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Health Economy Accentuation Legacy Program (H.E.A.L. Project)

Published on June 1, 2021 um 12:04

Explain your idea in details:

The main objective of this program is to provide its users means to find medical services they need and an option to plan, save and pay for necessary medical needs to keep themselves healthy with minimal impact on their finances and efficient utilization of their time thru a accumulating prepaid/ paid subscription that shall be used to finance their medical needs that does not expire and is transferrable. The subscription fees decrease as more users and partners subscribe to the program, as the program shall only deduct a minimal fee to keep the program running and growing which we hope would end up being free for all its users in the programs final stages. The program aims to provide its users the ability to search for laboratories, doctors, medical facilities, pharmacies, medical services their contacts, location, operating hours for free, and provides them with the option to save and grow their medical funding/ emergency medical funding thru subscription with intervals the users decide. The program shall also allow its subscribers the ability to book their schedules and pay for their medical services, order and pay for their medical prescriptions and medicine in advance, documents like a complete medical history, medical records, prescriptions that they could provide access to their chosen doctors and health care facilities and discounts/promos to its users to save more on their medical expenses. For partners like doctors, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and hospitals, the program shall provide them with a means to be seen by the users looking for their services, it also could allow them to allocate and plan out their schedules and bookings easier, providing them opportunity to help patients consistently saving both partners and users time to for their consultations and/or medical needs.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We expect the program to obtain One Million health conscious working class individuals subscribed in the first year to be at least aware and able to know their health status and improve their individual health. For partners, we would like to obtain one thousand medical laboratory services providers to join the program to cater for the subscribed individuals laboratory needs in the first year. We expect to get five hundred family medicine/internal medicine/ general practice doctors to join and cater to the medical checkups of the subscribers. All of these that shall be evaluated with the amount subscribers kept informed and healthy of their medical status that shall be the main contributors of the society.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The program shall have a subscription based business model, in which the program itself shall be free but would offer subscription plans to its users that is consumable and non-expiring with minimal fees about 5% and hopefully lower to keep the service running. As other sources of finance, the program shall have accreditation charges to assess if the providers that would like to be partners are qualified to provide what services the subscribers need as well as a subscription fee to list their services every chosen time period that can be paid with either a fixed subscription plan or based number of services acquired through the program. For pharmaceutical distributor partners, the program shall charge a yearly registration fee for every product they would like to be listed on the program which would be featured and presented to the users with medicines and supplements they need reducing their reliance on heavy marketing to get their products featured and advertised and reduce the cost of their products to allow users to spend less on keeping themselves healthy. The program shall also include non-essential medical partners such as cosmetic manufactures and other non-essential medical services which shall also be listed on the program for those who would want to look for them, in which the partner would pay a slightly higher subscription fee to get their products and services featured on the program. Other sources of finance would be from private investors which would like to help the cause to provide free healthcare for all subscribers, donations from people and donors, and fund raising programs.

Your profile

I am 28 year old and consider myself to be an innovator. I live in the Philippines a developing country where survival is the main driving force of the population, where healthcare is only prioritized when people are already suffering from illness rather than preventing them. We have a saying here which says, "The Average Filipino is one critical illness/accident away from poverty.", a very sad reality for us. This is our motivation for this program, our desire to provide our countrymen and ourselves with one less thing to worry about and a change to provide people way to start thinking about living than merely surviving. This is not actually my first attempt in getting this program running. The idea started in 2016, where I started getting myself yearly checked after I finished university, where I read a story about how simple lack of oral hygiene can make a big difference in a person's life. The story goes as how a poor kid that is unable to get their dental health checked, they get cavities which they didn't know because they lacked the funding to go to the dentist. The cavities soon then become a rotten tooth which needs to be patched up that cannot afford, which turned to a tooth infection which requires antibiotics and extraction which they cannot pay for, which turns to a brain infection that killed the kid. This story is a wakeup call for me, that the inability to get a check up will cost you more in the long run, this realization led to this program, which what I hope is a way everyone can hopefully afford healthcare. I sent cold emails of this idea to influential people to get this program into reality, this is what I'm trying to do now in this campaign.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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