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Home Ownership Management Economy Program (H.O.M.E) Program

Published on June 1, 2021 um 12:03

Explain your idea in details:

This programs aims to provide everyone the ability to own a house thru a subscription program that allows its users to save up finances to afford a house that would fit for their needs. It works by breaking the cost of owning a home of the users needs into small achievable payments but starting it early on when the user starts the subscription. The user can change the categories they need like the number of people that will live in the house, the location of the house, available utilities in the area, cost of the house an other information that they need and link them up to partner properties, lots and developers. The program shall also allow people to book site visits to available properties and option to sell their property on the program if they decide to move or upgrade to a bigger property listed. The program shall also link people who are interested to build a property to architects, engineers, contractors and developers and hold the bid options inside the program to give the user the best offer they can get with partner engineers, architects, contractors and developers. Homes being a big investment, the program shall also provide the users with partners who can provide them for their home maintenance needs to keep their properties in top shape with the best value, allowing their houses to be sold with the best values when if and when they choose to upgrade and sell their homes.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

We expect to at least provide one million users to register on the first year and save up enough money to be able afford to pay at least down payments for a small home in the second year. Register one thousand partner contractors, architects, engineers and developers in the program and provide a return in the construction industry after the pandemic with code compliant affordable homes for its user. Promote, locally produced, sustainable and renewable materials in building homes depending on the price point of the users. Promote works and provide work to architects, engineers, contractors and developers available on users preferred location. Get noticed and support from the Local Governing bodies that handle housing and land use to further reduce the cost of owning a house. Reduce the cost of owning a house, standardize and systematize owning and maintaining houses in the long run. Relocate people living unsafe/ disaster prone areas into habitable safe planned locations that would provide them with a comfortable life in the next five years.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The program runs under a subscribe to save business model, in which its users/ subscribers shall pay certain amounts per time frame that will accumulate in the long run with minimal fees, until they can afford to pay for a down payment or full payment of owning a home, continuing payment shall allow its users to save money for the maintenance, repair, upgrade and other cost their homes may require. Partner establishment shall also be charged a registration that shall assess their legitimacy and quality and subscription to feature the services, products, works, designs and available housing and developments.

Your profile

I'm 28 years old and I consider myself an Innovator. I own a small science, technology and engineering company in the Philippines and is also currently consider buying a house/ workshop where I can do my innovations, designs, experiments, research and developments. In our country we have this Government program called PAG-IBIG in which you'll be obligatory be deducted certain amounts from your salary which you can use to loan for a House. Unfortunately you can only loan 80% and you have to pay for the down payment in your own savings to get a house thus making it unachievable for people. I plan to change that with this program, which I hope will allow people to own a house easier and better. If you do look up the PAGIBIG program of our country, you will see a few scandals/ scams that happened making it harder for Pilipinos to own a house.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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