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Published on May 26, 2020 um 10:59

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SMART LC is a vending machine that automatically verifies all the required data of the student from the college/university server and prints Leaving/Transfer certificate or any other documents needed by the students. A leaving/transfer certificate is a document which signifies that the student have left the institute/University on account of various reasons (mainly due to the academic course is completed.) . . . . AIM:- To provide hard copy of any document to a student within a minute. It also displays pending dues and documents status. It is a one touch solution for all problems. . . . . NEED:- 80% Indian institutes only provide hard copy of documents & certificates, but completing the procedure is very time-consuming as it requires a lot of paperwork which brings extreme pressure on staff and students. Apart from that, there is also wastage of paper as paperwork require bundles of document copies. So we came up an idea of getting these documents and certificates through a machine. This project can complete 2-3 days of task in a minute and there will be no need of paperwork as all the verification process will be done by the machine. . . . . COMPONENTS:- screen Touch LCD display, Printer, Central unit, Input device for authentication (e.g. biometric, keypad, barcode scanner). . . . . WORKING:- Students have to verify their identity through input devices. Then select which document they want. If the all criteria are completed then the document will be printed, but if any criteria is pending then guidelines will be shown to fulfill the criteria (if the criteria cannot be completed on the machine, e.g. paying the library fee). If the pending criteria can be completed on the machine itself, then students have to follow steps and complete the criteria through the touch screen display. Once, all the conditions are fulfilled students can get their document.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

APPLICATIONS:- It is beneficial for all students, teachers and staff of every college, institute, University and schools. . . . . BENEFITS:- 1) Super time saving. For example, if a paper-work procedure takes 4 hours to complete each day, then this project will reduce this time to few minutes. 2) Staff burden is reduced as there will be few paper-work. 3) Sustainable and convenient. 4) All the conditions should be compulsory fulfilled for each document. 5) Daily use 6) secured 7) Easy installation and user friendly 8) One time investment 9) No staff interference 10) As, there is no staff interference, therefore, it prevents hand to hand contact. So, it is extremely beneficial during this pandemic situation. 11) In every country, according to each University, this project can be fully customized. . . . . NOTE: It is not suitable for those institutions where no hard copy of certificates & documents provided; only soft copy is provided. . . . . IMPACT ON SDG: It will hugely impact on SDG 9 goal as it will definitely provide job opportunities to newcomers, especially to the marketers and software developers. It will heavily impact on the staff and facilities as it will save immense of time so that they can invest it on other work. For example, if a person is assigned with a task to verify all the documents and data of the final year students; it would take 2-3 hours to finish the task. Whereas, our machine will complete the task in a minute. So just imagine 10 people are saving 2-3 hours every day, then so much time will be saved. We are also paving our path towards SDG 7 and SDG 13 goals. Our product does not emit any kind of gas or heat nor it consumes high power. It prevents thousands of papers from being wasted. . . . . ACHIEVEMENTS:- Till now we have achieved in promoting our project in different states of our country through exhibitions and competitions.

Sustainability and future plans

BUSINESS PLAN:- Currently we are improving our project to advance level and looking for some funding. Our main financing source is BOOTSTRAPING, since our initial requirements is small. Our second option for funding will be government programs and investors. We expect to create a start-up by next year, if we collect appropriate funding. I will start the company in partnership with my four colleagues, who are also co-owner of this project. Our type of business will be B2A. The MAIN OBJECTIVE of our business is procurement of required parts, buying metal structures from metal fabricator and programming the software according institute's criteria. We will sell the product on both offline & online market. We will also provide maintenance service. After evaluating all the conditions like manufacturing cost and production cost, our SELLING PRICE will be approximately Rs. 40,000 (531.24 USD) in India. We guarantee that for a few decades our product will work, until all universities and institute provide only soft copy of documents.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Hi ! I am Arpita Kar from India & I'm 19 year old. Currently, I am a polytechnic student, pursuing Electronics Engineering from Mumbai. My field of interests are AI, IOT, robotics & web designing. I am in love with technology and I want to use my knowledge for the well-being of the society. From childhood I was fascinated with the power of technology, so I always want to use this power to diminish the society problems and create a better civilization for future generation. This project is prepared by my team. We are a group of 5 members and it is our final year diploma Engineering project. We have been working on this project from last year. Here, I am representing my team. We have won 11 competitions out of 15.


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August 4, 2020 18:19

After reading about the project you proposed, I would like to say that it is a wonderful and fantastic project that support students' growth as it goes in line with the goals of the United Nation.

The Sdg's are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Please try to enrol for the Brain Versus Capital Course and also the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Course in the campus so as to make your project environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Please vote and comment for my idea too in the campus community "Promoting a healthy lifestyle" ( as it aims to achieve SDG 1, 2, 3 and 8

August 4, 2020 03:26

While embarking on a quest to change the world may feel lonely, it is important to remember that social entrepreneurship is a team sport, and other people are willing to help. Social entrepreneurs need to stay open and attentive to potential partnership and collaboration opportunities. In many cases, collaborative initiatives and joint-ventures can achieve social/business goals much more effectively than solo endeavors.

August 1, 2020 16:28

We really enjoyed reading about your idea! Even the fact that you took interest in a global issue and took the initiative to better the community around you is outstanding, and you should be proud.

With the pandemic hindering in-person collaboration, we wanted to share some resources that personally helped our team in working together remotely. ProfiConf grants you access to HD video conferences in a browser, while platforms like Campfire and TeamViewer allows for efficient online collaboration. Hopefully, this helps!

If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at our idea and vote for it/comment on it:

Keep up the great work!
Sarah, Miru, and Angela

August 1, 2020 15:42

Day 22
As a budding 2020 Citizen Entrepreneurship Contestant from Nigeria South South Nigeria Region I love my idea and project Electricity for Everyone because I seek out to ask many questions than answers, I am 100 percent focus and self discipline, critical thinker, networker, innovator while my major duty now is to help young people across mother Earth to start developing their inherent entrepreneurial skills and talents towards realizing our 17 sustainable development goals and join me now to ask many questions across our 2020 platform
Holger Johnson is just such a multi founder. In addition to Ebuero AG, he has established, co founded or functioned as a business angel actively engaged in the development of about 20 other companies. How does he do it? He concentrates on the entrepreneurial design, from which he formulates objectives and tasks and then supervises their execution. In this way he uses his head and his time in the area in which he excels. He knows full well that he must not permit too much complexity in his entrepreneurial design work. A high degree of complexity would increase susceptibility to error and require more decision making on his part; it would sap more of his energy and divert his attention from the areas where his best talents lie and from what he most enjoys. Campus members use this in your idea or project
I want all to reflect on it
Day 23
Successful companies originate in the mind. The better an entrepreneurial concept is and the more it is
analyzed and fine tuned, the more it will resemble a finished work of art and the more likely it is to be
I want all to reflect on it
Day 24
Dorothee is the daughter of a colleague of mine. She was an English major but did not want to become a
teacher. In her free time she creates vases, large ceramic pieces. She asked me whether she could not
make a little business out of this. I asked her a whole series of questions. Did she really enjoy doing it?
Did she enjoy it so much that she could imagine doing it over the long term? Are people willing to buy
these vases with their own money? And much more. Dorothee explained that she really did enjoy
working on her ceramics. That there are people who are buying her vases already and that she is earning
money with them, even when she calculates all her expenses and her own work time. And that if she
wanted to, she could ask for more money.
This did not sound bad. In fact, it sounded very convincing. Dorothee would probably be happier with her
vases than she would be working as a teacher in a job she disliked. My advice do it. Do not let yourself
be dissuaded bet on your artistic talent.
I ran into her again a few months later. Curious, I ask her about her business. I am not suited to be a
business person, she tells me. How so? I ask, amazed. Dorothee explains that she took a course in
starting a business, but I failed the balance sheet analysis.
Balance sheet analysis is something valuable. Nobody who wants to understand the financial situation of
a major company like Siemens can skip the balance sheet analysis. But what Dorothee needed is not a
balance sheet analysis. What she needs to know is whether her work is generating enough income.
Every street kid in Manila, every woman in Bangladesh who gets a microcredit from the Grameen Bank,
has the business smarts for this, without formal business administration concepts and techniques. A
formal requirement just frightens people off, especially creative, artistically inclined people. The start-up
consultant would have given better advice if he had simple told Dorothee to collect the receipts for her
expenses and her income and take them to a bookkeeper, or to pay a student to do her income tax
return. With Dorothee, a promising business founder was derailed because of an incompetent startup
I want all to reflect on it
Day 25
Getting rid of the fanciful ideas
And where was the campfire? Much too dangerous. The artistic performances? Could you do a somersault in your confirmation suit? Any fanciful ideas had been taken away from the children before they were even aware of it. The concept of the adventure restaurant was dead on arrival.
I want all to reflect on it
Day 26
An Example Making Toothbrushes Cheaper
Not far from Bonn is a factory that makes most of the toothbrushes sold in Germany. A number of well known brands have their toothbrushes made for them there. You, too, can have your toothbrushes manufactured there and sell them under your own name or under some other fancy name. Get together with your friends and acquaintances and start a Toothbrush Campaign. You know that toothbrushes should not be used too long otherwise they will damage your teeth, no matter how expensive or scientific their design. You yourself need at least ten toothbrushes a year. So your own circle of friends and acquaintances is sufficient for a small campaign. Why should your friends buy their toothbrushes from you? You can already figure it out. Not because you are attractive and likeable and can talk your friends into buying them from you, but because naturally your toothbrushes are much cheaper than the toothbrushes they are buying for themselves, even at the discount store. Materials and production cost almost nothing. Toothbrushes become expensive because of the advertising to develop the brand and sales.
I want all to reflect on it
Day 27
Once you have the concept, you go on to researching and identifying appropriate components. This, too, does not have to become a full time job. Do not be satisfied with the first supplier to come along, just because you are happy to have found a component. Inquire, research, investigate, compare. Finally, you are ready to coordinate the components. This, too, is a manageable task where concepts are simple and straightforward.
Under these conditions illustrated in the examples described above founding a company can actually be a kind of part-time job. Launching a company with a safety net, so to speak. Do not give up your day job, your old occupation, until your own idea concept proves to be sound and sustainable. Wait for your concept to prove itself. Do not put all your money on one card, but establish your business on a carefully considered and securely solid basis. It is not true that the fast devour the slow in every situation, but those who are well prepared and work with professional partners will succeed over those who are excitable, overworked and try to organize everything in house.
I want all to reflect on it
Today, I motivate you to make use of my comment and also share with others in the platform so as to learn and improve your idea and project for successful startups and SDGs realization. I share it freely with others ideas and projects so as to join all in achieving our 2020 target in our entrepreneur campus.
I urge everyone today to freely and blissfully cast their votes and comments to my idea and project Electricity for Everyone and this is a link to my idea thanks a lot
https www entrepreneurship campus org ideas 28 17040 in Adult Project
https www entrepreneurship campus org ideas 26 16940 in Adult Idea

July 31, 2020 21:38

Thank you so much Vinícius Bastos de Sousa for such inspiring and motivating words. I will definitely read your idea. Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future!

July 31, 2020 21:36

Thank you so much Blossom Odor for such for the information. Your information is really very useful and interesting. I read your idea. Your project is awesome. Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future!

July 31, 2020 21:33

Thank you so much Comfort Odor for such for the questions. Your questions really made me think twice about my business plan. I read your idea. Your project is awesome. Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future!

July 31, 2020 21:29

Thank you so much Clinton Ongeri for such inspiring and motivating words. I will definitely read your idea. Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future!

July 31, 2020 16:29

Hello Dear Competitor,

I am here to show you my support for you and your idea. Don't give up and keep pushing. We have a long way to go and I am sure that you can make a great impact in your community!

Please, vote and comment in my project also:

If possible follow us in our social media:

July 31, 2020 15:32

Once again this is a fantastic project @SMART LC. In addition, to my previous comment on your project, I am sharing with you what can help you refine your idea for success.

What does Angel Investors want
Angel investors are an increasingly important source of funding for startups and early stage businesses. Angel investors are experienced entrepreneurs who usually have developed and sold their businesses and want to help startups to develop like they did.

So what do they look for and how can you fit their criteria for investing. Here is what you need to have when pitching to angel investors
1. Sound business plan: There is no getting away from this and a solid business plan and business model will attract angel investors. Having achieved some sales will be a great help and ensure you have regular and transparent accounts.
2. Financial returns: like any investor they will want returns and only invest if they think that your business model will achieve those returns for them.
3. Experienced management team: similar to venture capital firms, angels would like to see an experienced management team. However, given their own experience of starting a business they will understand that sometimes it takes time to build a good team and they will help in funding such people. They will also have a great network that can be used to help the business.
4. Industry sector and special interest: most angel investors will want to put something back into the community and will have developed special interests or stick to industry sectors they know.
5. Passion: like all investors they will want see that the founder has a passion for what they want to achieve and this will be foremost in their minds when they first listen to your pitch.
6. Opportunity to be involved: one of the main reasons angels invest is to recreate the fun they had in developing their own business and they will want to be more involved in advising and guiding businesses they invest into. If the matchup is right, take every opportunity to grab their time and contacts to help with your business, after all they have been through it before.
7. Share of the busines: they will negotiate a share of your business and want a formal shareholders agreement. You may give up part of your equity but have a powerful ally when it comes to looking for funding at the next growth stage of your business.
8. Exit strategy: angels will want to see a clear exit strategy for your business so that they can achieve the returns in the long run. Ensure that this is clear and align your interests with their own.
Angels usually invest smaller sums and this can range from thousands to a few hundred thousand. They can also club together to raise more funds and there are many Angel investor clubs with an online presence.
Most importantly, ensure that you can get on with the angel since you will be working closely together to achieve business success.

In essence, I will like you to understand that what angel investors wants is not very different from the youth citizen entrepreneurship competition application requirement. Please I suggest that you take a careful thought on application of the above points; as the points will assist in ensuring that our ideas and project stand out for possible investment from potential investors.

Also remember to take the campus online training if you have not already done so; as these trainings are to help campus members navigate through the entrepreneurship journey.

Note: Should you find this comment useful and may want to further refine your idea, understand that there is still a window to do that in the competition. You just need to open your page, click on improve, refine your idea as needed, safe, unpublished and republish again.

I hope this helps in refining your idea for a successful implementation

Best wishes in your implementation

Please consider supporting my idea Eduheal with your votes and comments @
Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

July 30, 2020 17:25

@SMART LC. Your project is impressive.To add to my earlier comment on your idea, I am sharing with you questions from one of our trainings that can help in refining your idea.

What business model will I follow to implement this idea?
What methodology or strategy will I use during different processes of implementing this idea?
Which are the processes I have to go through until the finalization of the idea?
What means or tools do I need to implement my idea?
Which are my potential collaborators, investors?

I honestly suggest that before you submit your idea or project, please ask yourself these questions and even if you have submitted your idea, do remember that we still have opportunity to refine our ideas and resubmit. I hope that you find this beneficial to your idea.

Also, please do create time and take the campus online trainings as the trainings are there to help campus members understand what it is to be an entrepreneur.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments

July 27, 2020 11:50

I like where this project is heading. Congratulations! Very convenient.Your idea will shape so many academic institutions. Continue fine tuning your project and I am pretty sure it will distrupt this space.
Vote and comment on my idea

Warm Regards,
Clinton Ongeri

July 26, 2020 18:38

Thank you so much Tamanna Dua for such inspiring words. I read your idea. Your project is fantastic. Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future!

July 26, 2020 15:53

The idea is very innovative and meaningful. I am sure it will have a profound impact on our society and holistic living. Many congratulations for the same.
Best wishes,
Tamanna Dua
Founder and CEO

July 25, 2020 23:14

Thank you so much Naura for such inspiring worlds. I will never give up on my dreams ! Hope you achieve all your goals. All the best for your future! Will definitely read your idea : )

July 25, 2020 23:08

Thank you so much Sarah, Miru and Angela for such inspiring worlds. I read your idea. It is fabulous. Hope you guys achieve your goals. All the best to you three for future!

July 25, 2020 22:38


This is a good project! Keep going with the sustainability of your project! Don't give up Arpita! Achieve your goals!
Best regards!

Don't forget my idea please vote and comment!

July 25, 2020 08:00

We just wanted to say that your idea is extraordinary, and it's brilliant that you're taking initiative for especially the sustainable development goal of sustainable cities and communities.
If you have time, we would really appreciate it if you could take a look at our idea and vote for it/comment on it:

Have a nice day, and good luck on your future entrepreneurial endeavors!

Sarah, Miru, and Angela

July 23, 2020 13:53

Thank you so much Ahmed Abdallah for the advice. I will definitely think about it. I am a beginner in this field, any such advice related to business will really help me

July 23, 2020 13:07

My advice Start small and build momentum, Being a social entrepreneur can be very difficult, you are constantly in a field dominated by changing dynamics, you will often face business challenges, and you have to start small and build your enterprise from the ground up. You must be resilient, realistic, and passionate about your goals and the impact you are trying to achieve.

July 18, 2020 16:11

Thank you so much Comfort Odor. We will definitely try to add your suggestions in our project.
Currently we are at improvement stage and we have made a demo machine for exhibitions and Competition.

July 18, 2020 12:33

Fantastic project @ smart LC Your project is quite innovative assisting students to efficiently carry out their assignmemnts and printing documents. however, I will like to include in your solution the following:
your market
scalability plans
your model
your collaborators etc.

Lastly, I suggest you consider taking the online training as these courses are designed to teach young people the basic principles of entrepreneurship and the core of what it means to create and become an entrepreneur.

Well-done and best of luck in your implementation

July 10, 2020 21:44

This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Good luck with the same. I hope your idea reaches out to people and helps them Please do have a look at my two ideas and vote for for them :

July 9, 2020 15:41

Kapita, Today, being July 9 2020, day 4 for voting and commenting phase, I Ephraim Essien I urges and motivates all my 2020 co-contestants to read this quote and use it to improves their various ideas and projects. I have read through your project and it is good for implementation but I urge you to read this book Brains versus Capital it will aid you a lot

Entrepreneurs cannot be happy people until they have seen their visions become the new reality across all of society. Bill Drayton

Good entrepreneurs can manage, but no one but an entrepreneur can entrepreneur, let alone help build and lead the worlds community of leading social entrepreneurs and their top business entrepreneur allies. Bill Drayton

I also urges all to read more at https authors bill drayton quotes

Also heartily votes for this winning 2020 Best Ideas from Adult categories Germany dovetail Nigeria and NIGERIAN BIONEERS (GREEN RIBBON) as well as commenting on them!

Kind regards to all campus members and team

July 8, 2020 09:28

Thank you so much Phadghan sir !
Due to the support and help from all of you, we have been able to reach this here today. We could never have done this without your support.
We will be always thankful to all our teachers for their coorporation !
May your blessings always be with us. :)

Dr. Purushottam Narayanrao Padghan

July 8, 2020 08:19

At Diploma level really these students under the guidance of Dr. Hemant Pardesi have worked hard and comeout with the required result. For future progress & more scope all the best to the Team.

July 7, 2020 21:45

Thank you so much Patil sir !
We will be always thankful to our college Government Polytechnic Mumbai and to all my teachers for giving us this opportunity. May your blessings always be with us :)

Patil Prabhakar

July 7, 2020 19:14

It's funtastic project by Govt polytechnic College Mumbai Students , The future of India, I wish them the Best , As they are the Winner s
Warm regards
Prabhakar Patil n Team

July 7, 2020 18:56

Thank you so much Kenneth for your compliment and inspiring words and also, all the best for your idea.
Your ideas looks really very interesting. I will definitely vote and comment for your idea.

July 7, 2020 16:00

Hello and good day. I would like to comment and say that this project has great potential. Keep pursuing this concept and never give up, I wish you all the best.

P.S. If you would be so kind and read/comment/vote for my proposed solutions titled External Thermal Recovery System and my other solution, Ultra Violet Light Auto-Sanitizing Door Handle, I would be much appreciative. My proposed solutions are listed under the youth conceptual category. Thanks, Ken Mailloux.

July 7, 2020 09:51

Thank u so much swapnali for your compliment. Answering to your questions:

Will any record be kept ?
Yes, once a student take the LC, it will be automatically recorded on the server along with exact date and time and the staff can watch this record on the website.

Can a student take leaving certificate twice ?
No, once the student takes LC, it will be record on the institue server. If next time students comes to take the LC then only a notification is shown that,
'Your LC has already been printed.' and the student cannot take the LC.

Although, a student can get duplicate LC. For that the student have to inform to the concerned staff and then the staff have to edit the student's data in the website. Then the student can get duplicate LC but with a duplicate mark on it.

July 7, 2020 09:48

Thank u so much Apurba for your compliment. Answering to your questions:

Can a student take travelling concession before the selected date ?

No, once the student selects desired month for example 3 months then immediately a timer will start for 3 months and unless the timer ends, the students cannot get the consession.

Will it provide LC to the students who leave at half term ?

Yes, it can, but before that student have to complete other formalities like giving a letter to the principle and paying the pending fees.
Once these formalities are done, the staff will do certain changes in the student's data and then the student can get the LC. Note that remark and reason for leaving institute will be different.

Swapnali dilip wagh

July 6, 2020 18:26

Really loved your idea. It will definitely help every student in every college of our country. I would really appreciate if this project is installed in all institute, colleges and Universities.
But I have a doubt, is there any record kept ?
Can a student take leaving certificate twice ?

Apurba Kar

July 6, 2020 18:02

Awesome idea !! Its very usefull for every colleges and schools. It is very super time saving.
Can students take travelling concession before selected date ?
Will it provide LC to the students who leave at half term ?

July 6, 2020 13:29

Yes Blossom Odor, apart from school and universities we can definitely use this machine in offices, especially at government officies, banks, public and private companies, and many more. Thank you so much for your complement.

July 6, 2020 13:24

Wonderful idea. There is a lot of bureacractic process in the university system. Moving of files from one office to another in the university or public service and I believe this your idea should not be applicable only to schools but every human resources offices where file are still be moved from one office to another. It is quite time consuming

July 6, 2020 11:25

Thank you so much ! Answering to your questions:

Will any record be kept ?
Yes, once a student take the LC, it will be automatically recorded on the server along with exact date and time and the staff can watch this record on the website.

Can a student take leaving certificate twice ?
No, once the student takes LC, it will be record on the institue server. If next time students comes to take the LC then only a notification is shown that,
'Your LC has already been printed.' and the student cannot take the LC.

Although, a student can get duplicate LC. For that the student have to inform to the concerned staff and then the staff have to edit the student's data in the website. Then the student can get duplicate LC but with a duplicate mark on it.


July 6, 2020 10:00

Really loved your idea. It will definitely help every student in every college of our country. I would really appreciate if this project is installed in all institute, colleges and Universities.
But I have a doubt, is there any record kept ?
Can a student take leaving certificate twice ?

June 9, 2020 20:21

Hi Blossom Odor ! Thank you so much for your suggestion and I really liked your idea. We will definitely implement your idea in our machine. Can you please tell me more about this problem because I am unaware about this issue.

June 9, 2020 20:07

Hey Bertrand! Firstly, our machine does not verify any soft document, it just check whether all the documents / data states have been uploaded with complete status from the institute server. Now the machine will perform its work based on these conditions.

Now coming to fake documents - In India, during the admission process all the hardcopy of documents are checked manually by the staff of the institute & if everything is correct then only its uploaded on the institute server with a complete status.

Now this procedure might be different in different countries, so we have to customize according to that. If you have any suggestions then please feel free to tell.

June 9, 2020 14:08

Though I am about to write my first certificate exams but I have heard several stories about delay in the receipt of certificates . Some can stay asucj as 5 year after graduation. This idea if implemented will solve this challenge

June 8, 2020 15:11

Wow! This is a brilliant project. But how does it cope with those fake or forged soft documents??
Am asking if you have thought about those who can forge or make fake documents, so can your machine be able to identify it??