Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on April 3, 2021 um 12:58

Explain your idea in details:

We believe that our technologies can help digitize service providers, retailers and end consumers locally to escape online commercial commerce & revolutionize online marketplaces. We also believe that this is how we can counteract the extinction of small retailers and service providers. Hoodty is an online marketplace in the form of a web and mobile application that presents various service providers and retailers to customers (end users) across different industries. Through the application, end users can search and find their desired service providers at any location through various filters, and make appointments. Furthermore, end users can also find retailers in the application, view products, and make their purchases online. Our innovation at Hoodty is a platform full of added value. We are creating a marketplace of local businesses which will be used internationally in the future. Hoodty connects end users and companies and accompanies them through the entire customer journey. Hoodty also values social commitment. Hoodty offers companies and end users the opportunity to donate to local and regional charitable projects. We at Hoodty offer the simplicity within complexity. This means that even our most complex functions and processes are presented in a clear and understandable way. Hoodty offers businesses a simple and affordable solution to find the right path into the digital age - in the application, businesses can easily find new customers and maintain customer relationships, make their online presence secure and simple, schedule and deploy employees, target advertising to customers, and much more. Hoodty's mission is to become an innovative service and retail network that offers the entire transaction between businesses and customers across different industries centrally in one application.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Hoodty includes a cloud-based solution that accompanies both customers and companies along the entire path from company selection to payment processing. Primarily, this is intended to simplify appointment bookings with any service provider and purchases with any retailer. Businesses and customers can communicate through a desktop, web and smartphone application to make, reschedule or cancel an appointment or a purchase with a few clicks. Here, Hoodty is not only looking into the future, but also to the past: non-digitized businesses have the opportunity to enter the digital market with this solution and sell their services and products in an automated way - And not only during business hours, but at any time. With the help of Hoodty, both parties have an individual calendar that sorts bookings and purchases, recognizes free appointments and thus assigns new requests, and summarizes important additional information. This has economic advantages on the company side and simplifies communication immensely. For example, customers can use various filters to find out which company is best suited to their needs. Hoodty's goal is to solve big problems with efficient and effective solutions, facilitate communication between companies and customers, and thus support the economy. In summary, companies are moving behind digital development in their organizational planning, generating strong economic losses in customer loyalty and sales, which will continue to increase as development progresses. Meanwhile, the customer is already seeking for the use of digital applications that simplify online searches and purchases. However, there is no tool that centrally covers multiple industries and thus supports the customer throughout the entire customer journey, from appointment and product search to digital payment processing, via one application.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Hoodty offers any company the possibility to easily create their own online presence. The companies do not have to worry about the issue of data security and privacy. The security and protection of data is guaranteed by Hoodty. In Hoodty, the companies are given predetermined and self-explanatory fields and functions, which allow to build and manage the entire online presence efficiently. Thus, there are no difficulties in customizing the company. IT skills are not required for these processes. The obstacle of using technologies is solved by Hoodty itself, as the platform offers the latest technologies and is maintained by Hoodty. Companies are not confronted with technical issues. Moreover, building an online presence in Hoodty is completely free! Hoodty offers two options to its clients on the business side. The first option is the "Basic Model" for 0,00 Euros per month. This model includes all the functionalities to run a business successfully. The second model is the "Premium Model" for 29,99 Euros per month. The "Premium Model" offers companies the possibility to use their own bonus systems and to receive insights to company statistics. Companies only pay when they receive added value and make sales through Hoodty. For every booking or online purchase, the company pays a fixed fee of only one Euro to Hoodty! For online payments, Hoodty charges a commission of 3%-5%. Hoodty has already convinced eight companies to test the application as pilot projects and to continue using it afterwards. More companies are waiting for the launch of the application. Hoodty is currently in the development phase and is expected to be fully programmed by the end of May. With the help of the Fontys University of Applied Science, Hoodty could already set up its first office in the Lower Rhine region.

Your profile

Dennis Kapitanov (24 years old) was born on 01.10.1996 in Viersen, Germany. In 2020, Dennis finished his studies Bachelor of Business Administration at Fontys International Business School in Venlo, the Netherlands. Dennis was always interested in new technologies and the start-up scene. Dennis gained his first start-up experiences at the company reBuy reCommerce in Berlin. The dynamic start-up scene fascinated Dennis that he became more and more involved in founding companies. The following year, Dennis sought cultural experiences in Hong Kong to learn about the culture of the country and the economic realities of an emerging market. Dennis wrote his bachelor thesis in the product and project management at Robert Bosch AG in Switzerland. Dennis fulfilled his dream in June 2020, when he had the idea for Hoodty and founded a company together with Atakan in January 2021. Dennis stands out for his determination and analytical mindset. Atakan Özel (22 years old) was born on 09.05.1998 in Mönchengladbach, Germany. In 2020, Atakan received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Fontys International Business School in Venlo, the Netherlands. Atakan gained experiences in the start-up scene through an internship at CareerTeam in Berlin, a late-stage start-up company. Atakan was amazed by the fast-paced working life and involved himself more and more into the start-up world. In the next year, Atakan went to South Korea to study abroad and was able to successfully participate in multicultural groups on internationally oriented projects. Subsequently, Atakan wrote his bachelor thesis in digital innovation for bikes at Gazelle N.V. in the Netherlands. Together with Dennis, Atakan developed the idea of Hoodty and founded a company in January 2021. Atakan is specially experienced in business development and sales. With Hoodty, Dennis and Atakan have already received state support in the form of the NRW Founder's Scholarship.

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