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Building of waste collection and Recycling hubs in Uganda

Published on April 18, 2021 um 12:58

Explain your idea in details:

Our Mission: To collect and recycle waste plastic material as well as create green environmentally friendly sustainable solutions to lift people out of abject poverty in Uganda. Our main objective is to address two challenges which include; Plastic waste Challenge: 600 tonnes of plastic waste a day is disposed off in Uganda Only 40% of waste is formally accounted for and taken to Landfill where it is burnt There is currently no company / organization that can recycle all types of plastic waste in Uganda Inequality Challenge: 19% of the Ugandan population are estimated to have some form of disability. 26% of the total population of Uganda lives in poverty. With the 2006 United Nations Health Survey finding that almost 80% of People With Disabilities live below the poverty line. Innovative Recycling Concept Considering that customer relationships are key to success of a business, our current plan is to create recycling hubs and have each of our suppliers of plastic waste at each hub ; individuals, local entrepreneurs etc. subscribed to our system database such that a given amount of plastic earns them points for a level status for example; 0 to 500kg - Platinum level (400000/=), 500 to 1000kg - Silver level( 800000/=), 1000 to 2000kg - Bronze level(1600000/=), 3000 to 4000kg - Gold level(3200000/=), 4000 to 5000kg - Millennium level(4000000/=) At the peak of each level, one is requested to claim payments which will be done through bank deposits and will obtain receipts as evidence of payment. With aid of convenient ATM cards, our suppliers can withdraw their payments at any time of ease .In addition to that we plan to launch an an application that will link the waste plastic generator at home to our recycling hub to extend the process of recycling to homestead level

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

SOCIAL IMPACT We hope to use our skills and expertise to build a successful business and apply our talents and resources to solve the biggest problem of poor management of plastic waste in our motherland Uganda. We hope to alleviate poverty by building a commercially sustainable company that creates jobs, empowers the poor and the marginalized groups of people in our communities to improve their livelihoods whilst protecting the environment from the negative impacts of plastic waste so the young generation can inherit a sustainable future. Our focus is more on social and environment returns than a pure financial return. That is not to say that we lose money, because for businesses to be sustainable, they have to be profitable. Currently we have created 7 full time jobs and 2 part time jobs for the members of the community. Over 200 people have made money from the plastic waste delivered to our site. In the month of March 2021, we have paid out 1,250,000/= to the community as a value for purchase of plastic waste. Our target is to create 3000 jobs and have over 5000 individuals earning an extra income from plastic waste in the next 3 years ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT We are a profit business with measurable environmental outcomes, social outcomes that intentionally and primarily addresses the social needs of the poor and marginalized. When you invest with us, you actually invest for a financial, environmental and social return primarily among the poor and marginalized. In the month of March 2021, we managed to remove 5 tons of plastic waste from the community, crushed it and made sales to earn an income to run the enterprise, 5 tons is an equivalent of 210,000 plastic bottles (500ml). Our target is to recycle over 30 tons of plastic waste per month

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Collaborators We are glad to have partnered with Plastic Recycling Industries, Rwenzori Bottling Company and Coca Cola Beverages Africa through our Team leader Nicholas on a formal 1 year supplier contract of crushed plastic waste which is a raw material for making fabric. This means we have ready market for our crushed waste plastic. We are to continue working with stakeholders and members of the community to collect and recycle more plastic waste in the region and we look forward to more partnerships like these so that we can clean up Uganda and the world at large so that the next generation can live in zero waste communities Business model To achieve our target of recycling over 30 tons of plastic waste every month, we have put in place a network of small plastic waste collection sites (mini hubs) that feed directly into the main recycling hub. With more invest we hope to establish more mini hubs to leverage the community impact and our plan is to have 90% of these sites manned by the disabled community which is a marginalized group. We also hope to fight against hunger by training the site managers how to carry out urban gardening / smart farming using discarded basins, Jerry cans etc. delivered at these sites as plastic waste so that they can get food for their families through it in addition to their monthly wages for sustainability. When the plastic waste reaches the main collection hub, its sorted into different colors and crushed into flake to get the raw material for fabric which is sold to Plastic Recycling Industries with which we have a valid supplier contract. Financing source Our financing source is from the small savings of the directors of the organization and income from sales of crushed plastic waste

Your profile

My name is Nicholas Mulondo : Am a Graduate Engineer with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Muteesa 1 Royal University, I have dedicated 3 years in product development of plastic - sand pavers. Date of Birth: 24.04.1995. I am the founder of Jonik Contractors Uganda Limited, an SME focused on Plastic waste recycling I have had 6 months business training with Transformational Business Network Scale for Success Program Cohort 1, Uganda (2019) and emerged as the top student. The training included; Personal Growth and Business Identity, Business Growth Strategies, Preparations for Scaling up, Pitch training and review, Term sheets and due diligence, Report Analysis, Goal setting and SWOT analysis, Service excellence, Financial forecasting, Management reporting, Financial Management, Investment Readiness, Leadership and Prioritization in business, Cascading strategies and implementation of business plans, Embodying values in business Currently working with Coca Cola Beverages Africa as plastic waste management consultant. I am a Graduate Member of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers; GMUIPE ; GM/2310 Previously I worked as an Environmental Officer/ research personnel for Eco Bricks Ltd carrying out further investigation of the feasibility of using plastic waste in the production of concrete which was my final year project. I have in depth knowledge of materials, substances and their characteristics and admirable experience in material sampling and testing , preparation of conventional concrete, asphalt and plastic concrete mix designs, manufacture of recycled waste polythene aggregates, manufacture of modified pavers using: a) Polythene Bags and Sand, b)PET bottles, Polythene Bags and Sand, c) Plastics and Stone dust. Motivation I am interested in working with research based institutions involved in delivering social goals and improving the social welfare of communities for example economic welfare but at the same time I have passion for preserving and protecting the environment.

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