Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on April 21, 2021 um 15:03

Explain your idea in details:

AFRICA CROPS CORPORATION plans to set up 30 hectares of crops speared in various ways on the parcels of land that are available to us. First we will start with food crops that can be marketed and consumed on the local market. Indeed,the inhabitants of my country consume tubers,grains,and vegetables in the vast majority, these foods occupy a prominent place in the menus of differents households but the problem arises the purchase price is high. for this,I would like to make my modest contribution to the nutrition of our compatriots. Famine is a major problem in my coun,about 3/4 of the cameroonian population is undernourished, this is due to the lack of means to procure quality food. Great will be my joy if my team and I succeed in this bet which for us is the main goal of this project,the satisfaction of our consumers, the concern for quality products for our customers, organic agriculture without fertilizers or toxical chemicals, the preservation of nature and the aquatic and human ecosystem, are key points on which AFRICA CROPS CORPORATION will focus when operational while reducing the cost of theses commodities on the markets. We will also make Cocoa, coffee, oil palm plantations...... Which are high-income on the markets. To that end. , I would be happy to be selected and to benefit from finding necessary to give my people quality food products.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The objectives of this project in the long run are very great. At the moment, since I am only in the conceptual phase, the major challenge is to find the necessary means for the development and the beginning of the activities of plantations and occupation of land by these crops because the land does not deceive it is enough just to do well to ensure an adequate growing environment as well as to have the manpower and tools necessary to expand our sector of activity. Five years after the development of this plantation we plan to provide our customers with the best agricultural products from our home. Our customers will no longer need to import food products, we will make them available at their disposal at the best prices to allow anyone from any social strata to be able to have a hearty meal on their table. With quality funding and follow-up by our future employees; a young and skilled workforce that will ensure the implementation and monitoring of the so-called project, and using the cutting-edge techniques of today's agriculture, we strongly believe in the success of these project in the years to come.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

TYPE OF BUSINESS AND FUTURE REALISATION In the project plan, I envision a SARL (Company A Responsibility Limited) type that will offer benefits of a simple structure that will reap the full benefits of the revenues of its activities. Due to lack of resources I have not been able to start the development of activities for a long time. Because of my status, I am a young student with no income. Brushing; Buy farm plants paying for labour is not easy in my case and finding funding institutions for this type of project is often in most cases rare or almost impossible. If I am selected as the winner of this edition of the YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, I would be very happy to benefit from your funding to boost this activity, so I will be my source of funding which will allow me to move from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase of the project. Speaking of my collaborators, I really don't have one I'm alone in this initiative and I hope that over time it will arouse the admiration of young people as dynamic as me so that we can walk together towards great achievements for our country

Your profile

My name is SANDRINE YOB I was born on 11/02/2002 in Yaounde capital of Cameroon. I am a student in the Faculty of Science at Yaounde University I Option Chemistry Level II. From my childhood I always dreamed of undertaking in the fields of agriculture and agri-food because I was born to farming parents. The fact that they get up every morning to go to their plantations always arouses in me this side of admirer vis-à-vis this noble profession that is agriculture. So after I graduated, I decided to set up a project in this field. From this comes the initiative of the project AFRICA CROPS CORPORATION fruit of a childhood dream, driven by the desire to enhance this noble activity. Indeed, this project still in its conceptual phase is waiting for a catalyst to start. We own nearly 30 Hectares of uncultivated land that we want to exploit to put food crops such as plantain, cassava, macabo, yam...... And why not also make export farming with products such as cocoa, coffee, oil palm. Hoping that this brief presentation of me will seduce you, and Hope to be among the winners of this edition of the YOUTH CITIZEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP to be part of your campus, I count on your support and contribution of any kind to develop this project that will be of great importance for my Community, my country my continent to achieve the sustainable development goals ZERO FAIM in the horizons 2030.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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