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Take Heart

Published on April 15, 2021 um 11:24

Explain your idea in details:

Healthy families are not always ideal or perfect. They may infrequently possess some of the characteristics of a dysfunctional family; but not all the time. As each family is unique in its characteristics; having several helpful and unhelpful dynamics. Family dynamics will ultimately influence the way young people view themselves/others and the world. It will also impact their relationships/behaviors and their future well being. The victims of dysfunctional families may have determined deprived guilty feelings. Wherefore the main objective of Take Heart is to provide accessible, scalable, understandable and profitable online platform for adolescents where they can find mental health services, of all kind ranging from Live chats with mentors, counseling for psychiatrists, educational videos and podcasts to help them seek psychological help and speak with experts who will help them learn and develop themselves and overcome any trauma they may have experienced or are now experiencing through. As for adolescents experiencing violence, neglect or abuse at home, lock-downs have left many stranded with abusers and without the support of teachers, extended families and communities. As ultimately, Victimized children growing up in a dysfunctional family will have a different growth and nurture of their individual self. The influenced individuals will resume various parenting roles rather than enjoying their childhood, vital parts of their childhood are missing, which will eventually have a harmful effect that extends to their adult life. Victimized adults tend to attempt escaping their past pain, trauma by practicing more destructive behaviors such as increase dues of alcohol, drug abuse or forced to repeat the mistreatment that was done to them. Others had felt inner nervousness or temper and feelings without realizing the reasons behind it.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Take Heart aims to impact more than 3000 adolescents in its first year of operation, as the success of the platform would be measured via the quantity of Psychologists and adolescents that subscribe on the platform. Mental health awareness campaigns would be included in Take Heart platform as well. In addition, the platform will provide job opportunities for approximately 100 psychologists and counselors.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Take Heart platform will use the direct to consumer business model (customers pay directly to Euphoria for services rendered) which give its access to customers without intermediary. This give it the advantage of controlling the perception of its customers via its marketing campaigns as well lead generation. Elementary and high school students will receive awareness on how to express feelings the right way and deal with trauma from mental health practitioners. As to start with, the subscription will be free for school students the first month as a form of encouragement and advertisement.

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Im Lojaien Shbool, a junior in Jubilee Institute, Born in 6th September 2004. The last year my life just turned upside down my parents got divorced, Im perfectly fine now but I went through many circumstances and situations that made me rethink life, as I have an affectionate, understanding and supportive mom, she helped me very much at that stage, and without her, I dont think I would have responded to the surrounding circumstances properly as I started questioning myself about those who had gone through my own experience, even worse than it, and who did not have sufficiently understanding or supportive parents, what they felt and what was the effect of that on their lives. . However, I realized that life is so valuable to be wasted. So I decided to do my best to help those who do not have anyone to hear or help, and to develop my communication and listening skills as much as possible to be able to help them overcome their traumas in a proper and safe way.

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Lobna Alkhatib

June 2, 2021 13:10

This made my day, so proud of you Lojaien this is a very important issue that needs all the attention and support.
I know you will become a strong Lady just like your mother.
Keep it up and wish you all the best.

June 2, 2021 01:11

Brilliant idea! To sum it up it's basically an online platform for therapy sessions connecting and bringing so many troubled minds together to try and piece them together right??

May 30, 2021 16:32

Welldone Lojaien, You are so young, yet you've started making great moves, your initiative is great, mental health is very important, sadly I do not think we have enough initiatives like this in Africa. I hope you get all the supports you need

April 30, 2021 20:05

Hi am glad to meet a person with such a great project/idea, wish you all the best. And don\'t forget to vote for me.
Once you are able to go through successful in this competition please still keep in touch with our friendship. Much love