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Provision of safe and affordable transportation services by helton freight limitted.

Published on April 13, 2021 um 10:46

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As we collaborated with nearby local area pioneers, clinical experts, improvement labourers and local people, we found that there is a basic requirement for fundamental clinical transportation arrangements in rustic zones of Uganda. Numerous provincial networks actually need proficient clinical transportation and live a long way from the closest medical centres. Individuals frequently resort to moderate and risky methods for transportation like riding inside a work cart or oxcart, riding on the rear of a bike or bike, or being conveyed numerous kilometres by relatives or neighbours. In different occurrences, eager moms have no choice except for to conceive an offspring from home with assistance from conventional birthing assistants. These difficulties have added to poor maternal wellbeing and the increasing kid death rates in the provincial networks. Because of the deficient vehicle administrations, a lot of associations are thinking that its hard to work successfully such associations include Uganda High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and World Health Organization (WHO) among others, who assume a significant part of guaranteeing the prosperity of the outcasts and individuals in profoundly neediness stricken regions in our country. Our tourism industry area is ruined as sightseers think that its difficult to get protected, dependable and agreeable transportation to the different vacation spots. There's such a lot of joblessness in our country particularly among the young people who comprise the greatest piece of our population because of the scant business openings, yet we have a lot of fiery and excited adolescents prepared to work allowed the chance to do as such. Objectives Offer safe travel for individuals trying to access basic services like treatment. Provide logistical assistance to organizations responding to humanitarian needs in the region To provide employment for over 200 youths in northern Uganda by offering drivers jobs Boast access to tourism sites in northern Uganda by providin

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Reduction in unemployment rates Increased tourism activities in Northern Uganda Increased humanitarian activities in northern Uganda Reduction in maternal mortality in Northern Uganda Improved economic activities in the region

Plans for implementation and sustainability

For starters we may not have a dedicated marketing person, but we are working on signing up on the different social media platforms and building a company website which will enable us reach our potential clients. Google search advertising is also going to be an option. Fortunately, we have a few contacts from the different international organizations thanks to one of our team member's logistics experience in northern Uganda. Our very affordable fares are going to be an important marketing tool for us. We plan on acquiring a rented office in Kampala for official and administrative purposes, we also have an available plot of land (about 1 acre) in Lungujja that is owned by a relative and can rent it very cheaply, which will work as parking space for the company vehicles. So far our company has access to only two cars (a Toyota super custom and a Nissan Elgrande) at no cost because they are family cars, we shall also hire some vehicles from friends since it's very costly to hire from car rental companies until we acquire our own company vehicles.

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My name is munyasa hellen a bachelors of industrial and fine art degree holder and a certified business manager from makerere university kampala Uganda. I am 29 years old.Ever since I was young, I wanted to become a successful business lady who would bring change in her community and I have been doing a lot to see my dream come true.I want to solve the transportaion problem in village areas of northern Uganda where different service providers do not want to take their cars there because of the bad roads,poor living conditions and so on.Transportation is so needed in these areas mostly by the expectant mothers,hospitals for emergency transport,different organisations like the UN who ensure the well being of the needy like the refugees.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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