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Wsilt App

Published on June 1, 2021 um 12:03

Explain your idea in details:

Wsilt App is a mobile application available for all smartphones that enables service recipients to quickly request services and provide them with the required service provider in the fastest time, least effort and best price while ensuring the quality of service provision through the quality control team and following up on customer feedback. and provides job opportunities for technicians and other service providers through Subscribe to the application and obtain a service provider account, as it increases partial employment opportunities and increases income for people who own artistic, craft and technical works, shop owners and others , and no need to be in a specific place. They will work in a purely electronic work environment, as the application represents a link between the service provider and the recipient of the service.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We are looking to develop the service sectors that supported by the application by transition to the electronic work environment and create the largest network of suppliers , providers and users in the same network to save the time and effort and ensure the quality of receiving service . We are looking for increase the partial employment opportunities which increase Increase the income for tradespeople and service providers and suppliers .

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The application is ready now to work and uploaded on the stores , and has a copyright for our company , and We need financial support or partnership in order to start the marketing and advertising promotion process . *note : Up to this point, we have funded the project self-financing * .

Your profile

I'm Qaiss Naiem Al-Tarawneh , 24 years old , I was born in Amman - Jordan in 6/7/1997 , I have studied Business Information Technology (BIT) in the University Of Jordan . I'm co-founder of Ronchamp for electronic services company , I have an IT background and financial background and e-marketing background , I'm looking to make my mobile application on the top of trendy application in my country and the near countries To make it easier for people to request services, and on the other hand to increase the chances of increasing income and make profits through that . *note : we are 3 co-founders and we are all between 13 - 29 *

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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