Best Ideas 2020 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.

CD - Cash Delivery!

Stage of Idea start-up stage

Explain your idea in details:

A new Cash Delivery system. Limited cash withdrawal project by making a deal with a ride hailing company like Uber, Careem, etc. for sending cash to customers. The ride hailing company will act as a Movable Teller. Serving our clients for delivering cash to their side.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Disputes Avoidance: - less cash withdrawal reversal in case the ATM service went down during the required transaction. Card-Less/ATM-Less Service: - If the ATM machine system down or out of service.. then there's a new possible way to withdraw. Better Security: - Every withdrawal transaction with a different (One Time Password) token code.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

- Key resources: Mobile app developers. - Collaborators: IT Institutions. - Financing source: Investors. - Revenue streams: Bank account.

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Your profile

My name is Ahmed Aladdin (Ahmed AL Qassem), age 38. I'm a business innovator in the field of digital banking & fintech. Awards: Owner of a certain project under the card-less transactions.

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October 23, 2020 23:01

I have seen your idea and I like it. What a magnificent and meritorious idea conceptualized by you. All I have to say to you is these quotes I have used to support you.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.

Henry Ford, founder Ford Motor Company

I have learned that mistakes can often be as good a teacher as success.

Jack Welch, chairman and CEO General Electric

Show me a person who never made a mistake, and I will show you a person who never did anything.

William Rosenberg, founder

October 23, 2020 18:53

My dear Campus [email protected], I am very much grateful for your immense support while we are together in this campus. I appreciate your votes and comments on my idea and will never take this for granted. More so, while we have few days to vote, comment on our ideas in preparation for implementation phase of our ideas, I am sharing with you as indicated in one of the articles on this campus, some of the things that can likely put an end to our startups. The essence is for us to guide against them as possible as we can if we want to change the world through our businesses.
Often times we only consider the factors that lead to the success of a startup; however, these are the common factors that we may often overlook that lead to the failure of startups:

1. Being inflexible and not actively seeking or using customer feedback
Ignoring your users is a tried and true way to fail. This was the number one reason given for failure amongst 32 startup failure post-mortems being analyzed. Tunnel vision and not gathering user feedback are fatal flaws for most startups. For instance, ecrowds, a web content management system company, said that: We spent way too much time building it for ourselves and not getting feedback from prospects.

2. Building a solution looking for a problem.
Choosing to tackle problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market need has often been cited as a reason for failure.

3. Not the right team
A diverse team with different skill sets has also been cited as being critical to the success of a startup company. Team deficiencies have been given as a reason for startup failure almost one quarter of the time.

4. Poor Marketing
Knowing your target audience and knowing how to get their attention and convert them to leads and ultimately customers is one of the most important skills of a successful business. Yet, in almost 30 percent of failures, ineffective marketing was a primary cause of failure. Oftentimes, the inability to market was a function of founders who liked to code or build product but who did not relish the idea of promoting the product. The folks at Devver highlighted the need to find someone who enjoys creating and finding distribution channels and developing business relationship for the company as a key need that startups should ensure they fill.

. Ran out of cash
Money and time are finite and need to be allocated judiciously. The question of how should you spend your money was a frequent conundrum and reason for failure cited by failed startups. The decision on whether to spend significantly upfront to get the product off the group or develop gradually over time is a tough act to balance. The team at YouCastr cited money problems as the reason for failure but went on to highlight other reasons for shutting down versus trying to raise more money writing:
The single biggest reason we are closing down (a common one) is running out of cash. Despite putting the company in an EXTREMELY lean position, generating revenue, and holding out as long as we could, we did not have the cash to keep going. The next few reasons shed more light as to why we chose to shut down

I hope you will derive some benefits from this.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments @

Best of luck in your implementation.

October 22, 2020 17:42

My dear friend @Ahmed, I honestly thank you for the support received from you on this campus. Your votes and comments on my idea and that of other campus members I suppose, have gone a long way helping to review and make our ideas solid and ready for the implementation phase. However, with these few days left for us in this campus to encourage one another on this entrepreneurship journey and with the understanding that many of us will likely launch our ideas at the end of our time in this campus; of course being what is expected of us as an outcome of the time spent on this campus, I am sharing with you yet another interesting post from one of the campus articles on What to Do Next When We are Hustling and It Still Has Not Happened for Us

First, it is natural to think that everything we plan to do with our companies and businesses will go exactly as planned. Unfortunately, most often it is the opposite. So, please understand that there is the problem with the hype about hustle. People have this mistaken belief that with enough hustle, grit, grind, tired Instagram platitude, we can achieve any outcome. But that is false. It is a nice fairytale. But it is false.
Sometimes things are not ready to happen yet because there are literally millions of other factors at play in the world that we cannot see. We cannot produce a miracle no matter how hard we hustle. So, the best is to stop trying to force things, when we find ourselves in this bridge my friends.
However, this does not mean that we should aim low, or that we should not set goals and work towards them. The problem is not with goal setting or ambition. The problem is what to do with our emotions during the in between phases, when our reality does not match our grand vision for life or for our companies and businesses.

Secondly, we must learn to become more comfortable in a state of waiting. Not hoping without planning. Not ambivalence towards the results. But simply putting in the work, then waiting for the results to come in whenever time they are ready to come.
Sometimes life just takes a while to develop, and no matter how hard we push, it is just not the right time for things to pop off for us. Force does not work as a long-term strategy for progress. Since we cannot force anything to happen, the only thing we can do is adjust our perspective. We have to change the way we think about waiting. We need to learn to shift from the mindset that associates waiting with pain and discomfort, to looking at the future with optimism and without obsessing about what we are lacking in the present.

Now what is the advice:
When our hustling does not seem to meet with our vision for our businesses and companies, we need to continue to work hard getting things done. Yes, hustle more. That is obvious. But do not obsess over timetables for when things must happen. If we do that, trust me, we will be disappointed almost every time. Friends we just need to put in the work and let life unfold.
Remember to always give the universe space to do what it can do while we do ours, let there be no high blood pressures, depression and getting worked up. And when the thing we want finally does happen for us, let it be a happy, albeit not entirely unexpected surprise. In other words, chill, and share this with a friend who needs to chill.

Dear friend, I hope this helps you in your implementation phase
Best wishes in this journey and in your implementation. Stay positive on the competition. It teaches us a lot of things to keep us sailing to the beach.

I have voted and made a comment on your idea or project; so please should you come online soon, do consider supporting my idea Eduheal with your votes and comments @

Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

October 19, 2020 21:49

Good day, I hope all is good with you
One can approach the development of an idea totally purposefully and systematically.


Would really appreciate your vote.

October 18, 2020 20:32

Hey hope you are doing well, a little excerpt from Brain vs capital
In the case of the entrepreneurial concept for Ikea or Aldi, you could also ask yourself, Why didnt I think of that But if we look closer, we see that very fundamental considerations stand behind these deceptively simple ideas.

I would really appreciate your vote. Have a great day.

October 18, 2020 14:40

Greetings from Kazakhstan! I have found some interesting materials, and I would like to share them with you
1) Undoubtedly, funds will be needed for you (as you already said) to complete this wonderful idea on a full scale. I would like to advise international funds such as The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), Call for Proposals: Actions to Boost the Development of Finance Markets for Social Enterprises GroFin: Small and Growing Business Fund. You can also take part in contests such as School Enterprise Challenge: Join the movement to build Business Skills!
2) I would recommend you to read a number of books that will contribute significantly to your knowledge about business. They are "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Restoring the Character Ethic" by Stephen R. Covey, "How to Make Big Money in Your Own Small Business: Unexpected Rules Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know" by Jeffrey J. Fox, and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
I have voted and made a comment on your idea or project; so please should you come online soon, do consider supporting my idea BioFSM with your votes and comments
Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments
Best regards

October 18, 2020 14:35

Hello! Your project is extremely innovative, but I would like to suggest some specific advice. Some of them require making choices. And often this choice is really baffling.

1. MVP versus Ideal Product
1.1. "When you launch a project, you can never tell in advance how the market will react to it. Your vision for your product is a hallucination. No need for fantasies. Start with MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and then use Lean Startup (a set of short iterations). This is the only way to create all successful companies. As a result, you yourself will be surprised to see the business you have created. "

1.2. "People don't know what they really need. A poll from the late 17th century showed that passengers desire faster horses. Only Ford, the genius of foresight, gave the world a puffing iron monster called a car."
"No user in the world saw an iPhone until the genius of Steve Jobs completely, from start to finish, formed and brought to the market the perfect product. A few months before the iPhone was released, Jobs ordered a complete overhaul of the product. He did this only because the smartphone that was almost gone into production did not suit the only user - Steve. Smartphones existed before the iPhone, and they all failed. The reason for the failures is simple - the electronics weren't good enough. Do you know what these were the firms and models? It is true that no one remembers these names. "
"Clients simply are not able to desire something completely new - they only know the familiar things."
"For a fund like Sequoia Capital to invest in you, you must have a Strong Vision. Your idea should be bold, strong, initially worked out, breaking the established stereotypes. Therefore, initially she will be hostile and resisted. Forget about any user, even a Stanford professor, giving you product advice. People will call your service gibberish. This is normal for a disruptive startup. The new scares people. But you mustn't give up. "
In general, don't listen to customers. Believe in yourself. You must know what to do.
Such is the advice from respected investors, backed up by facts. Very reasonable. Old Steve can't be wrong.

3. Singles versus team
3.1. Alone, you are doomed. The Y combinator (Harvard among accelerators) simply does not accept startups with fewer than two team members. And for good reason. First, if you are alone in a team, then you cannot convince even your friend to believe in your product. Needless to say about the whole market. Second, the to-do list for a successful launch is too long for one person. There will be neither time nor competence. You will have to program, draw designs and sketches, prepare pitches, presentations, engage in networking, accounting, open a company, and understand contracts. Isn't the list too long even for Alexander the Great?
Plus, Bill Gates had Paul Allen. Larry Page has Sergey Brin. Jobs has Wozniak. That says it all. Need more arguments? But:
3.2. Nginx is a complex piece of software written by one person. Dropbox, whose capitalization exceeded 10 billion, Drew Houston launched alone, and then frantically searched for a co-founder. And finally, Nikola Tesla - this name alone says a lot.

You should feel that you can turn the world around even alone. Otherwise, you won't succeed with the whole team.

4. To take or not to take money from investors?
4.1. You will be committing a crime against your project and against your team if you do not take the investors' money at the moment they are offered to you. Paul Graham. Startup guru. Master Yoda Y-combinator.
"Markets move in a sinusoidal manner. From time to time they are in a fever with the financial crisis. Force majeure happens. These are tough times. Even if you are doing well financially now, take the money. Then they will press you, but nobody will give you money. The project may show negative dynamics in the future. A financial cushion made of banknotes will help you survive difficult times and overcome the "Valley of Death". Otherwise, a crisis will break out, and you will die with your 100% of the company. "
As he looks into the water. Valuable advice. We must follow. But:
4.2. "Don't take investors' money. Fight for the project to the last ruble without surrendering to greedy financial tycoons. Develop on your own as long as a crumb of bread remains in the house. The percentage of your company that needs to be given back in return for investment is too valuable. Today you will give 35% for a million dollars, and tomorrow you will be begged to take 100 million dollars for 3.5%.
"You have to be an idiot to mindlessly throw away a share in a project for some candy wrappers that will still go down the drain."
And remember: "The temptation to give up will be especially strong shortly before victory." Indeed, even Buddha could not have put it better.

5. At what age to start?
5.1. "A million dollar business on the network can only be built by a person who does not yet know that this is an unattainable goal." A successful startup is always a step beyond the existing one, it is building a new world. Only young people have a fresh perspective on things. Only young people see problems that people over 25 simply do not have. Can you think of SnapChat at 40? Names like Zuckerberg, Page and Brin, Kalkanis are clearly signaling the market to invest in the young.
5.2. "An old horse will not spoil the furrow." Young people learn from their mistakes for a long time, and this process is costly for the company. Building a successful business requires wisdom that comes only with experience. Examples of Jack Walsh, Larry Ellison, who built a business at only 35, show the benefits of experienced people. Statistics show that people over 40 are 80% more successful than young people.
"When we invest in young people, our money goes to their education. The team fails, the business will collapse. Then they start a new company, using the experience gained. After several similar iterations, the older founders finally have a successful business. The wise investor will only invest at this moment. "

6. Do only what you know well. Versus. Discover the unknown: treasures are waiting for the horizon
6.1. "Launching a startup is like jumping off a cliff and trying to build an airplane in flight." Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Creator, Billionaire, Investor). Throw yourself into battle, do the incomprehensible. In the modern world, competition is so intense that all known problems have already been resolved. If thousands of people know about the problem, then you do not have the advantage of a pioneer. The largest companies pay millions of analysts to report known issues. After that, the giants cast thousands of their employees to solve these problems. Everyone wants to make money. You cannot compete with Google. Therefore, tackle only those problems that analysts will never know about. How to do it? Only by engaging in a completely new direction in which no one has experience, including you. You will be the first to gain experience in the process.
6.2. Do only what you know well. Successful start-ups are obtained solely on the inside, on a deep knowledge of the industry. Long-term work in some areas gives a person an understanding of problems that others simply do not see. You need to quickly overcome the "Valley of Death" and make a profit. It is an unaffordable luxury to waste resources on experimentation. For every Columbus, there are thousands of seafarers still feeding fish at the bottom of coral reefs.

7. Know your monetization or just attract users
7.1. Before starting the project, decide on how the service will make money. Do you have a ton of users, cool retention (return) and insane growth that Facebook never dreamed of? Wait to rejoice, history remembers a ton of these failed companies. As a rule, they sell a ruble for 10 kopecks. For example, free services for uploading pictures and inserting to forums, services for free uploading files - such projects are rapidly gaining popularity, but, like two-hundred-kilogram boars, they constantly consume the capacity of server disks and the bandwidth of your communication channels. Soon, losses start to amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And so it will be until you run out of money. After all, closing such a traffic project for a startup is worse than stepping on your throat.
More examples - YouTube's appetite was reaching a million dollars a day before it started bringing in the first cent. It's good that it was acquired by Google, which had that kind of money. A lot of YouTube's competitors just went broke. Or recall Groupon, which sold other people's services at half price - soon restaurants, whose revenue fell sharply, refused to serve customers at half price.
7.2. The main commandment of Silicon Valley investors is that a project should focus on only one thing at a time. Growth or monetization. The combination is equal to death. Making a profit from a project that has no users is problematic. So forget about monetization and only think about user growth and retention. We will give you the money. Look who has taken over the Internet now - giants like Pinterest, which has reached billions in capitalizations without even thinking about making money. You know, when you're big, they just buy you for that. As was the case with the hopelessly unprofitable Tumbrl (Yahoo bought it for a billion). In our world, it is important to be a big hippo. Nothing else matters. Instagram, SnapChat, WatsApp, Viber and others like them. There is a tendency that is criminal to ignore. The rest of the world just doesn't understand anything about the internet. Just create a project that users will love, and the money will come to you.

8. Is a technical director needed right from the start?
8.1. From the very first day you found a startup, you need a good CTO. Better if it is a genius with Asperger's syndrome. A quiet type, avoiding people and spending the whole day at the computer simply because he has nothing else to do. Such a person can hack the Pentagon network in three days, asking for only two burgers and a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola.
If you start without those. director, then your project will fail. You just waste a lot of time, initial motivation (fuse is very important), but you can never do cool tech stuff, and your service will go down at the first load. You will have to rewrite all the code, and this is at the moment when the money has already run out, and competitors saw your takeoff and copied your service in two and a half days.
Freelancers will begin to blackmail you, realizing how much you need a new function, and will take the project hostage. One crafty freelancer can suck a hapless startup's wallet dry. As a result, the latter will go around the world with a cart, taken away from the nearest supermarket.
Quality paid development is a utopia. For example, Indians (inexpensive literate freelancers) confuse a footer with a header. Think for yourself, your English is a foreign language and theirs too. Broken phone in a square. Belarusian developers will take money and disappear, realizing the opacity of legal boundaries.
After all, there are many more gifted technical directors than there are good entrepreneurs with ideas. I will tell you exactly. Just look at GitHub - how many talents there are who mold beautiful dummies, and do not find use for their technical genius. They need an entrepreneur with an idea, they themselves are looking for such.
8.2. Why do you need a CTO? You can always hire a freelance student or start a WordPress startup like Groupon did. Jumla to help you. Are you not talking seriously? Are you a serious entrepreneur yourself? Most of the hypotheses are tested with DruPal.
Pinterest was made by non-tech guys. Yes, they changed several development teams, but they knew what they were doing and in the end they won. As the project grows, those. You will need a director, but first you need to do more realistic things. You can't find a good programmer during the day with fire. Skilled guys work for large companies. Headhunters from IT giants are setting up surveillance and round-the-clock surveillance of the homes of specialist coders. As soon as programmers step outside their home, they are immediately seduced by multi-million dollar contracts. Recruiters shake puffy checkbooks in front of them and even show them pictures of yachts that will become the property of programmers after just three years at Google. So don't even dream. Look, the Silicon Valley forums are filled with sobs from founders who can't code. It gets to the point where founders with a design or economics background start learning Ruby or Python themselves. There is nothing to do. The best way out is the friendly guys from India. Take it inexpensively.
Such is the advice. Sounds reasonable. Looks logical, especially if you remember 8.1.

9. Work with or without rest
9.1. Work hard around the clock, otherwise you will achieve a result called "nothing." Bloomberg, who became a billionaire and mayor of New York, early in his career at a brokerage firm worked even during lunchtime, when everyone else went out to eat hot dogs and drink coffee. How many of his colleagues do you think became millionaires? That's right, only he is alone.
In the Y-combinator, it is recommended to close at home and not go outside in the first couple of months of work on the project. Don't go out at all. Order food at home and invite housekeepers. Of course, do it over the Internet.
Do you have a family or a girlfriend? The startup is prohibited from knowing these terms.
9.2. Strike a balance. Mandatory time for rest, family and friends is necessary - this will allow you to collect your thoughts and simply increase your work efficiency.
Do you know the story about the driven horse? Or about sharpening an ax. Two foresters argued who would cut down 10 larches faster. One rolled up his sleeves, and only the chips flew. And the second will chop, chop, and then sharpen the ax. So the second one won. It says a lot.
Not only will you be left without money in case of failure, you will also lose all your friends and family. Think about it. The moral support provided by the family cannot be overemphasized.

I have voted and made a comment on your idea or project; so please should you come online soon, do consider supporting my idea BioFSM with your votes and comments
Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments
Best regards

October 14, 2020 21:31

This saying from antiquity also applies to the ways to establish a business. However, not all ways are equal. Many seem narrow, mysterious; others appear clear and open. But all of them are difficult and require hard work, or so it is said.

October 13, 2020 15:48

I am out here to educate you a lot in this interactive phase, were we are meant to share with other entries, please share this as I m sharing with your idea and project today

day 96

Have you read Brains versus Capital

Day 97

What does the brundt land commissioners report in 1987 say?

The answer is sustainable development that meets the needs of the presents. Without compromising the ability of future generations meet their own needs.

Day 98

Campus members do you know which the three are three levels of sustainability/

Campus members do you know social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Day 99

Campus members do you know How or If the tenth assignment is part of the BVC course or Social entrepreneurship course, which can helps us to gain the vital talents and build our mindsets to recognize and develop our ideas and projects?

Day 100

The triple bottom line approached expand the traditional accounting framework to include two others performance areas, the social and environmental impacts of their company. It was the entrepreneur who coined the term in 1994.

Campus members do you know that JOHN ELKINGTON Coined the term in 1994.

Day 101

Campus members do you know that the sustainable development goals are;

1. No poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well being
4. Quality Education
5. Gender Equality
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry , Innovation and Infrastructure
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable City and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life below Water
15. Life on Land
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships for the Goals

Day 102

Campus members do you know what does environmental sustainability mean?

Campus members do you know the answer is environmental, sustainability is to conserve natural resources and to develop alternate sources of power?

Day 103

Campus members do you know what does economic sustainability mean?

Campus members do you know the answer is economic sustainability refers to practices that support long term economic growth without negatively impacting social, environmental, cultural aspects of the community.

Day 104

Campus members do you know what does social sustainability mean?

Campus members do you know the answer is social sustainability encompasses the impact of corporation on people and society.

United Nations Sustainability Development Goals in the following, you will learn what you can implement and contribute as a sustainable entrepreneur

Day 107

Campus members do you know some recommendations and inspirations for direct actions are?

1. Employees are a valuable resources, co-workers and the entrepreneur himself and herself, together work towards a clear vision for the business.
2. Use regenerative energy. Many utility companies generate their electricity using

October 12, 2020 19:57

Creating a Better World for Future Generations

As always when great collective changes are needed, everything starts with a personal change, an intimate mutation acting on ourselves to prepare to act in the world, so that it remains live able for us. We then discover that acting on ourselves is, in itself, an action on the world
Jacques Attali
In 2020, the world was brought to a standstill, urgently prompting humanity to re examine our ways of living and being. What kind of life do we want to live, and what kind of future society do we want to create?

We invite you to take a deep dive into these pressing questions, together with this years Goi Peace Award Laureate, Dr. Jacques Attali. He will be joined by philosopher Dr. Hiroshi Tasaka for an insightful conversation bringing together wisdom from West and East.

October 12, 2020 11:39

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

As we are entering the last month of this competition, I want to share with you several things that I learned throughout this whole journey.

I figured out that PURPOSE is the only thing that drives a business. When the purpose is gone, that's when growth stops. So I want to encourage all of us to go back to the basics. Ask ourselves, what drives us to start this innovation? What is our deepest desire? And why we want to do it? I hope that this piece of advice can help you as well in your journey, and wishing the best of luck for you

PS: We are still looking for some comment and feedback for our project. Perhaps, you could drop by and share your thoughts? As we only have limited voting time a day, We'll make sure we vote one more time for your project if you drop a comment :)

Here is the link to our project

Best regards,
New Revolution

October 11, 2020 20:15

Yes. Even the beggar woman or the beggar man in the streets of Bangladesh, India or Africa has as much entrepreneurial potential inside as anybody else in the world. They simply have never opened their box to find out that it is all in there because they never knew that it is there. Society never allowed, never facilitated unwrapping that gift. In terms of potential we are all equal. Some have discovered or caught a little of that potential, others have not

October 10, 2020 20:43

Dear friend,
It was indeed a long Competition but the journey we have ahead of us is more exciting. Sustainable development should always be our first priority. Let/s all come together, unite and make the world a better place for us and future generations. Your idea / project is just awesome. Being a social entrepreneur requires a lot of sacrifices and your passion and drive will make your business to succeed.
I am inviting you to support me with comments and to also support other entries to get your bar moving before we reach the finish line. Read the Campus BLOG for more details! You can support my idea Building The Infrastructure For African Culture. at:

Wishing you all success in your entrepreneurial endeavours.
May your new business flourish, may you reap your rewards and may you reach your dreams.
Good luck with your new business!

Kind regards.

Umar Imam
CEO / Co-Founder
Afrik Designers brand.

October 9, 2020 22:28

There is such a tea all the experts agree on this. It grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayas and is named for the region where it is cultivated Darjeeling

Brain vs capital
Gunter faltin

October 5, 2020 14:04

Greetings from Nigeria once again.
I hope you are doing great?

Dear fellow campus member,

I find your project highly innovative and needed in such a time as this, and I thought to stop by and check on your progress thus far and must say congratulations for your efforts so far.

We all need to put in more efforts to achieve our dreams. So I just wanted to say that you keep up and be encouraged to do more.

Entrepreneurs make good use of opportunities to create new businesses and turn them into gains.
So they offer new and slightly different things. Such entrepreneurial spirit strongly contributes to the modernization of our economy.
Every year we see new products and technology.
All these products and technology aim to satisfy human needs in a suitable and beautiful way. Your idea is great. It takes just one idea/project to transform the world. As you keep working hard towards your dreams and to add your quota in the improvement of the world, I wish you the very best. Thank you very much for implementing this wonderful idea.

And let\s I forgot, I wanna use this medium to appreciate your immense contribution to the campus and to my idea in particular, I request your continuous support.

So finally before I go I would like to ask you.
How Do You Manage Risk
And Uncertainty In Business?

Suppose you about to launch a new product into the market and your initial survey indicated a 70 percent probability of achieving your desired market share. You conducted another survey and the results indicated only a 55 percent probability. Will you proceed with your initial market entry strategy? Call off the launch? Or Conduct the third survey?

I\m Inviting you to Contact me, on my page to learn strategies for managing risk and uncertainty in today/s business world. Will be expecting to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

With kind regards,

Umar Imam
CEO / Founder
Afrik Designers brand

October 5, 2020 14:04

Dear friend,
Greetings from Nigeria,
Finally you have submitted your idea project, well I say to you congratulations and welcome to the campus I wish you all success in this College.
In this fight for a sustainable future, what we need is innovation; something which is not necessarily new, but which makes us look at things from a different angle.
I believe this is one of the major motives of this community which we are a part of. Taking one step together hand in hand towards our goal is the only way we can achieve it. So I wish you the very best in this endeavour of yours and hope to see you together in the new tomorrow.
Today I wanna shear with you some tips on How To Future-Proof Your Business During A Recession.

No business is immune to the effects of recession, but you can take this steps to protect your business.

While this depends on the type of the business or product/s, incorporating technology will help you streamline will help your processes and make business more easier.

The truth is you can/t predict the future, but the more ideas you have the better. Start Now! Create an list of ways your business could adjust to the needs your customers may have during a recession.

Don/t wait until you notice business is slowing down before you take an action.
Create a go- to- market plan and of course, a financial plan.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me via my email [email protected] and follow me on Twitter @oneyoungperson / Good luck with your work and wishing you all the success on your journey. Please try to keep in touch.


With kind regards,

Umar Imam

CEO / Founder
Afrik Designers brand.

October 3, 2020 18:08

My fellow contestant CEC 2020
Have you done your online training and Sec Course?
If Yes
What inspires you, I want you to share to other entries
If No
What are you waiting for?

For today, I am here to educate you on the following 88 days to 95 days of our votes and interactive phase, so after you reflect on all, share to other entries as well, thanks

Day 88 to 95
Day 88
All the components mentioned here are offered by professional by professional operations or by professional service providers. In a model like the founders job involves
1. Conceiving a concept that can be put together from component
2. Finding partners who offer these components at a professional level
3. Coordinating and controlling the interplay of these components. You can see immediately what tremendous advantages the component model offers.
Day 89
Creating a company with components
1. Almost no investment of your own required
2. Almost no fixed costs
3. Variable costs accrue only actual sales
4. Large savings as compared with establish competitors
5. Professional, highly efficient, virtual and global from the very start.
6. Campus members, read this in Brains versus Capital

Day 90

What should you radically say farewell to campus members?

Campus members do you know the answer is your habitual ideas.

Day 91

Campus members do you know what the advantages of establishing a business using components are?

Did you all know that the answer is minimal fixed costs?

Day 92

On what should be the founder as the lead entrepreneur focus?

Campus members do you know the answer is the concept of this idea

Day 93

Campus members do you know How to be a sustainable entrepreneur part 1, is the ninth assignment and already part of brains versus capital course helps in aspiring us to gain the vital talents and build our mindsets to recognize and develop our ideas and projects?

Day 94

Today sustainability is viewed as the triple bottom line model. The concept asks you see beyond the traditional line of business of the profits that your business makes socially, environmentally, and economically. The circles are all the same size which indicates none of the three fields is more important than the other. The overlapping area emphasizes the reciprocal convention and depending of the three sustainability field.

Day 95

Campus members do you know if you read How to be a sustainable entrepreneur part 1, you will learn more?

October 3, 2020 15:37

Hi there!

I personally think it is important to share the following. We are people always on the move, as if we were on a pilgrimage. Example: after starting a little conversation with someone, ask them what they do for a living. Very few will answer you with pride that they are employees of a certain company, managers somewhere, farmers, dockers, to name a few examples. Our projects will undoubtedly solve so many problems, especially those related to the SDGs as defined by the UN. But never forget to tell where you are from. I am an entrepreneur, I have an idea and a goal, and my mission is for the earth to be livable, always big enough for us, for the generations to come, and for the living world around us.

With kind reagrds,

Chicken 4All Ltd

October 2, 2020 19:00

My Fellow 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition Contest, did you know that Entrepreneurial business favors the open mind. It favors people whose optimism drives them to prepare for many possible futures, pretty much purely for the joy of doing so?

And did you All know that Richard Branson said this?