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Secure Online Document Verification By Commissioner of Oaths and Justice Of The Peace

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:11

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At Present there is no way of verifying any legal documents, which need to be verified by way of taking a sworn oath in the presence of a Commissioner or Justice Of the Peace, other than by physically presenting yourself personally. By availing online verification of such legal documents to be verified in such a way, would assist in difficult circumstances such as the present global virus outbreak and Lockdown laws. The entire process would be administered via a strict secure digital certificate together with a video stream for identity purposes. And allow anyone anywhere to have an urgent document validated instantly with out the delay of global time change zones or the time consuming task of accessing a Commissioner personally. This digital certificate would need to be applied for annually and be issued only once proof of his commission can be validated. The system would work similar to secure on line banking sites and would be easily able to be installed into these websites securely. A Digital record would be kept of every document verified and stored on the system This certificate would be compatible with Smart Phones and all Personal Computers. Currently a Rubber stamp is used and there is minimal monitoring of its use as it can easily be duplicated or stolen for fraudulent use. Ultimately each document that is verified would automatically be saved allowing it to be accessed at any later date should a copy or query be needed to prove its authenticity. This implementation would revolutionise the entire legal system streamlining it while securing it at the same time.

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This would further give the office of the justice a chance to regulate the authority and account for every Commissioner Of Oaths. Currently with the possibility of the old stamp system being replicated fraudulently and a more control and verification needed, which can verify instantly who the Commissioner of Oaths was and precisely which district and division he verified documents if needed. Together with a computer validated authorization and registration of each certificate used. All transactions are automatically uploaded to a mainframe as a backup for records of authorization which is tamper proof and where it is securely stored should the need present itself where it is needed to be verified, should there be a query of the signature being used for any un authorised business. Revenue would be derived by the charging of and issuing a Annual renewable Licence. A fee will be charged to each commissioner of Oaths or to his Office of employ or any department he so represents for the use of this licence for the duration of one year to be renewed, The fee shall cover the cots of implementation and maintenance needed towards operating costs of the entire system and database

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The digital verified signature will be designed to incorporate the following attributes: 1. Colour coded to represent the profession of the Commissioner. And impossible to be replicated 2. The emblem of the province with he is allocated to and resides. 3. The South African coat of arms to verify that it is authorised by the Government and is designed to be used only once per transaction. 4. The design is to be incorporated within the Governments standards and colours and specification. 5. All transactions are automatically recorded and saved for verification to a mainframe where it is securely stored and where it can be verified at any time. 6. Design to be verified and worked with the Department. ( Ministers input would certainly be invaluable. ) 7. All Ministers and officials selected shall be given a different design in signature. There is no consequence or similarity to the existing many online signature offered as this is one of completed security and national authority. The certificate will be securely monitored and it would be upon to the commissioner to keep the safety of his designated certificate safe as he will be recognizable for his certificate should it be misused, Lost or fraudulently used. The implementation of this system will remove the possibility of any fraud or corruption within the department should it be used for gain other than the Betterment of the Country

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I am a proud patriot of South Africa and a huge activist towards the plight of Gender Based and Child Abuse, which I have zero tolerance for. I currently run a page on Social Media fighting for the Laws to be drastically altered to assist in maximum sentencing of the law to be given to these perpetrators. I assist the Jewish Burial Society called The Chevra Kadisha, where I assist in the care of the less fortunate and take part in the burials of Jewish people where special attention must be given to the burial process. In 1999 I founded of one of the largest Property Real Estate Firms in Gauteng, which I formed over 20 years ago and grew it from just 5 Real Estate Agents into a nation wide company with a staff compliment of over 50 Estate Agents. I was awarded Top Real Estate Broker in Gauteng for the year 2012 I am currently 53 years of age

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October 18, 2021 21:56

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, It is the courage to continue that counts.

Your idea is very smart and practical!