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Published on September 9, 2020 um 15:55

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SHOCKLET is a bracelet that has been made of women's safety. The has been designed as a designer bracelet so that any woman can wear it easily. The device contains some unique features like onboard safety by giving shock to the rapist. By just activating it by a switch the device statistically charges the body and after if someones touch you then the person will experience electric shock all anywhere on naked body. While the device gets activated 3 listed contact will notify with an SOS message with live location and the nearest cops will be informed with live coordinates.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

India has 930 females per 1000 males. In absolute terms, India has a 48.20 percent female population compared to a 51.80 percent male population. India has 49,314,062 more males population than the female population. India as the most dangerous place because of its high incidences of sexual violence, lack of access to justice in rape cases, child marriage, female feticide, and human trafficking. India outranked such countries as Syria and Afghanistan second and third that are currently at war. Shocklet is expected to provide safety to the millions of women across India and the globe.

Sustainability and future plans

0.62 billion women live in India in which around 472 million are child which is below 18yrs old and around 360 million women are working in India, according to our plan if we only target working women the number is 360 M and our product costs you INR 500 if we calculate our minimum revenue that would be around 180 B.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Shahzeb Khan is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. At the age of 18, he owned 2 patents registered at the Government Of India. He is the CEO of an R & D company named TheVisata and Founder of Shocklet technologies. Studying in class 12 he has exceptional achievements in the field of Aerial Technology, Society safety, and Medical advancement.

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September 21, 2020 23:27

Your idea is great!

If someone in a leadership position sees their role as "just a job", it turns out. To be an effective leader, you need the right motivation. Is it money or the status you care about, or do you sincerely want to inspire people to do their best?

September 21, 2020 00:24

When you are ready to enter the next chapter of your life, create a roadmap of how you'd like it to look, and set measurable goals and a timeframe for meeting them.

September 16, 2020 21:45

My dear [email protected], I am happy for the journey so far for all of us. It is September and perhaps we are in the middle of this great campus. In view of this, I am using this medium to thank you for supporting my idea with your comments and votes. I want you to understand that your support is very important to me and the people my idea seek to serve. Once again, to add to all my other comments on your idea, I am sharing with you further tips on traits of being a successful entrepreneur and how to acquire them.

If you are pursuing a dream for becoming a young successful entrepreneur you should know that there is no given recipe for becoming like one of the famous persons that inspire and motivate you all the time. However, there are some characteristics, which successful people share, that can be considered as the main ingredients or the salt and pepper of champion entrepreneurs.
History has shown that some people were at the right time at the right moment, while entrepreneurs have confirmed something else. No matter what the moment was, the ones who took risks succeeded.

According to successful people have the following traits:
Determined, Not afraid to take risks, Confident,Constant learners, Know how to deal with failure, Passionate about their businesses, Highly adaptable, money management, Networking experts, Great at selling and promoting

Meanwhile, shares a list that includes these traits:
Passion and motivation, Risk taking, Self-belief, hard work and discipled dedication, Adaptability and flexibility, Money management, Business and market understanding, Planning, Networking abilities, They include failure in their plans and They kind of doubt themselves

I hope you will derive some benefits from this.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments @

Best of luck in your implementation.

Adrit Rao

September 16, 2020 03:55

Awesome project. A real innovation. I really like how the bracelet looks like it has not technology on it but in reality it does. Awesome job I really like that piece of tech!

September 14, 2020 23:44

I wants to say thank you for your immense contribution to the campus and to my idea in particular and I/ll request your continuous support! And also, I will like to share with you some tips. According to Jack Ma, This Is What Your Life Should Be Like Between 20 And 60 Years Old.

Before you turn 20 years old,be a good student.
Just to get some experience.

Before you turn 30 years old, follow somebody. Go to a small company. Normally, in a big company, it is good to learn processing, you are part of a big machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams. You learn how to do a lot of things at one time. So before 30 years old, its not which company you go to, its which boss you follow. A good boss teaches you differently.

Between 30 and 40 years, you need to think clearly whether you want to work for yourself, if you want to be an entrepreneur.

When you/re between 40 and 50 years old, you must do all the things that you are good at. Dont try to jump into the new area, its too late. You may be successful. But the rate of dying is too big. So when you/re between 40 and 50 ,think about how you can focus on things that you are good at

But when you are 50 to 60 years old, work for the young people. Because young people can do better than you. So rely on them, invest in them, and make sure they/re good

When you are over 60 years old, spend time on yourself.
On the beach, sunshine, its too late for you to change.

And I agree with Mr. ma!

To change the world, invest in youth.
The secret here is helping those who want to be successful, help young people. Help small guys. Because small guys will be big.
Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds and when they grow up they will change the world.

Our message for today!


Umar Imam.
CEO / Founder
Afrik Designers brand.

September 12, 2020 18:11

My [email protected], your idea is definitely a wao to me and please weldone on this innovative idea. Getting a solution to gender based violence issues such as rape of the girls and women is quite necessary. Thank you for this great idea. Atleast before peprator of this crime will understand causes of these shocks one or two persons will have learnt their lessons

While this idea is worth execution, I suggest you also take the online campus training to gain more insight, understanding, skills and knowledge to successfully execute the idea and meaningfully impact on the society. Also should you come online any of these days, please do consider supporting my idea Eduheal to enable me provide educational opportunities to millions of Nigerian children without access to education. Support me with your votes and comments @

Thank you for supporting my idea with your votes and comments

Best wishes on your implementation

September 11, 2020 18:32

My co contestants 2020 I welcome you all to the 65 day to 73 Day of our voting and commenting phase

As a budding entrepreneur, I think envision myself asking you much questions than scoring your creative idea via project which I have read and examine and fine it recommendable.

But now I want to ask you, are you focused?
Did you really know what motivate you as an aspiring entrepreneur?
Have you done the on line training?
Or have you under gone the major 8 courses in the online training?
Have you known that the SEC course focus on sustainable entrepreneurship?
Or inspires you in your idea nor project?
Are you unconventional?
Did you know that simplicity is the ultimate perfection?

If you are hundred percent sure of yourself, then why can you start improving on your concept finally

If NO, why did you not take the on line training courses that is free?
Why are not reading the Brains versus Capital book?

Day 65

Campus members, did you in Brazil nobody eats chicken feet? Nor do they eat them in Argentina and the other South American countries. And Brazil and Argentina are among the worlds leading producers of chickens. What happen to the chicken feet there? They are thrown away. You can imagine how the story ends. You can read all about it in a brief report in the Far Eastern Economic review Rial started coordinating the stream of chicken feet going from South America to Asia. He discovered something that already existed and ensured that the chicken feet would be used well?

Day 66

Campus member, how can you recognize that your entrepreneurial design is mature?

The answer is simple, you feel it, deep and intuitively and innately

Day 67

What does innovation really mean? Campus member, this is your question today.

Without mincing word, did you know creating something new using new combinations?

Day 68

Campus member, which of the following examples of Discovering the potential in what is already available were not mentioned in the text of the book Brains versus Capital

Campus member, the answer is the car.

Day 69

Campus member, is Function not Convention part of Brains versus Capital course or Social Entrepreneurship Course?
Please check it out in the online training now.

Day 70

If you want to deal in a product, do not ask about the details, for example about the packaging, wrapping the pallet is, retailers, wholesalers, importers, exporters or other marketing structures simply ask yourself, how can I bring the product from its source to the customer, how can I can organize the process as simply as possible and make use of components?

Campus member, is the above quote under Function, not Convention? Yes, or No?

Day 71

Campus member, is simplicity part of Function, not Convention?

Day 72

Campus member, based on Function, not Convention, is simplicity an ultimate perfection? Is simplify a good principle?
Complexity is it an entrepreneurs enemy?

Day 73

Campus member, how did Joseph Schumpeter define entrepreneurs?

The answer is a Creative destroyers

Day 74

Campus member, how do you rework an old establish process?

Campus member, the answer is that you simply have to begin by fundamentally thinking it through in a new way.

Day 75

Campus member, is Recombining what already exists part of Brains versus Capital Course or Social Entrepreneurship Course?

Check the Brains versus Capital book

September 10, 2020 21:58

Dear Friend @Shocklet. Your idea provide a bracelet intended to curb the rate of sexual violence amongst female population is innovative. Sexual violence across the globe has been a great concern to activists and governments and your idea of assisting victims find help even in absence of someone present is plausible.

However, will the bracelet not cause shock to the woman wearing it upon activation in the event of being assualted?
Also , I am sharing with you questions from one of our trainings that can help in refining your idea.

What business model will I follow to implement this idea?
What methodology or strategy will I use during different processes of implementing this idea?
Which are the processes I have to go through until the finalization of the idea?
What means or tools do I need to implement my idea?
Which are my potential collaborators, investors?

I honestly suggest that before you submit your idea or project, please ask yourself these questions and even if you have submitted your idea, do remember that we still have opportunity to refine our ideas and resubmit. I hope that you find this beneficial to your idea.

Also, please do create time and take the campus online trainings as the trainings are there to help campus members understand what it is to be an entrepreneur.

Finally, I have voted and commented on your idea; please consider supporting my idea with your votes and comments

September 10, 2020 15:54

I welcome you my co contestant to the month of September and am wishing you success in this competition.
My fellow contestant , this is my interactive guide from Day 65 to Day 74 for you.

There are painters who make a yellow spot out of the sun.
But there are other who through their artistry and intelligence
Make the sun out of a yellow spot
Campus members did you know it is PABLO PICASSO

I want you to share it to others

Day 65

Campus member who make this quote below?

The real discovery is not finding unknown territory, but seeing things with new eyes.

Do you know that is MARCEL PROUST?

Day 66

Campus member do you know how can you recognize that your entrepreneurial design is mature?

The answer is you feel it, does inspire yourself.

Day 67

Campus member do you know what does innovation really mean?

Campus member the answer is creating something new using new combination

Day 68

Campus member do you know which of the following examples of discovering the potential in what is already available were not mentioned in the text?

Campus member read Brains versus Capital, the answer is the car.

Day 69

Campus member did you know that Function not Convention is already part of the brains versus Capital source help in aspiring us to gain the vital talents and build our mindset to recognize and develop our idea and projects?

Day 70

Campus member do you know that in his wildest dreams he would not have imagined that this could be altered so radically. He told me, It was necessary to have someone like you, a total outsider, who could analyze the accustomed processes without any undue deference.

Campus member do you know you get the quote above in the book Brains versus Capital?

Day 71

Simplicity is a good principle. Complexity is the entrepreneurs enemy. If you believe that paring down the simplify are too basic, not impressive enough, and not at all ground, then remember Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is the ultimate perfection, campus member heck out brains versus capital

Day 72

Campus member did you know how did Joseph Schumpeter define entrepreneurs?

Campus members, he defined entrepreneurs as creative destroyers

Day 73

Campus member how do you rework an old establish process?

Campus member do you know?

The answer is you begin by fundamentally thinking it through in a new way

Day 74

Campus member do you know what is the founders enemy

Campus member the answer is complexity
Campus member I want you all to read brain vs capital.

September 9, 2020 20:29

Greetings! Again best of luck to you! and here share encouraging words with all campus entrepreneurs intending to grow, it is important for us to sportively accept failures as different possibilities.As great entrepreneurs we have to do this and tell others they need not worry about failures.In fact the best of entrepreneurs do follow their ideas/projects at the cost of repeated failures,because every missed steps will get us closer to success.we must be willing to take certain risks,so that we learn from our mistakes and become capable enough to answer questions correctly to make investors feel comfortable with our dedicated ideas/projects.This shows us why if someone approaches us as entrepreneurs in future with an idea's project,we wun't immediately reject it as ineffective but work together in an innovative way by permitting him/her to think around the idea and determine if it really makes sense and if something goes wrong we wunt discourage that person,instead we will be grateful for learning something new,gain experience and learn from such meetings like this that linked us all here(!)Thanks be to them again,for this campus has encouraged us all to take more risks by analyzing every aspect of that risk.KINDLY CONSIDER ENROLLING AT THE CAMPUS ONLINE TRAININGS AND COURSES HONESTLY IT HELPS IN OUR PROJECT IMPLEMMENTATION!,You all are welcomed to view sustainable Mobile tap bartending cart,link

Your can support by a vote!feedback! And share too!I believe together we can h-e-l-p change the world from a common goal of sustainability from a common ground