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Farmer Care Initiative Ethiopia

Published on June 1, 2021 um 09:14

Explain your idea in details:

Farmer care initiative is an initiative innovated or generated as an idea after contemplating the failure to ensure food security in Africa. Even though huge capital has been invested to modernize agriculture or to make sure agricultural development, the goal has not yet be hit that is ensuring food security. It is after identifying such a critical problem that an initiative Farmer care is necessitated to be proposed. Farmer care initiative is thought to solve the problem with new approach that is mobilizing the farmer, by radiating positive energy through different methods for example by giving first for social and any kind of services to the farmer. When farmer's moral is built, he/she can easily be energized and work hard to increase productivity. The innovative approach is unique that targeted the main actor of agricultural development to radiate positive energy through the main objectives and activities below: Objective/s/ General objective To have energetic, healthy, inspired and hardworking farmer Specific objectives To safeguard the psychological, mental, social, and moral wellbeing of the farmer To inspire the farmer for his/her commitment To enable the farmer work hard and increase productivity keeping constant existing challenges To uphold the dignity of the farmer that was degraded in one or other cases. Major activities 1. Identifying certain kebeles thought to be productive but could not be able to do due to different reasons (difficulties) 2. Contacting farmers in that specific area 3. Media and arts for farmer : Unceasing media coverage about their(farmers) worth and reputation must be done All media outlets; be it printing or broadcasting media, and or social media must have a coverage (program) about a farmer. Broadcasting Medias should invest (dedicate) 30 minutes - an hour per week for a program that honors and appreciates the worth of the farmer.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Some of the impacts my idea contributes for sustainable development are as follow: Using media and working on the farmers' worth helps to increase productivity and improve market access, by improving rural infrastructure such as roads is crucial to raising productivity through reductions in shipping costs and the loss of perishable produce. Meanwhile, providing better incentives to farmers, including reductions in food subsidies. It can make better use of information (communication). Information can support better crop, fertilizer and pesticide selection. It also improves land and water management, provides access to weather information, and connects farmers to sources of credit. Simply giving farmers information about crop prices in different markets has increased their bargaining power. My idea also can create awareness to reform land ownership with productivity and inclusiveness in mind. Africa has the highest area of arable uncultivated land in the world (202 million hectares) yet most farms occupy less than 2 hectares. This results from poor land governance and ownership. Land reform has had mixed results on the African continent but changes that clearly define property rights, ensure the security of land tenure, and enable land to be used as collateral will be necessary if many African nations are to realize potential productivity gains. It also step up integration into Agricultural Value Chains (AVCs) Driven partly by the growth of international supermarket chains, African economies have progressively diversified from traditional cash crops into fruits, vegetables, fish, and flowers. However, lack of access to finance and poor infrastructure have slowed progress. Government support, crucial to coordinate the integration of smallholder farmers into larger cooperatives and groups, may be needed in other areas that aid integration with wider markets. Moreover, my idea has greatest impact regarding sustainable development by ensuring food security as it has been unattainable problem even though much has done.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Major plans for implementation and sustainability are applying the relevant business models for example regarding key activities my idea prioritizes customer support by giving priority for social service and provide quality seed and sanitary products. Regarding customer relationship, my idea initially aimed to long standing tradition of offering credit for farmer. The financing source could be both public and privet because the idea is the issue of all human must eat. Thus all concerned bodies would be collaborators.

Your profile

I am now 36. I hold MA in ELT (English Language Teaching) from Addis Ababa University. Throughout my 13 years experience, I have accomplished many tasks that added remarkable value for achieving different goals. I taught English Language grades 5-11. During the time of teaching, I engaged in different projects to help students understanding developed in my particular subject as well as whole subjects. Some of the tasks I performed were, preparing supplementary materials base the subject area, establishing language improvement center where students practice to develop their English language skills doing different practical activities like conversations, drama, interview, talk show beside I was making communications/relations with some NGO to get professional support by that native speakers visited my school in group and in different interval thus they motivated and encouraged students on flag ceremony and in many classrooms. During the time many more students learned at least the right pronunciations from natives while speaking. Thus, I was awarded as a model teacher at the sub-city level among teachers of more than 28 governmental schools. Other than these experiences, I involved in humanitarian activity advocating clay maker societies who are suffering being discriminated and marginalized. Currently, continuing my effort; contributing different significant contributions in Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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