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Our Farm

Stage of Idea conceptual stage

Explain your idea in details:

Having the advantage of good land and plenty of water I do not see why not practice Agriculture to its fullest potential using irrigation with goals of producing more yields and product and conserving the environment. Our farm will aim at producing food crops to attain food security, preservation of soil fertility(by practising mixed farming,crop rotation and other agricultural activities that conserves and improves soil fertility) and conserving the environment, providing employment and access to locally affordable produce, processing other produce(crops and animal products) to minimize wastage. And its vision is a tomorrow with no cases of starvation and malnutrition in children providing for our home country and export other Agricultural produce to area in need. As the world population keeps growing. Our farm will also act as a back up for local farmers who mostly depend on rainfall(rain fed) and other people who farms for food once ayear ,when the rain fails . While practicing crop production and animal production(mixed farming) , our farm will be able to use the manure from the animals using it in crops and use the remains of other crops as animal food. And making green fertilizer out of the waste and animals manure. Our farm! For you, for me and for all.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

This idea will have impact on several aspects of sustainable development. Zero hunger, end poverty and has a potential for having great impact on other sustainable goals. It will create jobs, provide food and more. More than 50% population of Malawi is below poverty line and the very first thing these people try to find is food.our farm will be able to provide food crops at a cost that a poor person can afford.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

To implement this will need the community involvement. It will need a big deal of capital and funding to put it at working stage to purchase land,buy irrigation equipments for irrigation scheme, to buld farm facilities eg poultry houses, cattles and goats houses etc,seedlings and more other resources needed. However once established it will give back the income invested and will continue to provide for itself. It will also need Agriculture expertise to collaboratively work together with the same goals. Our farm will be a supplier of agri commodities from fresh to processed. It will be supplying to local business people, manufacturing companies, Hotels plus exporting agri commodities. Our farm will also be direct selling other commodities.

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Your profile

I am 21 year old malawian lady living in mangochi, malawi. Growing on that family were my parents did there very best to send me to school even though they never did they gave me a starting point and taught me I can make it even if they did not. As a girl living in this village in mangochi, I have seen alot girls of my age and younger getting pregnant and drooping out of school. However I with my parents, my passion for a change and above all my faith in God i managed to overcome all the challenges and continuing with my education. I am holder of malawi school certificate of education My motivation in life are the struggles that I have faced and have seen my parents facing because of poverty and ofcource not out of it yet. I started dreaming of something big, big enough to pull me out, my family and other people in the same situation. Since I have been hungry before and in poverty I do not wish or want anyone else to be in it. So I made it my life mission to work hard and become someone who will be helping other people, its because I can't stand to see people in extreme poverty. As that's my life mission I do my best to be active and searching for opportunity. I have worked as a voluntary youth advocate for girl child education, family planning and sexual reproductive health. Before that I was member of a local organization and now I am doing certificate in clinical medicine . I am still striving to work for social change.

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September 18, 2020 00:03

I think you are doing well! Congratulations on your idea.
Young today, we are all called to contribute with our ideas, our projects, for the advancement of this world. Each of our ideas can bring change for our society. This shows the need to plan and structure our project ideas well. We must take care to think well and define our goals. Why do we have this idea? How will we do to keep it running? What impact will our business have on society? We must therefore put the emphasis on the structuring of our project ideas since, in addition to the presentation and realization of our project ideas, we must think about its sustainability and its contribution to sustainable development.
This is my support for you!!! Keep going with your idea Our Farm.

September 14, 2020 00:32

Hello, I had a great time reading your proposal for your farm. I think it's a great idea, but needs more development. You could star small with a clean energy generator to purify water, or come up with a greenhouse plan in order to increase the success of your farm. Here is a website with information about clean energy that you might find helpful:

I wish you the best in the competition and in your future!

If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you could comment on our project entry at

Thank you so much,
Angela, Sarah, and Miru

Boniface karanja

September 13, 2020 20:55

I wish to resonate with your brilliant idea/project.
Have you thought of* 'OUR SUSTAINABLE FARMS WEB'* A component initiated to help the people in need and build your organization positively image,starting by donating campaigns to environmental conservation education by engaging and giving youths a foundation of nature acceptance and dedication? Please reply on my page so we can evaluate your brilliant idea further.
Again it will also resonate with your audience, value proposition calling visitors to action ready and willingly to change adopt to OUR SUSTAINABLE FARM!
[email protected]/ideas/26/18538
Let's support each other/team to make the difference!

September 10, 2020 23:17

My dear [email protected], I am happy for the journey so far for all of us. It is September and perhaps we are in the middle of this great campus. In view of this, I am using this medium to thank you for supporting my idea with your comments and votes. I want you to understand that your support is very important to me and the people my idea seek to serve. Once again, to add to all my other comments on your idea, I am sharing with you further tips on traits of being a successful entrepreneur and how to acquire them.

If you are pursuing a dream for becoming a young successful entrepreneur you should know that there is no given recipe for becoming like one of the famous persons that inspire and motivate you all the time. However, there are some characteristics, which successful people share, that can be considered as the main ingredients or the salt and pepper of champion entrepreneurs.
History has shown that some people were at the right time at the right moment, while entrepreneurs have confirmed something else. No matter what the moment was, the ones who took risks succeeded.

According to successful people have the following traits:
Determined, Not afraid to take risks, Confident, Constant learners, Know how to deal with failure, Passionate about their businesses, Highly adaptable, Understand money management, Networking experts, Great at selling and promoting

Meanwhile, shares a list that includes these traits:
Passion and motivation, Risk taking, Self-belief, hard work and discipled dedication, Adaptability and flexibility, Money management, Business and market understanding, Planning, Networking abilities, They include failure in their plans and They kind of doubt themselves

I hope you will derive some benefits from this.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments @

Best of luck in your implementation.

September 9, 2020 20:55

My [email protected] Lekeleni, Happy Month of September you. Two months into voting and commenting stage in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship competition, I really appreciate every one of us for how far we have come in this competition and still going. Once more, in addition to my previous comments on your idea, I am again sharing an article from the campus competition on the need to focus on support each other ideas and projects with comments.

Comments are an important part of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition. One single comment is the first step for getting involved with the Entrepreneurship Campus community.

They help the campus community to be more dynamic and interactive. They create bonds between the campus members and they can also be the ground for dialogue and even long lasting friendships. In our daily life, we all enjoy comments that other people leave on our posts, either in social media posts or in blog posts. A comment, even a smiley face has the power to makes us feel good.

But, in the case of the campus competition, besides the fact that comments make us feel good and confident, comments are really helpful, because they can also provide free advice to our ideas and projects.

Also as highlighted by a recent article in the blog section of the campus competition on the importance of comments, two out of the five points of the Personal Activity Indicator are the following
1. The entrant personal engagement among the Entrepreneurship Campus community by commenting and giving advice to other entries.
2. The number of meaningful comments the entrant idea and project has received from the online Entrepreneurship Campus community.

Therefore, we must think about comments as a tool that can bring value to the person that reads it. It is true that this is a competition, but our ideas and projects will continue their development even when this edition of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition will end.

As a campus member, each of us would like to read meaningful suggestions and opinions about our specific entry. Hence, we on our part must post honest, unbiased, helpful, and unique comments on others projects and ideas. How

After reading someone else idea or project, you can express your opinion about the entry, congratulate the user for his or her initiative and efforts, or suggest something that would help the further development of the entry. Every single comment we post must be unique just like each of the ideas and projects is.

I hope this benefits our activities in the campus. In view of the above, I am requesting you to please consider voting and commenting on my idea Eduheal should you come online soon @

Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

September 8, 2020 23:35

Greetings! Again best of luck to everyone!and here share encouraging words with all campus entrepreneurs intending to grow, it is important for us to sportively accept failures as different possibilities.As great entrepreneurs we have to do this and tell others they need not worry about failures.In fact the best of entrepreneurs do follow their ideas/projects at the cost of repeated failures,because every missed steps will get us closer to success.we must be willing to take certain risks,so that we learn from our mistakes and become capable enough to answer questions correctly to make investors feel comfortable with our dedicated ideas/projects.This shows us why if someone approaches us as entrepreneurs in future with an idea's project,we wun't immediately reject it as ineffective but work together in an innovative way by permitting him/her to think around the idea and determine if it really makes sense and if something goes wrong we wunt discourage that person,instead we will be grateful for learning something new,gain experience and learn from such meetings like this that linked us all here(!)Thanks be to them again,for this campus has encouraged us all to take more risks by analyzing every aspect of that risk.You all are welcomed to view sustainable Mobile tap bartending cart,link

Your can support by a vote!feedback! And share too!I believe together we can h-e-l-p change the world from a common goal of sustainability from a common ground.

September 5, 2020 15:21

Successful people are critical and try to do much more than others do.

Your idea is great and very practical, but unfortunately I 'm unable to vote for you right now but be sure to have my vote when Next.

I'm very happy to be with you in this competition.

Best wishes,
Umar Imam.

September 4, 2020 13:46

It is important to have a clear sense of mission. Think about who will it benefit, what difference will it make, and how are you going to go about it? It helps to determine the level of social impact in the short and long term and how it will be measured and evaluated. This will also help in reaching the right audience and identifying your marketing and networking strategies.


September 3, 2020 19:46

Thank you Blossom Odor for your positive comment aswel, I will see if I can be able to take the online trainings , I wish to its just that internet access here seems to a bit of a challenge. But I will do my best.
And your suggestion is a good one, though I have included that other foods and products will be processed for keeping and minimize wastage, I think I overlooked at ground level the wastage by the consumers . Thanks. I will see to it that the idea should cover that aspect aswel.

I will check your idea too, and if you think my idea is a good one and that it will help people consider voting.



September 3, 2020 19:23

Thank you Comfort Odor for your comment and support and giving me some other things I need to think of. Without that I wouldnt know where I need to add more information. Know that your welcome for further suggestion and comment.
Thank you

September 3, 2020 17:11

Dear [email protected] farm, your idea ensuring that zero hunger and achieve is commendable. With high rate of hunger in the world today, your idea ensuring that the is food all seasons will help curb the challenges of hunger and food shortage. Weldone and congratulations on this idea. also because statistics shows that food wastage is a major factor causing hunger across globe, I suggest that you may also wish to includes trainings and workshops in your activities and raising awareness on food wastages can be a topic to sensitize people about.

Remember to take the online trainings. Also, should you come online soon, I will be grateful if you support my idea with your votes and comments @

Best wishes in your implementation

Umar Imam

September 3, 2020 12:02

Coming up with ideas to help the world is such a noble thing to do, thank you so much for your efforts, keep it up!
all the love from Nigeria.
Your idea is great and very practical, I am very happy to be with you in this competition. Check my ideas out:

September 2, 2020 18:25

[email protected] Farm. Your idea is innovative. Every other thing may fail but the stomach must eat to survive and your idea seek to proffer solution to this problem. Congratulations and keep it up. However, in addition to your solution, I suggest you consider the business plan below to help you refine your idea.

Please not that this plan is not quite different from the requirements of the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition.

PROBLEM: What problem will your business solve
PROMOTION: How will your target customers learn about your business
SOLUTION: What will your business provide to solve that problem
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: What will your business do better than the competitors
BUSINESS MODEL: How will your business make money
FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: How much money do you need to start? How much will you earn every month And how much will you spend every month
TARGET CUSTOMERS: What type of people will purchase your products or services
FUNDING REQUIRED: How much money do you need to start the business

I honestly suggest that before you submit your idea or project, please ask yourself these questions and even if you have submitted your idea, do remember that we still have opportunity to refine our ideas and resubmit. I hope that you find this beneficial to your idea.

Also, please do create time and take the campus online trainings as the trainings are there to help campus members understand what it is to be an entrepreneur.

I hope you will derive some benefits from this.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments @

Best of luck in your implementation.