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Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:06

Explain your idea in details:

OMOSELL has been designed to provide users to interact with the consumer goods by sharing on social media apps and earning their respective margins by selling. Each product listed on OMOSELL can be re-sell by adding desire profit by the reseller, once booked and confirmed on social media the reseller can revert back to OMOSELL ( Website & Application ) to confirm the sale. Thus, enjoying the benefit of hassle free delivery and earning desire profits without even moving from bed. OMOSELL is creating a platform for everyone to join and resell the products, and enjoy the freedom of earning

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Social media apps are widely popular and every one uses it on daily basis the new trends in business models addition in social media will serve as a potential market for OMOSELL. There are currently millions of users of popular social media apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram in Pakistan which is growing exponentially. The growth in users will serve Omosell with potential customers

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Currently in Pakistan the majority of ecommerce business is booming with new users joining online community on daily basis. Technology is already making lives of million of Pakistani easy and that is why more people are becoming tech savvy. However, social commerce is now upcoming trend and has much more wider access then mainstream applications of e-commerce. Omosell is a social ecommerce platform designed to link suppliers with resellers and ultimately to customers. The application serves the purpose to provide every reseller an opportunity to earn as desired by sharing products to social media. In order to focus on audience segmentations a new strategy has been devised which focus on intent of reselling and establishing their own product for future

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DOB 20-03-1987 I am Adeel Hussain, founder of OMOSELL, I have extensive experience in working with numbers and have served many industries. The desire for entrepreneurism runs deep inside me who has pushed me towards adding value in society by driving margins for every value addition created throughout the chain. This notion of value addition surged during the time of pandemic where everyone in the society was hit hard financially creating a need for self-sustained model of earning. This is where OMOSELL Com

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