Best Ideas 2021 features all the nominated entries submitted under ‘Submit your Idea’ category. All the entries consist of innovative solutions or propositions for an enterprise that champions the Sustainable Development Goals. They can be on the conceptual, planning, or start-up stage.


Published on June 1, 2021 um 11:56

Explain your idea in details:

Savvy was founded to help at least 10,000 young professionals around the world transition into entrepreneurship, equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills to become successful entrepreneurs, as a way to reduce global unemployment broadened by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, we have trained over 3,700 individuals in 134 countries, who have gone on to start over 800 impact-driven businesses across diverse sectors in different regions. Savvy consists of three components; learning, assessment, and mentorship sessions, which all take place online at For 12 weeks, selected participants learn how to start, build, and scale an impact venture. Using visual presentations, Savvy helps them answer all the relevant questions on their mind. The Savvy program is available in over 100 languages, including English, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Zulu, German, Italian, Portuguese, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. This fosters easy learning for those whose native language isn't English. They learn how to gain early traction, achieve product-market fit, and scale into newer markets. While learning, Savvy participants are offered mentorship as well, which is a great way for them to have a better understanding of their chosen industry. Mentorship comes in two ways: peer-to-peer and expert mentorship. We introduced peer-to-peer mentorship because we found it very effective. Since all Savvy Fellows don't have the same level of experience, more experienced and knowledgeable Fellows help guide others through peer-to-peer mentorship. Fellows share their challenges or questions puzzling them, with other Fellows through the peer-to-peer mentorship portal. Other Fellows share their opinions, thoughts, or answers through experience. Fellows can request expert mentorship, where they are paired with an industry expert or established entrepreneur in their industry. This is a great way for a Savvy participant to gain a very practical, in-depth, and real-world understanding of their chosen industry.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

In 2023, we hope that through the Savvy program, we will have trained at least 10,000 passionate individuals, from 195 countries, to build successful and sustainable impact-driven businesses, thus directly providing employment to over 100,000 more individuals, creating wealth for themselves as entrepreneurs and others, and improving the overall economy of their nations (and the world.) This is known as "Our 2023 Mission". Out of these 10,000 impacted individuals, we hope 5,000 are female (thus ensuring gender balance), and so, as of writing, we're exploring and implementing innovative social media ad campaigns targeted at females, to get more female participants to apply to the Savvy program. We hope that these 10,000 impacted individuals would have started at least 5,000 businesses by 2030generating a minimum monthly revenue of 10,000 USD. We hope that these businesses would, by 50%, improve the healthcare, agriculture, clean technology, education, and energy sectors of the world, just to mention a few. We plan to assess whether we are achieving our goals by sending bi-yearly feedback surveys to our current and past participants, to assess where the stage of their businesses, how Savvy has contributed to their overall growth, their current challenges, how Savvy can help them mitigate them, their regions of interest, how Savvy can help them expand there through collaboration, and most importantly, their needs, and how Savvy can help them secure every needed resource to scale and sustain the growth of their businesses. The data gotten from each bi-yearly feedback survey will be published in our Bi-Yearly Impact Report and shared with the public. As of writing, Savvy is in its 7th month of operation, and thus we have published our first Impact Report for August 2020 - February 2021. This Impact Report can be found from

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Savvy is a 100% virtual learning, assessment, and mentorship program, where selected participants from all around the world, can easily assess their Savvy account with their email address and password, and immediately start or continue their entrepreneurial learning process from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. The learning curriculum is properly split into 12 weeks, and this gives the selected participant an opportunity to learn based on their pace and availability. Participants whose Internet becomes unstable can choose to resume their learning process whenever their Internet becomes more stable to handle video-streaming and slide downloads. Assessment and mentorship are also done virtually, from the comfort of their Internet-connected computer or mobile device. The Savvy program has been designed properly to ensure that the entire program is executed safely during and after the pandemic, without promoting the spread of COVID-19 in any way whatsoever. Thus, the Savvy program is in accordance with the guidelines of local authorities on how to work safely and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We intend to keep the entire program completely virtual even after the pandemic, to ensure that the program is easily scalable and capable of training at least 10,000 individuals with the minimum financial cost possible. We are currently exploring a partnership with Mastercard Foundation. The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, is adapting the Savvy program to train at least 1,500 of its Mastercard Scholars in the next ten years to lead the transformational agenda of the African Continent. Our partnership with Mastercard Foundation will help us train 1,500, taking the number of impacted participants to 5,000+ (which is 3,700 Savvy participants and 1,500 Mastercard Scholars), and bringing us even closer to our 2023 mission.

Your profile

Chidi Nwaogu is a 30-year-old serial tech entrepreneur, entrepreneurial ecosystem builder, and software developer. Nwaogu is the co-founder and CEO at Publiseer, a digital publisher for African Creatives, described by Konbini as "one of the largest digital publishers in Africa", and identified by IFC as one of the startups "that could speed up innovation in Africa". He is a co-founder at Savvy, a global fellowship program that has equipped over 3,700 brilliant individuals from 134 countries, with the necessary knowledge and skill that they need to start their own impact-driven business in a post-COVID era and succeed as entrepreneurs. Since Nwaogu was 19, he has co-founded, grown, and sold two Internet companies, including LAGbook, a social network that garnered over 1-million registered users within three years. He has been described as one of the "Young innovators making Africa great in 2019". Nwaogu mentors young entrepreneurs through platforms like Lagos Innovates Idea Hub by Lagos State Government, and Investment Readiness Program by the United Nations. Nwaogu is the youngest member and only African on the Advisory Council of the Pursuit Incubator by Because International. His startups have been featured in several media publications, like Africa Business Review and TechCrunch, for their strides in the tech ecosystem. Nwaogu is an Acumen Fellow, Alibaba eFounders Fellow, IDEX Fellow, Westerwelle Fellow, Yunus&Youth Fellow, African Presidential Leadership Fellow, Halcyon Incubator Fellow, AyadaLab Fellow, YALI Fellow, SOCAP Entrepreneur Scholar, and a 2x recipient of OD Young Person of the Month. He is the winner of the Africa 35.35 Award, Young Leaders Award, Migration Entrepreneurship Prize, The Bizz Business Excellence Award, and Startup World Cup Nigeria Regionals. Nwaogu is the 1st place winner of the OD Impact Challenge and a 2x winner of the ITU Innovation Challenges.


Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Training the next generation of impact-driven entrepreneurs, as a way to reduce global unemployment, which was broadened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Everything takes place online!

The Program Content

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