Best Ideas 2020 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

Cow Revolving Fund (CRF) to Empower Cow Farmers

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

The objective for this program is simple, to maintain productivity for cow farmers in the short-term also to pursue stability within their financial aspects in the long-term. To achieve the objectives, we have made some rules to make sure everything goes in the right direction. We want them to build a group of farmers whom trust each other, and give them some amount of money to buy cows for themselves. But we don't give the whole money so they can buy 1 cow each, instead, we spare the money. Lets say if we have $5000 for 5 members in a group, we will only give them $3000 so they can buy 3 cows - for 3 members only. The group decides on who will get the first 3 cows. The other 2 shall wait and see the progress of these cows, thus we can have our own monitoring system. Make sure none is doing anything wrong. Then after some time (approx. 3-6 months), these 3 cows can be harvested (either for the meat or milk) and the selling money will be split with the second party (our NGO). The farmers will decide how much the split percentages will be (usually around 60:40, or even 70:30). Lets say for an example, we bought the cows for $3000 and sold it for $4500. These money will be split. We divide the $3000 to buy another 3 cows, and the profit of $1500 will be split (either $900 for the farmers : $600 for the NGO, or $1050 for the farmers : $450 for the NGO). The money for the NGO goes for operational costs (transportation mainly). The farmers can look for another 3 cows and they will decide who to take care of them. The same process continues.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

With this simple system, we hope that we can develop productivity for these farmers especially during this difficult period since covid-19 pandemic. They need their economies to run, and this is one way to boost that. We will start with a group of 5 members, and hopefully as it grows; we will get another 2 groups by the early of 2021. If each farmers can get stable income from these cows, their survivality rates will be increased. 1 cow will get at least $500 profits/3 months, or at least $150 per month. Plus, if they're buying a milking cow, they will have another potential profits from the milk itself. And this is only from 1 cow. If each members manage to take care of 2 cows, then the profits can be twice bigger.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

We hope for donors to give contributions for the financial sources, since we are a not-for-profit NGO. We already started this business with 4 cows around Boyolali, Central Java province of Indonesia. We will develop from that particular place, and so far, all the money went from individual donors. We haven't harvested the cows yet, but we already begun the monitoring from our own NGO members. We haven't collaborated with other partners yet outside from individual donors, but we are certainly looking for that. For now, there are only 4 people who are working on this NGO, and we shall continue. Our aim is to look for the legality and to search for international potential donors or partners. The business model however, is based on the profit-share mechanism. No interest rates or any collaterals are needed.

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Your profile

My name is Ali, I am 25 years old. Currently establishing an NGO under the name of Lumbung Semar, not officially registered yet (due to the pandemic issue). I am also a masters degree student of economics in a public University around Central Java province, Indonesia. I come from a middle income family, as we embrace everything that we have. I am the eldest son and have 2 younger siblings. My dad is unemployed, while mom works part time selling foods. I currently work to develop the NGO and to become a lecturer/researcher soon. I never have any recognition or awards before, but I will try my best to get one or some, one day. My motivation to do such thing is simple. I want to give better life for others. I want to develop great things for the unfortunate ones. They deserve a better life, as we all do. I have been working as a volunteer for social programs at least for the past 3 years, with my own team mates within this NGO and my lecturers. We were not paid for everything we have done for the past 3 years, but now we are willing to make it sustainable as we establish this NGO. So that we can have our own stability, others' stabilities, and to recruit more people to decrease the unemployed with our programs. Wish us luck.

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September 21, 2020 23:15

Your idea is great!

If someone in a leadership position sees their role as "just a job", it turns out. To be an effective leader, you need the right motivation. Is it money or the status you care about, or do you sincerely want to inspire people to do their best?

September 21, 2020 09:18

Very interesting idea if I had more knowledge on the subject I could comment further. I think what you are selling is a community based rearing business start up if I'm not mistaken, with each cluster holding every farmer involved accountable and learning from each other. Good idea.

September 19, 2020 17:29

All campus members 2020 and especially you my co budding entrepreneur
Today I want to tell you that I have take a careful and much time to go through your idea, and I realize that it is going to create a positive impact around your community and our world at large.

But, I want to ask you two vital questions
1. Have you undergo the on line training?
2. Have you read the sustainable book Brains versus Capital?
Now, I want to educate you, and I want you to share to others entries as well

DAY 75
CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW THAT IF YOU Recombine what already exists, is it the sixth assignment and already part of the book brains versus capital course, which can helps us to give the vital talents and build our mindsets to recognize and develop our ideas and project.

Day 76

You could describe Nels entrepreneur idea as follows, imagine a cup. Turn the cup upside down, make the cup bigger and bigger in your minds eye. Now imagine holes in this cup. Now lets call the cup a house. Campus members, do you know you, can find this quotes in Brains versus Capital. CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW you can find this quote in Brains versus Capital?

Day 77

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW, the artist as architect and entrepreneur, write an idea, outstanding simple and demonstrably practical. Everyone can be his own builder, potter and artist.

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW if this quote is found where?

Day 78

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW if the answer is below this quote?

What is the artist ThijsNel use as a model for anew sturdier house?

The name is cup.

Day 79

How can you create something new without any experience?

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW the answer is by combining well known products in new images.

Day 80

Who invented the modern conveyor belt industrial production system?

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW it was Henry Ford. Do you all know?

Day 81

CAMPUS MEMBERS DO YOU KNOW, Turning work into fun and entertainment is the seventh assignment and is part of brains versus capital course that help in inspiring us to gain the vital talents and build our mindsets to recognize and develop our ideas and projec

September 18, 2020 14:31

Thank you very much for applying for the YCEC 2020. Your entrepreneurial efforts are admirable! Your ideas are awesome and I/m here to tell you that you have my support till the last day of the competition, and as a sign of my support I have voted.

September 17, 2020 23:56

I think you are doing well! Congratulations on your idea.
Young today, we are all called to contribute with our ideas, our projects, for the advancement of this world. Each of our ideas can bring change for our society. This shows the need to plan and structure our project ideas well. We must take care to think well and define our goals. Why do we have this idea? How will we do to keep it running? What impact will our business have on society? We must therefore put the emphasis on the structuring of our project ideas since, in addition to the presentation and realization of our project ideas, we must think about its sustainability and its contribution to sustainable development.
This is my support for you!!! Keep going with your idea @ Ali.

September 16, 2020 22:23

Dera [email protected], your idea assiting cow farmers productivity and financial stability is amazing. Through this venture, cow farmers can rear as many cows as possible within a year. Weldone on this your idea and wish you have a successful implementation of it. I suggest you take the campus online training as this will assist you in acquisition of valuable skills to guide you in the right direction in your entrepreneurship journey. also should you come online soon, please do consider supporting me with your votes and comments @

Thank you for your support and best wishes on your implementation phase