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Published on April 19, 2021 um 21:49

Explain your idea in details:

AGRI-CONNECT is a venture that intends to provide unique training, distribution of farm inputs (seeds and fertilizer) to smallholder farmers and also to serve as a link between farmers and buyers as many farmers are not able to access the market to sell their farm produces. The business will be located in plateau state, headquartered in Jos with field agents across the targeted rural areas. AGRI-CONNECT understands the pressing need of farmers to keep themselves sustained in the Agricultural sector of the economy, hence, our involvement to provide these essential services to the farmers. The objectives of AGRI-CONNECT is to provide excellent agricultural services to farmers, to maintain a sustainable growth while contributing to the sustainable development goals, to reach farmers in the rural areas with affordable inputs to enhance their production. The mission of AGRI-CONNECT is to train farmers and provide them with access to good quality and affordable farm inputs. With these low priced inputs which we are determined to provide to farmers and ensure it reach the grassroot smallholder farmers will foster agricultural involvement, increased productivity and efficient yield and increase the farmers' income. The activities of AGRI-CONNECT will include adequate distribution of farm inputs to smallholder farmers, proving farmers with quality training, monitoring and evaluation to ensure the progress of our farmers to improve on their weaknesses. We are working towards ensuring a positive change in the agricultural production of the Sub-Saharan smallholder farmers from an average yield of 1.2 tons per hectare to a 40% production increase.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

It is obvious that most of the worlds poorest people are smallholder farmers, especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa where crops like cereal crops are drastically under producing at an average of 1.2 tons per hectare, while developing world average is 3 tons per hectare. There are at least 475 million family farms in the world that are less than 2 hectares in size and 75% in rural Sub-Saharan Africa live on $1 a day work in agriculture. It is quite unfortunate that these inputs do not reach many of the farmers who need this input to improve their production. AGRI-CONNECT will help smallholder farmers grow more with a combination of simple, cost-effective agricultural inputs, like seeds and micro-dosing of fertilizer along with a unique training to enable smallholder farmers to produce more. AGRI-CONNECT will serve as a link for smallholder farmers to gain access to top quality inputs. With these, smallholder farmers will develop passion for agriculture to ensure steady and efficient food supply from the smallholder farmers to the entire nation of Africa and the world. With AGRI-CONNECT, smallholder farmers will be able to measure their progresses through the training which will include farm management. We have plans to provide farmers who cannot afford the upfront cost of seeds and inputs with training and provide them with the inputs on credit. Our training will include the best practices to ensure that seeds and fertilizers produce maximum yield through an enhanced methods like optimal seed spacing, the right amount of inputs to apply per hectare of farm land with a plan for continuous testing and evaluation, commitment to change the plan if evidences suggest to the approach are not working. AGRI-CONNECT targets smallholder farmers in Nigeria. AGRI-CONNECT will create job opportunities for members of the country as it plans to become big.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

AGRI-CONNECT plans to launch a pilot delivering quality inputs, farmer training, and customer financing to 100 farmers in one planting season with a vision to reach 100, 000 smallholder farmers within five years and scale country wide by distributing farm inputs to the last mile. A venture for farm inputs distribution to smallholder farmers like AGRI-CONNECT will incur high costs, like high transportation cost. This is why AGRI-CONNECT will require a total start-up capital of USD50,000 to finance the business. The fund application will include; a delivering van, an initial start-up capital to purchase the inputs and training equipment, and a working capital to finance the cost of operations and labor, a ware house to serve as a depot for our inputs. AGRI-CONNECT have up to 20% of the total capital requirement of starting and operating the business and hope to get the remaining 80% through the Entrepreneurship Campus Competition. AGRI-CONNECT will collaborate with Nigerias top feed companies like Star Seed Nigeria Ltd and Heritage Agricultural Services and as well collaborate with fertilizers manufacturing companies like Indorama, Notore, Golden Fertilizer and Bejafta. The essence of this collaborations is to have access to inputs directly from the company and supply to smallholder farmers at a very low price to enhance their production and income.

Your profile

Williams Timothy was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Manja Williams on the 25th day of August, 1995 in a native village called Kantoma in Mangu LGA of plateau state, Nigeria. Williams Timothy has over 5 years of experience in teaching and agri-business. Currently, Williams Timothy is a teacher with Firm Foundation Academy where he focuses on teaching, taking bi-weekly minutes of staff meeting and report writing. Williams Timothy is the founder of Shangkinan Farms, a venture that specialises in egg production and brooding services. Williams Timothy is a Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur and alumnus, Savvy fellow, ALI fellow and an agri-business consultant, business planner, a mentor and tutor. He possess a high sense and level of writing skills. Williams Timothy is passionate and committed to transforming his country and building a strong Entrepreneurship eco-system to foster economic growth and business development, improve attractiveness for investment, leadership, governance and enhance sustainability in accordance to the global sustainable development goals. Williams Timothy possess a good interpersonal, administrative and leadership skills which has contributed to his successes. Williams Timothy was awarded a grant of $5000 from The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme in 2019. Williams Timothy has in his entrepreneurial journey assisted and helped many Entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses and he is always motivated to do more.

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June 6, 2021 10:28

This idea is great. By connecting farmers and consumers and supplying low cost quality seeds this will ensure that the farmers will have what they need. While this is a very helpful idea there can be better approaches, for one agri-connect can connect a set percentage of the yield directly to high value consumers like restaurants and supermarkets so they're securing the farmers profits through bids and allocating a set percentage to reach the open market for consumers. The additional money earned through the bidding process will ensure the program will have high enough finances to secure the farmers for the next farming season without neglecting the open market for their yield.

Though transportation and losses due to transport will be their major issue at hand even with this system is in place, regardless of how much they raise, a better solution would be to make the distribution more efficient and eliminate the losses with transporation.

Clement Glory Keren

June 4, 2021 09:52

I agree and recommend Mr simon,he strive for peak performance and productivity. He is hard Working, responsible, dependable, any support he ask please don't hesitate to render help,for am sure your investment on him will not go waste

Ibrahim Mallam

June 4, 2021 09:38

I strongly recommend Mr. Simon Panting to work with AGRIC-CONNECT.
He is very intelligent, hard working and honest. His integrity is completely unquestionable.

May 8, 2021 09:45

Getting a link between farmers and buyers is very essential for the economic empowerment of the farmers. I have personally witnessed farmers suffer a setback in their work because they are unable to connect their produce to the markets. This is even more serious when the crops in question are perishable.