set of cleaned masks, or need to use masks continuously, heating disinfection is a simple and efficient method. The mask is also printed with a two-dimensional code, which can be bound with the health code issued by the government. People can scan the QR code to grasp the information of masks and enter their own health information. During the epidemic, we can cooperate with the government to realize monitoring by scanning the QR code, which is convenient for the government to calculate data and adopt special prevention and control measures. This mask can meet the protection needs of most people in daily life and work. It will extend the use cycle of masks, alleviating the current global crisis of masks. I hope that while providing people with low price and high quality products, we can also embody our concept of environmental protection.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The industry of manufacturing our masks is to achieve two sustainable development goals: Goal 3: Good-health and Well-being, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructureand Goal 12: Responsible Production and Consumption. This project aligns with SDG 3. With the protection level of N95, our masks can effectively reduce the infection rate of coronavirus and other infectious diseases. Besides, the mask is printed with a unique QR code, which can be bound with the health code issued by the government. We have also set up a database, and will cooperate with WeChat, Alipay and other large enterprises to help the government and medical departments track the patients and monitor flow of people through big data retrieval. We will record the existing wearers information and the information that needs to be added for future use. Therefore, we can use our health information to help the government track patients and monitor the flow of them. Such a mask is innovative and has the potential to be manufactured at large scale. The filter membrane we use is a new type of material, and the purchase cost will be slightly higher than the traditional one, so when we set the overall pricing policy, we need to take into consideration of the market price of raw materials. We will set a reasonable price, which will be able to cope with the normal fluctuation of raw materials price in the market. Besides, since this mask can be repeatedly used and has a long use cycle, it is more energy-saving and reduce more waste compared to the traditional ones. We will always take the promotion of better masks as our faith, take going to the world as our goal, and lead the innovation of mask market.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We can't be completely independent at the beginning, so we need investment from the outside world. We will invest 20% in technology to introduce and apply more advanced technology. When we cooperate with the manufacturer, we will give the manufacturer a certain share to replace the capital. We will invite equity investors to invest in the company to inject more vitality into the company's development. In terms of production, we will put all the masks produced in the first stage in promotion channel, cooperating with video platforms like Tik-Tok and YouTube, and other platforms, such as Wechat, Alibaba, or Little Red Book in the way that we pay them to publicize our product in the form of article and video. With the advantages of our QR code, we will cooperate with the government, providing the government with mask technology at a profit rate of 8%. We will authorize state-owned enterprises to produce masks, and the government can issue masks to relevant public officials. In this way, we can establish the official image of our brand, let more people know our products and build a good reputation through cooperation with the government. After establishing a certain brand foundation, we will establish a long-term cooperation with the local manufacturers and afterwards manufacturers around the world to realize the internationalization of the brand. I applied for an patent in March, the result of which will be reported within half a year. After I have the patent right, I will authorize the manufacturer, and the company will continue to expand the research and development of products.

Your profile

I am Qingyang Li, a 19 year old boy from China. I've always been concerned about social issues. In December 2018, I formed an organization called the Ways standing for we are young", a public welfare organization. We cooperated with the Dianchi Christian Church in Kunming, distributing food to the nearby homeless people. In February 2019, I set up a "WeChat" official account to publicize the knowledge of AIDS. When the epidemic broke out, I saw that the number of patients was rising every day. The whole country was in panic, and worse still, the spread of the epidemic has accelerated the consumption of masks, and there has been a large shortage of the supply of masks. The whole world is in desperate need of masks, but N95 masks in many countries are in short supply. Even when we finally managed to get one, the hard-earned mask could only be discarded in four hours. Therefore, I decide to invent a reusable mask. I have studied the traditional N95 respirator and found that the reasons for the short service life of the respirator are as follows: 1. The material used has limitation; 2. The probability of the respirator contacting the virus and the requirements for hygiene are relatively high. From these two points, I began to look for proper materials and study how to make the mask reusable. Finally, after comparing a series of materials, I chose the current raw material, printed a unique two-dimensional code on the mask, and applied the carbon fiber cloth heating technology to achieve the purpose of disinfection. After a series of experiments, I finally made a reusable mask that can reach N95 protection level. I applied for an patent in March, the result of which will be reported within half a year.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Basic structure

Three-layer structure of mask

Carbon fiber heating cloth

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August 4, 2020 14:27


Congratulations on your idea! It has meaning and it can brainstorm solutions to work for a better world.
You have to know that in thinking of a better world, we have fantastic ideas.
But how do we present these ideas to society? We want to integrate into the entrepreneurial world.
From all this, we want to help, innovate, reform according to the objective of our ideas.
You have to know that we must take care to control our ideas, put them out well, know the consequences, take sustainability into account, to name just a few.
We can then ask ourselves "how am I going to do for a good implementation? For the management? Will the company be able to benefit from what you will do? How will you do for the sustainability of your business? do you to meet the three level of sustainability? What are your advantages? "
In short, know what you really want and improve the vision you have. This is my support for you!

Keep going and achieve your goals!

Best of lucks!

August 4, 2020 12:17

After reading about the idea you proposed, I would like to say that it is a wonderful and fantastic idea as it goes in line with the goals of the United Nation.

The Sdg's are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Please try to enrol for the Brain Versus Capital Course and also the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course in the campus so as to make your idea to be environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Please vote and comment for my idea too in the campus community "Promoting a healthy lifestyle" ( as it aims to achieve SDG 1, 2, 3 and 8

August 3, 2020 14:49

The corona virus is still on rampage and your Reusable N95 Mask is a nice way to prevent this.I am thankful for the researches and development of the product by your anticipated company which gives room for modifications of the mask. But i would like it if the mask is stable when one is speaking because the traditional masks are very uncomfortable due to the fact that we are always adjusting it when we speak and sometimes we are also forced to remove it due to the uncomfortability. So i assume that the structure is made to fit with stability on human face when speaking.
Also the thickness of masks causes sweats and rashes on sensitive skins and i hope that this mask also provides air space.Those are the major side side effects that i personally hope to be tackled through your mask.I would also like you to give an explanation on the connection of the USB and all the wiring.Because i am concerned about the skin effects and i feel like if the USB and the wiring could bring a lot of skin effects.
Notwithstanding your idea is very interesting because i am beginning to get tired of getting new masks day after day and i would also like to get a piece of the mask to experience how it feels on human body.I would like you to check out my idea so as to get innovative initiatives on how to run your anticipated company.I would also like to work with you through this journey,therefore i have sent a friend request to you to always get in touch with you always. and i hope my request will be accepted.
Don't worry cause your idea deserves my vote and that is what you have gotten.Be sure to express how you feel about my idea on the comment section.I am sure you are itching to get ideas on the effective and profitable running of your company,so the link to my idea is below for you:

August 2, 2020 21:03

Fantastic [email protected] N95 Mask Business Plan. Your idea provising user friendly mask is laudable. To assist in opening up your idea for futher refining, I suggest you consisder the folowing:
What are the tools you will need to execute your project
Whom are you collaborating with?
I think you will need to do a market survey to understand the challenges around masks

Also remember to take the campus online training if you have not already done so; as these trainings are to help campus members navigate through the entrepreneurship journey.

Note: Should you find this comment useful and may want to further refine your idea, understand that there is still a window to do that in the competition. You just need to open your page, click on improve, refine your idea as needed, safe, unpublished and republish again.

I hope this helps in refining your idea for a successful implementation

Best wishes in your implementation

Please consider supporting my idea Eduheal with your votes and comments @
Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

August 1, 2020 16:09

We really enjoyed reading about your idea! Even the fact that you took interest in a global issue and took the initiative to better the community around you is outstanding, and you should be proud.

With the pandemic hindering in-person collaboration, we wanted to share some resources that personally helped our team in working together remotely. ProfiConf grants you access to HD video conferences in a browser, while platforms like Campfire and TeamViewer allows for efficient online collaboration. Hopefully, this helps!

If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at our idea and vote for it/comment on it:

Keep up the great work!
Sarah, Miru, and Angela

August 1, 2020 15:23

Day 22
As a budding 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Contestant from Nigeria South South Nigeria Region I love my idea and project Electricity for Everyone because I seek out to ask many questions than answers, I am 100 percent focus and self discipline, critical thinker, networker, innovator while my major duty now is to help young people across mother Earth to start developing their inherent entrepreneurial skills and talents towards realizing our 17 sustainable development goals and join me now to ask many questions across our 2020 platform
Holger Johnson is just such a multi founder. In addition to Ebuero AG, he has established, co founded or functioned as a business angel actively engaged in the development of about 20 other companies. How does he do it? He concentrates on the entrepreneurial design, from which he formulates objectives and tasks and then supervises their execution. In this way he uses his head and his time in the area in which he excels. He knows full well that he must not permit too much complexity in his entrepreneurial design work. A high degree of complexity would increase susceptibility to error and require more decision making on his part; it would sap more of his energy and divert his attention from the areas where his best talents lie and from what he most enjoys. Campus members use this in your idea or project
I want all to reflect on it
Day 23
Successful companies originate in the mind. The better an entrepreneurial concept is and the more it is
analyzed and fine tuned, the more it will resemble a finished work of art and the more likely it is to be
I want all to reflect on it
Day 24
Dorothee is the daughter of a colleague of mine. She was an English major but did not want to become a
teacher. In her free time she creates vases, large ceramic pieces. She asked me whether she could not
make a little business out of this. I asked her a whole series of questions. Did she really enjoy doing it?
Did she enjoy it so much that she could imagine doing it over the long term? Are people willing to buy
these vases with their own money? And much more. Dorothee explained that she really did enjoy
working on her ceramics. That there are people who are buying her vases already and that she is earning
money with them, even when she calculates all her expenses and her own work time. And that if she
wanted to, she could ask for more money.
This did not sound bad. In fact, it sounded very convincing. Dorothee would probably be happier with her
vases than she would be working as a teacher in a job she disliked. My advice do it. Do not let yourself
be dissuaded bet on your artistic talent.
I ran into her again a few months later. Curious, I ask her about her business. I am not suited to be a
business person, she tells me. How so? I ask, amazed. Dorothee explains that she took a course in
starting a business, but I failed the balance sheet analysis.
Balance sheet analysis is something valuable. Nobody who wants to understand the financial situation of
a major company like Siemens can skip the balance sheet analysis. But what Dorothee needed is not a
balance sheet analysis. What she needs to know is whether her work is generating enough income.
Every street kid in Manila, every woman in Bangladesh who gets a microcredit from the Grameen Bank,
has the business smarts for this, without formal business administration concepts and techniques. A
formal requirement just frightens people off, especially creative, artistically inclined people. The start-up
consultant would have given better advice if he had simple told Dorothee to collect the receipts for her
expenses and her income and take them to a bookkeeper, or to pay a student to do her income tax
return. With Dorothee, a promising business founder was derailed because of an incompetent startup
I want all to reflect on it
Day 25
Getting rid of the fanciful ideas
And where was the campfire? Much too dangerous. The artistic performances? Could you do a somersault in your confirmation suit? Any fanciful ideas had been taken away from the children before they were even aware of it. The concept of the adventure restaurant was dead on arrival.
I want all to reflect on it
Day 26
An Example Making Toothbrushes Cheaper
Not far from Bonn is a factory that makes most of the toothbrushes sold in Germany. A number of well known brands have their toothbrushes made for them there. You, too, can have your toothbrushes manufactured there and sell them under your own name or under some other fancy name. Get together with your friends and acquaintances and start a Toothbrush Campaign. You know that toothbrushes should not be used too long otherwise they will damage your teeth, no matter how expensive or scientific their design. You yourself need at least ten toothbrushes a year. So your own circle of friends and acquaintances is sufficient for a small campaign. Why should your friends buy their toothbrushes from you? You can already figure it out. Not because you are attractive and likeable and can talk your friends into buying them from you, but because naturally your toothbrushes are much cheaper than the toothbrushes they are buying for themselves, even at the discount store. Materials and production cost almost nothing. Toothbrushes become expensive because of the advertising to develop the brand and sales.
I want all to reflect on it
Day 27
Once you have the concept, you go on to researching and identifying appropriate components. This, too, does not have to become a full time job. Do not be satisfied with the first supplier to come along, just because you are happy to have found a component. Inquire, research, investigate, compare. Finally, you are ready to coordinate the components. This, too, is a manageable task where concepts are simple and straightforward.
Under these conditions illustrated in the examples described above founding a company can actually be a kind of part-time job. Launching a company with a safety net, so to speak. Do not give up your day job, your old occupation, until your own idea concept proves to be sound and sustainable. Wait for your concept to prove itself. Do not put all your money on one card, but establish your business on a carefully considered and securely solid basis. It is not true that the fast devour the slow in every situation, but those who are well prepared and work with professional partners will succeed over those who are excitable, overworked and try to organize everything in house.
I want all to reflect on it
Today, I motivate you to make use of my comment and also share with others in the platform so as to learn and improve your idea and project for successful startups and SDGs realization. I share it freely with others ideas and projects so as to join all in achieving our 2020 target in our entrepreneur campus.
I urge everyone today to freely and blissfully cast their votes and comments to my idea and project Electricity for Everyone and this is a link to my idea thanks a lot
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