Best Ideas 2020 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Orient Polytechnic Innovation Strategies for Enhanced Higher Education Capacity.

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

Orient Polytechnic Innovation Strategies for Enhanced Higher Education Capacity are designed to take the lead to fill the gaps created by lack of Nigeria Higher Education Institutions' capacities to provide admissions to all the candidates that apply for admissions yearly using increased speed innovation of obtaining higher qualifications quickly by adopting competency-based education (CBE) where students' existing skills-sets and experiences are made part of the learning experiences they are exposed to help move the students through their programme at the pace that is more flexible and that works for them. Again, we will increase higher education capacity by being creative in adopting tuition payment method of a one tuition price model, being upfront about the cost of training delivery and offer discounts only to need-based students as this portends increase in high education demand and enrollments because potential students and their parents will find it easy to understand what the cost of education would be. The strategy targets the use of blended E-learning( a combination of traditional face-to-face classroom teaching and ICT technology) to deliver learning experiences to learners in order to be efficient and effective in equipping individuals that will stand out and fit into modern day workforce and become business owners. It is our convinction that implementing these strategies will increase high access to higher education trainings, students success as well as affordability with expected outcomes of qualified individuals to improve society, fulfill national goals and become entrepreneurs having acquired global 21st century skills-sets (critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy etc) to help achieve poverty reduction among the local citizens where we operate our business.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The impacts my business idea based on two sustainable development goals are empowerment of individuals to become competency- based skill professionals to meet labour market and economy needs, make access to higher education training attractive by using up-to-minute modern technologies to impart individuals with skills to enjoy benefits from improved earnings, employment chances, mobility, capacity for lifelong learning, excellent measures of working conditions and job satisfaction. My business will also make positive impact on employers as they would benefits from returns from productive performance of their workers that would pass through our work-based training programme, save costs of recruiting external skilled-workers for them, save outage costs for them when skilled-workers are in short supply and bring about performance differences between company trained and external skilled-workers including enjoying supply benefit and consequently improve their corporate images outside, all gearing towards achieving poverty reduction in the society. With our flexible trainings that are responsive to market demands while maintaining high quality standard, we will turn out experts and professionals that will meet global standard workforce and individuals that would become entrepreneurs that would contribute in reducing poverty in their immediate environments and in extension the entire Nigeria.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Orient Polytechnic Innovation Strategies for Enhanced Access to Higher Education will be implemented under the supervision of a 3 man-team headed by the project coordinator. The Strategies will offer capacity for alternative route to higher education to applicants by targeting increase of students enrolment into the institutions courses through the following: Admit 3000 students into its courses via sketching out a lean canvas and run it past advisers, putting together a pitch deck and meeting with at least 30 potential students per week until at least 10 buy our admission forms; launch MVS (Minimum Viable Service) by the end of 2021 through conducting 4000 screening interviews with students that applied for admissions by August 15th, designing a mock-up and select 3000 qualified students, running two-week induction programmes for fresh students and starting classes with practical to round off First Semester by Dec. 31st and removing the barriers of cost and affordability for our trainings to attract prospective students. We tend to achieve retention, persistence to graduation, and overall student success through reducing the levels of unmet need for enrolled students. The Strategies will inculcate appropriate skills and retool mismatch skills using cost-effective modern technologies, provide necessary link between education, science, technology, innovation and the labour market and develop experts that improve the society, fulfills national goals and entrepreneurs thereby reducing poverty in the society. Our business model will be sustainable with revenue from sales of admission forms, tuition charges and other IGRs. We will generate income through leasing out our Conference Hall facilities. Our magazine and social media E-commerce pages will be subscribed. We will main sustainability and growth by advertising our services using prints and electronic media, referrals, billboards etc. We are currently collaborating with Federal College of Land Resources Technology Owerri in Imo State Nigeria.

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Your profile

I am Charles Okechukwu, aged 46, a creative writer and an education entrepreneur with interest acquainting with successful entrepreneurs. I am motivated to impact positive indelible experiences in students and individuals for life roles that will aid them to succeed in their chosen careers. I hold Bachelors of Arts in History, PGD in Education and have rounded off my M.Sc in International Affairs and Diplomacy. I have acquired trainings in education administration. Through our platform, we provide easy alternative access to higher education trainings to applicants, inculcate practical competency skill-sets in individuals and retool mismatch skills for labour market and economy needs towards achieving poverty reduction in the society. In 2010 I won an award in creative writing conducted by Centre for Human Development (CHD) Ibadan, Nigeria, powered by Ford Foundation on a topic titled: Nigerian Women: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,2009 edition. From 2009 to 2014, I coordinated the outreach HND and ND programmes of Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo- Ohaji, Imo State in Oyigbo Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria. Also, I coordinate the outreach NCE programmes of The College of Education Nsukka in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria since 2015 to date. I currently provide training programmes and coaching to secondary school leavers, persons seeking for career paths, university graduates seeking to retool their mismatch-skills to gain employable skills in ICT, Cosmotology, Barbing, manufacturing, Book-keeping, Business practice etc. We are partnering with Federal College of Land Resources Technology Owerri to put out expertise to work in training and graduating their students in their outreach campus in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. Our target is to create value by offering accessibility, innovation, customer-centered services and easy to acquire practical-competency skills to students and individuals for labour market and economy needs.

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Uwakwe Francis c

September 19, 2020 09:28

I support Charles Okechukwu in his innovative entrepreneurship pursuit in Education. He is hardworking and diligent in his duties. Please get him voted

September 16, 2020 22:31

My dear [email protected], your idea is awesome. To add to your solution, I am sharing with you a simple business plan to help you further refine your project for a successful implementation. Please not that this plan is not quite different from the requirements of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

PROBLEM: What problem will your business solve
PROMOTION: How will your target customers learn about your business
SOLUTION: What will your business provide to solve that problem
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: What will your business do better than the competitors
BUSINESS MODEL: How will your business make money
FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: How much money do you need to start? How much will you earn every month And how much will you spend every month
TARGET CUSTOMERS: What type of people will purchase your products or services
FUNDING REQUIRED: How much money do you need to start the business

I honestly suggest that before you submit your idea or project, please ask yourself these questions and even if you have submitted your idea, do remember that we still have opportunity to refine our ideas and resubmit. I hope that you find this beneficial to your idea.

Also, please do create time and take the campus online trainings as the trainings are there to help campus members understand what it is to be an entrepreneur.

I hope you will derive some benefits from this.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments @

Best of luck in your implementation.

September 15, 2020 22:14

Dear @Charles. Your idea intending to solve the admissions into higher institution issues in Nigeria is an innovative one. I congratualate you for the amazing idea. To add to your solution I suggest you consider the following.While reading articles in the platform, I discovered so many of us are yet to explore the platform as expected. So, as I read a recent post, I found out that it is quite informative and timely; not only for the competition but in our life endeavors as entrepreneurs so I decided to share it with you my friends. Happy Reading and application.

How to Promote Your Entry and Get More Votes

Almost a month has passed form the launch of the voting process for the 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. Many of us already know that it takes some effort to get people support all the time. The voting process will help us understand why marketing is an integral component of the entrepreneurial design. Your idea or project might be great and highly beneficial to many people, but you need to get them to notice your service or product.
Getting started as a young entrepreneur is an exciting and challenging endeavor. Even if young people lack experience and knowledge, they have readiness and motivation to push through obstacles. On the other hand, it can be such an exciting opportunity for adults who did not have the opportunity to get involved with entrepreneurship in their younger years.

You have got to be crazy if you want to be an entrepreneur: you will have to work 12 to 14 hours a day, there will be no vacations in the near future, and you will have little or no private life anymore. Guenter Faltin says on his book Brains versus Capital.
When talking about successful startups and good entrepreneurial ideas, innovation can be applied both in emerging and existing industries. In other words, everywhere where there is an opportunity for growth and development.
At the initial stage, the young entrepreneur starts to feel like a Jack of all trades by switching into different roles from bookkeeping to marketing. You will notice how useful this experience is going to be when you make the first sales of your product or service.

Back to the competition. When you start promoting your idea or project for votes make sure to:
Explain how it is or will benefit your community or a specific category
Highlight what frustrating problems you are trying to solve and how you are doing it
Use emotions to make the audience notice, share, and vote for you
No matter what medium you are using, create a human voice for your product and service
Talk about the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship and how it could make the world a better place
Even though not everyone has equal access to an internet connection, there are traditional mediums that are still on trend. Print, daily papers, magazines, radio shows, podcasts, television, direct mail, telephone, and SMS are a good option if they have an audience and are cost effective.
Word of mouth marketing. It works for big brands, it will work for you too.

When promoting an idea or project, or everything, people reach out to relatives, friends, people at the school or university, local clubs, organizations. Social media will help you get more audience. Start by identifying the most popular social media sites in your region.
According to the Global Digital Report 2020 the number of
Internet users worldwide in 2020 is 4.5 billion
Social media users in 2020 are 3.8 billion
Mobile phone users in 2020 are 5.19 billion

The same survey confirms that the most popular social media around the world based on the number of users are: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Tik Tok, QZone, Sina Weibo, Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Kuaishou.
Next step. Identify what is the best type of content for each of these channels. Most people use social media for fun and relaxing. They chat with friends, look for photos, videos, and interesting content.
You can create a voice with videos and images
Cross-post across channels,
Use your hashtags
Appeal to influencers by quoting them on your promotions
Organize contests and giveaways
Share content from your friends
Ask for input
Share helpful information
Do not over post
Schedule social media posts in advance

You need to publish your idea or project to make it eligible for the public vote. You can find it published at: Youth Competition 2020, Vote for best ideas 2020, Vote for best projects 2020; Adult Competition 2020 Vote for best ideas 2020, Vote for best projects 2020
Please I am encouraging you friend to also read the articles. It is not all about the competition but the knowledge shared and acquired from this campus is awesome. Please do not miss out.

Finally, consider enrolling in the campus online training. This will help you improve on your entrepreneurial skills and derive the necessary motivation to keep forging ahead in the entrepreneurial journey even in the face of difficulties
Also, I have discovered that some of us do not understand that we have 15 minutes from July 6th to vote for our ideas or projects and vote for others as well if necessary.

But at least we can vote for ourselves every day because in the campus competition, number of votes and comments gotten is one of the requirements for being a finalist and actually winning apart from the quality of a member concept. Please try to be an active participant while in the campus.

I hope this helps as we are currently voting and commenting

Please I have commented on your project and will vote if I have not done that; should you come online soon, do consider supporting my idea Eduheal with your vote and comment @

Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

Best wishes on your implementation

September 15, 2020 07:52

My idea, "Orient Polytechnic Innovation Strategies for Enhanced Higher Education Capacity", is my idea to provide alternative access to higher education training.