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Published on April 6, 2021 um 18:02

Explain your idea in details:

The basic working of mood ring is such that it changes colour whenever there is a change in the temperature of the body. Microbiome of our body knows which bacteria are good and which are harmful for us. Using that in a structured form identifying the alterations which will happen it will change colour whenever a foreign bacterium comes in contact with the ring. Gut microbes shape our antibodies before we are infected by pathogens so using that in the ring or antibodies generated of a cured Corona virus patient in the ring and help Detect Corona Virus and accordingly, we can sanitize the hands or wash them properly. The implementation of the microbial rings can be done in a similar way where the microbia is integrated in a form of a ring or a band. So as the bacteria gets in touch with it , the ring will know there is a certain infection and will change its colour and the person wearing it will know that we have to sanitize our hands. The public & private combining especially the essential medical services will always require the need of such product as soon it hits the market with proper integration and strategy of the manufacturing of the product. This stands out my idea different than anyone as with proper guidance and dedication we can actually implement such a mechanism which truly will be a revolutionize the stage of medical field altogether. Currently there is no exact such product available in the market.Similar products called viral barrier which are not for COIVD but can be used as a safety barrier are available but are completely different then the proposed idea.Reuse it after sanitation or clean and use multiple times.Expandable to other compatible materials as well.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The usage also doesnt limit itself to the above but also can be expanded towards the development of IOT devices. Certain talks with the vendors has also revealed that the use of this technology in the IOT devices like beacons , receivers etc. There is no product available as such which uses this kind of technology and can be a leap of growth towards the technology in the Bio-Tech Sector. There are biomarkers which are inserted into the human body for the observation of the human microbiome. Microbial rings arent required to be inside the body as the microbia will be integrated on the ring itself thus resulting in faster , quicker and better result analysis. Biomarkers take a lot of computational loads and sources which can often take time. The simple use of the microbial rings stands itself out from all the such products which are developed over the period of years.It is non-invasive with a feature of quick detection and prevention. There is not product on this idea which is active in the market currently. The main aim of this is to develop the best , effective & reliable way to make sure of the safety of the person.It is a day to day usage product with scalable future expansions. Its the time of the need in the current scenario and is effective in any timeline.There are no such recognizing products readily available currently in the market.The reusability and the frequency of usage gives a good edge. The process of making it into eco-friendly is also being taken into consideration while developing the product. The best part of the product is that it is not a conditional product like the masks and sanitizers or other Covid prevention products. This can be designed in such a way that in the health sector

Plans for implementation and sustainability

.The phase one will be the logical part of the development of the prototype of the product.Once the logical part is done this phase contains the manufacturing costs for the development.Getting the materials required , putting it together and all the various expenses will be done in this phase which contributes towards the production.The last and final phase is the promotion of the product at every possible platform so that its reach is at the maximum. Initially the main source of selling will be through online platforms. Offline OTC via distributors once the product is established properly in the market. Margin of selling will be 20 percent for the starting as we will take only bulk orders and a pilot order of 1000 would suffice the given criteria of the profit margin. Each pack will contain 2 pieces of the rings which will help in even production and selling plan for basic understanding of mine. The main penetration of the product in the market will be the emergency services sector as that is the one which will always require the need of such product even the nation is COVID free. The product is easily scalable for higher volumes and the rate of production can easily be increased as per the demand and supply in the market

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I am BTECH IT 3rd Year Student , 20 years old. Inspiration: Mood rings which are developed but with a gift of Engineering and Science I developed a conceptual idea altogether. I am Certified Ethical Hacker also published a research paper on accounts of Microbiomes.

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