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Normalize Biology Identification Procedure: Face Rotation and Imaging Technology

Published on May 20, 2021 um 04:51

Explain your idea in details:

The goal of this project is to advocate for normalization procedure in the approaches to capturing biological information and employing private data. There has been sharp suspicion and even concerted denial among respective communities regarding bionics technology, when it comes to the topic of humans gene clone. Likewise, when humans biological information and private data were indiscriminately captured and arbitrarily adopted over any places or occasions free of executive or legal authorization, it has aroused heated discussion and rising resentment over the problem with privacy right invasion among the public. With the use of 3D modelling and image-to-image translation, it would be possible to rotate the single-view image arbitrarily to different angles and restore the faces details, illumination and textures of the missed parts as much as possible. Instead of synthesis of multiple views of the target, the project works to figure out the full-face realistic-photo based on a random profile view in a bid to help accurately recognize the identity of the target before the camera at the shortest time, such as the long-tracked criminal. Through this project we want to distribute face rotation-render-based security application and provide technique advice and consultation for local communities, agencies and governments to screen out default and cheating gadgets, operations and platforms embedded in AI technology applications in their ways of acquiring and utilizing biological information. We will regularly launch technical analysis reports and findings on our websites, streaming-led social media and news port platforms, meanwhile building up offline offices in Chinas Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou City to enhance citizens vigilance toward the abnormal requirements or illegal behaviors in capturing and collecting personal biological information and private data.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The mass distribution of the new-developed security application and facilities would ensure the capture of visual clue much simpler, in contrast to many street cameras, which are able to capture mere several profiles of a criminals face within limited distance, causing hardships in recognizing these targeted group. The project strives to sustain social development goals in the regards of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, taking facial recognition of National security and intelligence institutions such as NSA, FBI, or CIA as the standard. Implementing these development goals and standards could better help these agencies bring more justice into our world. It can be equipped in diverse smart terminals like the computers, watch dogs, individual mobile phones, increasingly social and industrial-serving sensors and camera monitors for sake of potential security threat. By cutting the cost in labor, resources and time-consumption, face rotation-based facial recognition has greatly transformed the security supervision work from overripe, labor-intensive and tech-scarcity employment into a high-tech and digital automation industry, particularly fulfilling the social goals in the regards of sustainable cities andcommunities by spreading face rotation imaging throughout great-scaled communities and commercial buildings. In the meantime we plan to introduce more specific features based on algorithms of related parameters, designed to different purposes, such as delicate and associated portrait projection programs intended to capture the facial lineament and expression of specific proprietor in a community, since a slight and blurry side view of the face cannot trace and work on facial dynamic changes. It stirves to shape a more efficient way to resolve the problem with identity recognition and target tracking in an effort to lower the crime rate over the entire society and increase the social citizens sense of both safety and trust toward the community and society.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

My plan of the core business model of face rotation based identity recognition application is expected to initially aim at public institutes and government agencies. The research program is designed to be installed to facilities that want an easier and safer security for their environment. As technology gets more advanced, the government is one of the first place where the project is ready to head at. Thus government agencies will be envisioned as the first large share of the target market planning. The second market planning is focused on large-scaled communities and corporate units purchasing face rotation-based identity recognition application and facilities to sustain a better security system at their place. As for gaining traction and concerns on the product, I decided to initially employ the network effect and streaming forces to popularize the unique features of face rotation based recognition tech, and have the written and video briefing sweep over social media and news ports by incorporating the use experience of the internet celebrities and experts analysis. Massive exposure to the users would definitely bring about sufficient views, which would subconsciously inoculate the product to the publics order list by each click and finally overcome their psychological defense base. And also I plan to partner with tech companies to improve and spread the product. This connection with tech companies can also allow me to pool prominent experts edging in diverse tech and generate more opportunities in making the project development more sustainable and impregnable.

Your profile

My name is Yinteer Yuan, a Junior studying at Catholic Memorial High School in Boston, United States. The project idea was initially inspired by the research work that innovates the full-face and high-resolution imaging through synthesizing face rotate-render framework using only single-view photo from the real and wild life. The new imaging approach overcomes customary constraints and requirements in the multi-angle views, controlled database, paired data and supervised imaging framework, those multiple problems besetting traditional facial recognition approaches. Therefore the new imaging framework enables large-scale face recognition delivery to find ways to average business and households. Thrilled by the quantitative and qualitative changes the imaging tech innovation would bring to social growth as well as firmly convinced in the infinite prospect regarding the social, technical and economic value my research and development plan would equip to the face recognition domain, I convened 16 students that harbour the same inspiration and aspiration toward the promotion of green, safe and sustainable biological technology, taking improvement of face-rotation imaging tech as the brace-up in the design of the face recognition and security applications to initiate the project.

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planning stage

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