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A Wonderland of Literature and Poetry: A Literature and Poetry Share and Rating Social Media

Published on May 20, 2021 um 04:53

Explain your idea in details:

My product idea is exactly driving the waves of social media to build a share platform that provides Chinese people a place to share pieces of literature and poem they write, exchange intelligence and reviews on the literature they read and discuss the criterion and weigh the values that matters how they rate them, by creating an interactive community to promote poetry and transmit intelligence literacy across China and other countries. The goal of the product is to reduce the threshold among average citizen to access high-quality literature, advocate for equal right to education and literary resources, assert originality and communication in the literature creation area, promote the respect and sharing concept to provide tranquility, alleviate anxiety, placate nerve, uplift morale among modern people situated in this fast-paced industrial and uncertainty-rising economic society. We strive to transform the network effect to be thorough employment of sturdy cohesion between books and readers, between classic literature and critics, between publishers and authors. According to our survey, among the peer products and platforms, some of them focus on book selling but do not have a platform for discussion and sharing. Some of them focus on literature communication but do not connect with many publishers or commercial companies to make profits. We want to create an innovative profitable model: adopt high-quality original work to obtain sustainable web traffic; use high traffic to build partnership with retailers and advertisers and ensure profits, use the mass influence of the platform to reach the citizen scattered in every corner of the world, who are in exactly need of poetry literacy and desire intelligence exchange.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Build Sustainability in Education Quality and Equity Defense. Based on the planning model in the content design, the platform is intended to shape users not yet to grow literate in the literature quality, turning adept in poetry appreciation, getting enriched in mental world, but also having them trained in the part of critical and independent thinking, so as to refine the thorough outlook to the world, values and to their own lives. Owing to the mighty digital momentum under the data explosive era, our digital streaming platform will definitely bring in far-reaching influence on global sustainable goals by driving intelligence transmission over the data streaming engine in the part of spreading literacy coverage, diminishing education gap and curbing inequity in access to education resources. Our project is to provide the equal opportunity and high-quality access to diverse literature works, boost collision, tolerance and integration, deepen cultural understanding and exchange, to defend the harmonious and sustainable global community. We aim to break the barriers in the regards of family caste, income, gender, profession, race, district and country location. The poetry appreciation is taken as the entry point and pioneer to launch my array of ideas and elaborate efforts in the undertaking of education reform. Equal and universal access to high-quality education, flexible intelligence transmission and exchange pattern, initiative and free option for the high-quality education resources is critical and indispensable to every citizen in China as well as citizens over any regions and nations worldwide, regardless in the literacy necessity, social skills or in the respect of professional attainment and requirement to the well-being. Based on the long-run planning, the magnificent project is designed to generate far-reaching impact on the traditional education awareness and push the reform toward intelligence transmission model in China.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Free Accessibility: we will make all original literature and poems posted by users free to the public so that high quality work can be appreciated and learned by the average citizen to promote literacy coverage, uphold the equal right to educationand shorten the global education gap. Copyright protection and quality warranty: we will adopt big data algorithms to automatically detect plagiarism activities and improper behaviors that tend to damage other users copyright to protect author intellectual properties, maintain sustainable and harmonious service platform. Profitability for creators: The creators that post their high-quality original work can also make extra returns through advertisement commission and revenue when they have enough subscribers and likes to encourage the original behavior. Broad partnership with booksellers, retailers, publishers and medias.: build broad and long-run partnership with booksellers, retailers, publishers, etc. and post advertisement for them in our website. Financing Plan. The advertisement revenue: the advertisement plots would be planned for rent and sold purposes under distinct terms, intentions and conditions. The biding prices for different plots are confirmed based on multiple measurements, but the rules and results would be apparently declared in the specific column of the front page. The promotion commission of new literature and works: the publisher would sign official agreements to define the cooperation procedure, rights and obligations between every party. The commission ratio and manners is related with the view amounts, subscription, comments, ranking, and voting, in brief, the influence, appealing power and popularity. Derivative programs and cooperation with investors and VC: the share-reading app and digital forums are being developed and expect to go to market in one year. The interactive and linked-in model would attract new generations rapidly and shape new communities. Soon impressive views and live streaming data would follow and bring in VC and sustainable investments.

Your profile

My name is Huaichen Dong from Lutheran High School of Orange County. The project idea was greatly influenced by my mom, who is a Chinese language arts teacher and helped me shape the initial attachment to reading, particular the passion on original literature works since I was nine years old. Till this month, I have convened seven classmates that share the same passion in classic literature spread, meanwhile fervently confident in the impact of social media platform in an effort to develop the indefinite possibilities of the digital platform - A Wonderland of Literature and Poetry. The rate of illiteracy in China is about four percent right now, which sounds like a small portion, but when converted to the population base of China, we can know that the 4 percent represents about 68 million people. It is an insane number, that suggests, so much amount of people do not know how to convey idea logically, express sentiments elegantly, and communicate idea politely and freely. So I want to create a free website or app in order to decrease the rate of illiteracy in China. We will build long-term partnerships with retailers, publishers and other commercial companies to post their new entries in our website and recommend targeted products to specific users. The streaming surge of visits and clicks would attract growing authors and publishers to launch free reading access to our platform. In turn, readers, commentator, reviewers, volunteers and partners would scramble for our platform afterwards. Therefore, the promotion and expanse of the platform is the key to boosting the influence.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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June 11, 2021 06:00

Good Morning dear friend,

First of all, thank you for accepting my friendship request. Am really humbled.

Kindly visit the link below to read my idea, comment, ask questions and vote for my idea.

Thank you very much

June 6, 2021 10:11

I admire your drive with this campaign. It would be great to get free literature for people and to writers, but the thing would be this model is similar to Wattpad.

June 3, 2021 19:42

Huaichen Dong. Wow! I love literature thus your idea drew my attention to read more and understand it well. This idea will provide a platform for inspiring creativity through literary works etc. I really encourage you not to end up in this competition but rather make this dream a reality.

Its Edita Tairo your supporter from United Republic of Tanzania